What is World Ventures About 2018 Review – Travel Scam? Pyramid Scheme?

what is world ventures aboutMy name is Eric, and I have wanderlust. There. I said it. Anyone who knows me knows I’m addicted to traveling. The whole reason behind me creating my own online business was to create a job and revenue that could travel with me. And that’s why I looked into World Ventures. What is World Ventures about? Is World Ventures a travel scam or is it a legit way to make money online and see the world?

Most people nowadays are very careful about getting involved with anything that has those three little letters in it’s branding: MLM. Multilevel marketing (also known as Network marketing) has a negative stigma associated with it because people instantly associate it with pyramid schemes.

So how does this travel club with a network marketing compensation plan stack up? Is it a legit way to make money or is it just another scheme? In this World Ventures Review with VIDEO I’m going to show you how World Ventures works, how much it costs, and if it’s worth it.

What is World Ventures About 2018 – Travel Scam? Pyramid Scheme?

Watch the following video review to see my experience with World Ventures. I’ll share what I learned, what I liked, and what I didn’t like. Then, you can make an informed decision for yourself as to whether the World Ventures travel club is a legitimate way to make money online and see the world.

Are there better ways to grow an online business and see the world? I’ll show you that too. Watch the video below.

So What is World Ventures?

what is world ventures aboutWorld Ventures was created on December 10th, 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Dan Stemmen. According to the World Ventures website, it was created to “design the coolest travel community in the world. A club that makes it possible for everyone on any budget to experience more.”

These World Ventures experiences are called Dream Trips.

It is the world’s largest direct seller of curated group travel with Independent Representatives in 28 countries. Both founders have backgrounds in direct sales and network marketing.

World Ventures has a customer side and a representative side.

With every business, there must be a product, right? The product with World Ventures is the membership. As a World Ventures customer, you can’t make money. You can only go on vacations, save money through discounted pricing packages, and enjoy the Dream Trips experiences.

As a World Ventures representative you become a part of the World Ventures RBS which stands for Representative Business System. As a representative you can now earn money by recruiting other representatives. You’ll get commissions based on not only your membership sales, but your team’s sales as well.

If you’ve ever participated in any MLM or network marketing business plan, then this should sound very familiar to you. It’s network marketing 101, and not surprisingly, the compensation plan for World Ventures reps quickly becomes complicated.

But first, lets cover customer pricing and how you can get discounted Dream Trips.

How Much Does World Ventures Cost to Join? (Customer Side)

what is world ventures about

There are 2 different tiers to the World Ventures membership as a customer: Gold and Platinum. When I was a member last year there were 3. “Standard” membership was the most affordable with an initial one-time membership payment of $124.99 with monthly dues at $24.99. It’s unclear if Standard is still available.

how to google for researchFrom what I can see now, prices have gone up and there is only Gold & Platinum available.

The video you’ll see later on the compensation plan confirms this and my website that I had as a member only shows Gold & Platinum as well.

Gold Membership costs an initial one-time membership payment of $249.98 with monthly payments at $54.99/month (used to be $49.99/month). Platinum membership costs an initial one-time membership payment of $399.98 with monthly payments at $99.99/month.

You might think these packages are a bit expensive, and I would absolutely agree.

Shelling out $400 for the platinum package along with a recurring $100/month is steep. And, remember, you still have to book a trip.

Get 4 Pay No More

You may have noticed the “Get 4 Pay No More” banner across the top of that pricing breakdown. This means that if you refer 4 customers to World Ventures you no longer have to pay your monthly dues while they stay active.

For example, if in your second month you refer 4 customers who decide to go either Gold or Platinum, guess what, you won’t pay any monthly dues starting with your third month and it will continue to be free as long as those customers stay active!

If 2 leave during that month, the next month after that you’ll go back to paying dues. But if you replace them with 2 more the next month, you’re back to free again.

As long as you have 4 customer referrals who are active, you’ll enjoy the perk of no monthly dues. The question is, can you find 4 people willing to pay this much to be in a travel club?

Think of World Ventures as a Travel Club Piggy Bank

what is world ventures aboutYou may be asking yourself what you get for all these monthly dues, right?

Before covering the specifics of the Gold and Platinum packages, it’s important to understand that every dollar of your membership dues go towards World Ventures DreamTrips points to further discount a vacation package.

$1 = 1 DreamTrip point. So if you’re a Platinum member paying $99.99/month this means every month you are accruing 100 World Ventures DreamTrips Points that you can use to reduce vacation package pricing.

These DreamTrips points aren’t available to you until your year anniversary, and if you leave before one year you lose them. However you do start with some DreamTrip points that you can use right away.

As a Platinum member you’ll have 300 DreamTrip points you can use right away, and as a Gold member you’ll have 200.

Is that a little bit confusing? Don’t worry. Let me show you how it works with this Australian DreamTrip I took in March of 2017.

what is world ventures about

This is an example of a World Ventures Welcome DreamTrip. World Ventures Welcome DreamTrips are available for all members and offered at a lower price than the rest of the DreamTrip vacation packages.

4 days and 3 nights in Melbourne at a luxurious resort hotel with a full day Great Ocean Road excursion for $399. That’s not bad at all. Also included is a daily buffet breakfast, 1 lunch, and 1 buffet dinner. Pricing is per person, minimum 2.

World Ventures DreamTrips vacation packages do not cover airfare. Major bummer.

That’s a big one. I really, really, really wish they offered some sort of discount pricing for airfare, but no, they don’t. The deals your getting only cover the hotel and activities within the vacation package.

So take a look at the bottom left corner of that photo above for the Australian DreamTrip. You see that sticker in the bottom left? It says “Apply up to 100 Points”. This means that you can apply 100 DreamTrip points to this trip. With those, this package gets discounted $100 from its total, making it now $349/ea. for a couple.

In my case, I was traveling solo. So when I changed the number of travelers from 2 to 1 there was a significant price increase from $349/ea. to $598. I was able to apply 100 DreamTrip points to bring it down to $498 for the 3 night stay.

Is this really a discount though seeing as you had to pay to earn those DreamTrip points? Well, whether you see it as a discount or not, it is nice that your money is atleast going directly toward a trip, right?

what is world ventures aboutI will say one thing though, I had a spectacular time on my 2 World Ventures DreamTrip experiences. I met some great people who I still correspond with over social media to this day.

The group dynamic was very welcoming, and you could tell the energy wasn’t fake. Everyone was genuinely excited and happy and that feeling was contagious. The full day excursion down the Great Ocean Road down to the Twelve Apostles is one I’ll remember forever.

I also enjoyed a DreamTrip to Greece and I could see the DreamTrip experience I had in Australia wasn’t a fluke. I really had a great time.

One Very Nice Perk that Comes with Referrals:

As covered earlier, if you refer 4 or more people, World Ventures waives your monthly dues. However, they still contribute the corresponding Dream Points to your account as if you were paying them each month!

You’ll also get Dream Points for the package your referral buys: 100 for Gold, and 200 for Premium.

Get 3000 Dream Points from your referrals in one year and World Ventures also removes the limits for how many Dream Points you can use on any trip. In the example above, if you had 399 or more Dream Points you’d be able to use them all and get this vacation free by just using points.

That would mean needing to refer 15 Platinum memberships or 30 Gold memberships or a combination of both. It’s debatable how easy or difficult that could be, but free luxury hotel stays with some meals and activities thrown in is definitely a nice perk.

World Ventures Review 2018: Gold and Platinum Package Breakdown

Here are the extras offered by the World Ventures Gold and Platinum packages that make your trip a “DreamTrip”.

Gold Extras:

  • Airport transfers, welcome receptions, hosts, excursions, and activities on DreamTrips with 20 or more adults travelers
  • Exclusive travel deals year round
  • Flight accident insurance
  • DreamTrips Mall
  • DreamTrips concierge
  • Personal website
  • Airport parking and limousine service discounts

Platinum Extras:

  • All the Gold membership extras
  • 7 day advanced booking access to DreamTrips
  • Access to exclusive DreamTrip Platinum experiences
  • Trip-specific upgrades on many DreamTrips, such as resort credits, room upgrades, lift tickets, green fees, spa discounts, culinary classes and more.
  • Ability to use 50 percent more DreamTrips Points on DreamTrips
  • Emergency evacuation services

Keep in mind that while these perks are extraordinary, you’re definitely paying for them at $54.99/month and $99.99/month respectively. So while there is no World Ventures travel scam going on here, this is a pricey travel club to be a part of.

World Ventures also likes to push their dining and entertainment perks. If you go out to eat or shop through participating merchants, portions of your purchases are credited to your World Ventures account for future travel.

World Ventures Gold and Platinum Membership Pros and Cons


  • Discounted luxury stays available all over the world.
  • Many of the Welcome Dream Trips available to brand new members have an on-site representative to help you with anything you need. They can suggest places to go and are really friendly and good at their job.
  • You can use your monthly dues and enrollment fees directly to further discount most Dream Trips.
  • The group dynamic is a fun one.
  • Potential for free vacation packages if you make enough referrals.


  • Membership can be expensive.
  • Airfare is not included.
  • Discounted stays aren’t nearly as cheap for a single traveler. The Australian DreamTrip went from $399/ea. to $598 for 1 traveler.
  • While there are plenty of trips you can book throughout the year, some go quickly and are unavailable.
  • You don’t have absolute freedom when booking packages. You have to plan around the dates they have set, not your own.
  • If luxury accommodations aren’t your focus, you can find much cheaper vacation packages, many including airfare, through Expedia, Priceline, or a travel agent.
  • Unless you’re making lots and lots of referrals, you can never quite catch up to using 100% of your accrued DreamTrips points that come from your monthly dues. The cap on each package limits how many you can use.

The Business Side of World Ventures – Becoming a Representative and the Compensation Plan


what is world ventures about

While the business side of World Ventures isn’t a scam, it is multilevel marketing. This involves recruiting others to be members of your team. They in turn will also be recruiting, and so on.

As a World Ventures representative, you can now earn commissions based on the sales of memberships by you and your team in addition to saving money by accruing DreamTrip points as a customer.

How Much Does World Ventures Cost to Join? (Representative Side)

what is world ventures aboutIn addition to the membership fees you pay to join World Ventures as a customer, you pay an additional $100 to become a representative. As an example, if you’re deciding you want to be come a Platinum member and representative you’ll pay:

$399.98 – initial Platinum membership + $100 – RBS (Representative Business System) = $499.98

In my experience this is on the high side when it comes to joining an MLM organization. Spending $500 in addition to $100/month (and you haven’t even booked a trip yet, not to mention needing to book airfare since that’s not included) is expensive. If this seems steep to you, you’re not alone. I agree.

The Complicated World Ventures Compensation Plan

This is where things get complicated fast. As with most network marketing compensation plans, the compensation plan isn’t exactly straightforward. There are downlines, and strong legs, and binary organizations, and sales credits, and direct commissions, and lifestyle bonuses, and a promise of a Dream Car, and to be honest it gets foggy quickly.

Just how foggy? Scroll through the World Ventures compensation plan here and tell me you’re not scratching your head immediately.

Are you a visual person like I am? Good. Here’s a video that visually covers the World Ventures compensation plan. Keep in mind that some of his numbers don’t reflect the updated raised pricing.

Final Verdict – Is it Worth it?

So what is World Ventures about? At its core it’s truly about referring customers and potential representatives to a travel club with an MLM business model. That’s how they make their money. And if you want to make money yourself you’ll need to recruit, recruit, recruit.

I think this World Ventures Review has shown that, unless you recruit, this travel club can be a bit pricey. The discounts you feel you’re getting from bargain pricing on vacation packages may not be discounts after all when you’re paying hefty monthly dues.

The absolute best way to take full advantage of this is to travel as a couple and refer others. If you’re willing to do that, you’ll have the opportunity to stay at luxury hotels all over the world for cheap. The vacation experiences you’ll enjoy will make memories for a lifetime.

As far as being a World Ventures representative, the bottom line, as with most MLMs, is that a very, very small percentage of people create a full time income doing this. Additionally, a surprisingly high percentage of people make no money at all.

From the 2015 Annual Income Disclosure for World Ventures:

what is world ventures about

what is world ventures about

There are better ways to make money online and see the world.

After finding the training & mentoring community I’m currently a part of, I began traveling much more than I did when I was a part of World Ventures. Why? Simply because the training delivered. No recruiting. No MLM. And the part that really drew me to the training was that I could create a free starter account to test drive the training first.

Check out my experience here as I share how I enjoyed a $4k month in my first year with this platform.

The training teaches you all the ins and outs of online business through affiliate marketing. It’s the business of connecting people with what they’re already looking for, and it’s a breath of fresh air compared to the world of recruiting..


Have I answered the question, “What is World Ventures about?” I hope this World Ventures review has shed some light on exactly how the travel club works and if it’s worth it. If you like MLMs and their compensation plans, this might be for you. But if you want to see the world via a more straightforward way of earning money online then I think I’ve given you a good alternative as well.

Are you a World Ventures success story? Are you a customer who has enjoyed a Dream Trip? Do the packages and/or membership seem expensive to you? Be honest. Let me know how you feel in the comments below. I hope this World Ventures review has helped you out.

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