The Passive Income Myth: How to Create a Stream of Income from Real Estate, Blogging, Stocks and Bonds

Cut through the scams and false promises in income strategies and investing books
You’ve seen the investing book titles. they start with, “How to Make Money,” and end with some ridiculous promise of a six-figure income or the words, “from home.”

Search for “How to make money with passive income” in Google and you’re blasted by more than seven million results. You can practically hear the swindlers screaming out at you from the screen.

Making money on your investments is a powerful draw and ripe for all kinds of scams, scoundrels and shysters.

But in the fiction, there’s a little truth to be found. The truth that more than a few people have built massive success stories through the four most popular investing strategies. The truth that many of the strategies can be started in your spare time and require little cash to get started.

This book is about that truth.

How to Make Money from Four Income Strategies

The Passive Income Myth is your opportunity to cut through the BS and scams to see how to make money in four passive income strategies. Over more than two decades as an investor and an investment analyst, I have made money in each of the four investing strategies. Knowing what I have picked up over the last twenty years will save you years of time and will keep you from making the biggest mistakes in passive income investments.

Each income strategy can be read separately or as a part of a complete wealth management system to make money and put together true passive investing income potential.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • The exact process I used to make money blogging, more money than 81% of bloggers in less than a year (pg 46)
  • Five simple criteria I use to pick dividend stocks that will create stable cash flow forever (pg 88)
  • How to make money in the fixed-income investment that is replacing bonds as the safety income investment (pg 122)
  • How to make money in real estate without the tenant headaches or even touching a property (pg 30)
  • An income strategy that has nearly doubled the annual return on stocks over the last 20 years (pg 99)

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Most Investing Books only Cover Vague Analysis & Trading Strategies

From reading libraries worth of investing books for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation to the investment books I read when I first started investing, I am just as tired as you are of the vague analysis & trading strategies offered in even the most popular investing books.

That’s why I wanted The Passive Income Myth to be a “How-to” investing book, detailing the process you need to make money in these four strategies. I didn’t want this to be another investment book on academic theories but a step-by-step guide to get you started making money in real estate, blogging, bonds and stocks.

I’ve made money in each of these four income strategies but it’s not all blue skies. The Passive Income Myth isn’t like other wealth management books, laying out the upside returns without taking the time to understand you as an investor. Within each income strategy, you’ll get a chance to see the costs and understand if the strategy is right for your own personality.

Stop wasting your time with investing books that only cover academic theory and ideas. Get the only step-by-step investment book. Scroll back up and click buy to get The Passive Income Myth.

A Complete Wealth Management Book from Picking the Best Dividend Stocks to Bond Investing and Winning the Stock Market Game

I detail several ways to make money within each investing strategy but not all will be appropriate for everyone. In fact, there are a few income strategies that I’ve tried and decided they were not right for my own needs. They weren’t right for me but might be perfect for your own wealth management goals.

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