Best Keyword Research Analysis Tools 2018 – Jaaxy Review with VIDEO!

keyword research analysis toolsEver wish there was a tool that could tell you the most popular searches your target audience was making so you could EXPLODE your traffic? When it comes to the best keyword research analysis tools for SEO, Jaaxy tops the list. Welcome to the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review 2018.

Understanding what is the best keyword research tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may be the golden ticket to getting traffic to your blog. This is like that super power you’ve always wanted where you know exactly what other people are thinking.

Think about how powerful it is for you as a blogger or affiliate marketer to create content that is the EXACT answer to what your audience is searching for. The best keyword research analysis tools do this and much, much more. This Jaaxy keyword research tool review is going to show you all the bells and whistles of this incredible keyword analysis tool along with several PRO TIPS & video showing you how to use it live.

Finally, I’ll cover Jaaxy pricing and even connect you with the training platform that not only trains you on how to use Jaaxy, but integrates it into the training FREE. You can even get started making Jaaxy searches yourself FREE right from this article.

Best Keyword Research Analysis Tools 2018 – How to Rank With Jaaxy

keyword research analysis tools

You can be an expert when it comes to using Google and still not fully understand the power of keywords. Every time we make a Google search, we are typing in keywords to find what we’re looking for. Google is so good at this it will try to predict what we’re going to type based on what just about every other human being on earth has typed in before us.

keyword research analysis tools

The best keyword research analysis tools like Jaaxy will take all this data from millions of search queries and compile it so that we can find out all kinds of things about our target audience. We can use this tool to find out which keywords are being searched for the most, which have the least competition, how our competition is using these keywords, along with much, much more.

Watch the following Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review 2018 video to watch Jaaxy LIVE in action along with all the best tips and shortcuts for using it! See why Jaaxy tops the list for best keyword research analysis tools online!

What Makes Jaaxy So Good? Let’s Take a Look at All of Jaaxy’s Features

In this Jaaxy keyword research tool review, I’m going to show you the Jaaxy Enterprise edition. This will make sure you see all the features Jaaxy has to offer & how it’s so much more than just a keyword research tool. Using all of Jaaxy’s features together, you’ll be able to create quality content that ranks consistently at the top of Google searches.

Keywords Tab

The first tab we see when we open Jaaxy is the Keywords tab. The Keywords tab is of course the main body of Jaaxy. Type in any keyword into Jaaxy’s keyword search bar and you’ll get quite a list of related keywords.

With Jaaxy Enterprise you’ll get a return of 35 keyword results for each search you make. You also have a multi-tabbed search feature allowing you to have up to 5 different searches open at once.

When Jaaxy populates your search results, you’ll notice different columns and categories filled with data. Let’s do some keyword research for the keyword “ways to make money online” and show you what these columns mean.

keyword research analysis tools


This is a list showing your keyword at the top along with related keywords. By hovering over the “?” next to each column’s heading you can see what each column represents. In this case, hover over the “?” and you’ll see that “keyword” is defined by Jaaxy as “a phrase that users type into search engines to find what they are looking for”.

  • Pro tip: Click on the heading at the top of any column and sort your results from high to low or low to high.

In this example you can see your keyword “ways to make money online” is at the top followed by several related keywords: “best ways to make money online”, “free ways to make money online”, “quick ways to make money online”, etc. Based on the rest of the data Jaaxy provides, you can then determine which is the best keyword for you.

The next two columns deal with all important traffic


keyword research analysis toolsThis column shows the average number of searches that the keyword receives per month. Our keyword here “ways to make money online” averages over 26,000 searches per month.

If you saw that stat by itself you’d think this must be a spectacular keyword, right? But as you’ll see in the QSR column a couple columns down, traffic alone doesn’t make for a great keyword.


This gives you an idea of the number of monthly visits to your website you can expect if you achieve first page rankings in the search engines. Jaaxy here shows 4,495 visits to your website if you ranked on the first page of Google searches with this keyword.

Again, this alone would sound spectacular, but the key here is not only traffic, but COMPETITION. This takes us to the next column.


“Quoted Search Results”. This is a big one. This is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword. Although our keyword can bring lots of traffic, getting our post to rank on the front page of Google search results may be next to impossible for this keyword. Jaaxy shows us there are 245 different sites trying to rank for “ways to make money online”.

This is important. This shows us not to just chase the traffic numbers. What good is great traffic potential if you can’t make it to page 1?

As a result, choosing this keyword will find your post lost in the back pages of Google’s search. No one goes to the 9th page to find anything. Because of this, AVOID HIGH COMPETITION KEYWORDS.

keyword research analysis toolsPro Tip: In the early stages of building your website, you should concentrate on “low hanging fruit” keywords.

What qualifies as “low hanging fruit”? These are keywords which average 100 or more monthly searches, but have less than 100 websites competing for that keyword.

“Free ways to make money online” would be a much better choice in this example. With solid monthly searches, but sitting at a 74 under competition or QSR, you actually have a chance at ranking on page 1 with this keyword!

The lower the competition, the better chance you have for ranking. And especially in the early stages of your website, even if the data shows the keywords you’re choosing get low traffic, if they have low competition and you’re ranking highly for them, all this traffic will soon add up and be a big positive for your site.


“Keyword Quality Indicator”. Using easy to understand grading system of “Great”, “Normal”, and “Poor”, Jaaxy quickly tells you whether keywords are a good choice or not. Because of all the competition for our original keyword, we get a red “Poor”. However, “free ways to make money online” fairs much better and we get a green “Great”.

  • Pro Tip: The first step I take when Jaaxy shows my results is sorting the Avg column from high to low. I then start looking at all the keywords showing as “Great”. As I go down my list, I click on the keywords I like and save these to a list. Saving to a list allows me to gather the cream of the crop all in one place to choose from later.


This is a numerical score based on many metrics including traffic, competition, and much more. The closer to 100, the better chance you have of ranking on the first page for this keyword.


Domains is a very nice addition to the keywords tab. This shows you the availability of that keyword as a .com, .net, or .org domain. This is great when using keywords for niche research. Imagine the potential traffic a website has when you know the domain name itself is a very popular search!

Seeing “Find More” listed under the “Domains category means the .com, .net, and .org domains are all taken for that keyword.

Alphabet Soup Tab

keyword research analysis tools

Jaaxy’s “alphabet soup” feature finds all kinds of variants to your keyword, going through the entire alphabet to find them. You can see exactly what I mean from the photo above. Jaaxy Enterprise gives you 50 related keyword variants per letter.

  • Pro Tip: Take the time to use alphabet soup. This is a great way to find incredible gems of related keywords. Save them to lists for future articles. 

Saved List Tab

It’s nice to have some organization when it comes to researching and collecting great keywords. Over time as you’re using Jaaxy you will surely come upon keywords that have spectacular stats that you’d like to use later.

This is where saving and managing your keyword lists comes into play.

keyword research analysis tools

As you can see in this photo above, I’ve chosen to save the keyword “free ways to make money online” to a list by clicking the checkbox to the left of it. This brings up the “Save to List” option. Click on “Save to List” to save to a new list or to an existing one.

Search History Tab

The Search History tab allows you to retrace your steps and see the searches you’ve made using Jaaxy. Many times as you dig deeper and deeper into a keyword searching for variants and so forth, you can actually forget the original path that got you there. This happens to me a lot! When this happens, have no fear, Search History is here!

Search Analysis Tab

keyword research analysis toolsIn all business, it’s important to be able to see what the competition is doing. Search Analysis shows you the current top ranking posts for that keyword in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Not only does it show you the top sites ranked for that keyword, but you can click on “Details” and get their stats as well.

You’ll be able to see metrics like word count, links on site, backlinks, Alexa rank, and if they are running Adsense.

So, for example, if you see that the top 7-10 positions for your keyword are held by major authority sites, and you’re seeing that these posts each contain 4,000-5,000 words and belong to websites with 75,000 backlinks, this could (and probably should) change your decision to target that keyword.

It would be very difficult for a post from your new site to knock these guys off from the top.

However if you see just one or two authority sites in the top 10, with other ranking sites showing word counts of around 1,000 along with much fewer backlinks and signs of authority, this means you could be ready to take their spot when you publish your quality content! Aim for a higher word count and knock them down!

keyword research analysis tools

Affiliate Programs Tab

The affiliate programs tab is another reason Jaaxy is a true one stop shop when it comes to keyword research tools. This feature allows you to find affiliate programs related to your keyword.

  • Pro Tip: Use this in conjunction with the Domains column in the Keyword tab when doing niche research to find highly searched domains primed for traffic and how to monetize them.

Brainstorm Tab

This is a cool feature for finding trending keywords across a number of internet platforms. Jaaxy brainstorm stays current with the top trending searches across Google trends, Alexa topics, Amazon best sellers, and Twitter.

  • Pro Tip: Take advantage of the sudden interest in a topic that’s trending by creating content around a trending topic and get that spike in traffic. Some trends fade quickly, while others last. Using topical keywords can be a great way to get your articles and website seen.

Track How Well Your Posts & Site are Doing with Site Rank!

Last but not least let’s cover the Site Rank feature. The Site Rank feature is spectacular for tracking how well all this keyword research is paying off. You search by entering both your keyword and domain and Jaaxy calculates exactly where your post is ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

You also have the ability to track your rankings daily, twice a week, weekly, twice a month, and monthly.

keyword research analysis tools

Jaaxy Pricing

Now that we know about all Jaaxy’s features, let’s get to the pricing. There are 4 different Jaaxy packages: Jaaxy Free, Jaaxy Lite, Jaaxy Pro, and Jaaxy Enterprise.

Jaaxy Free

Jaaxy Free costs nothing of course and allows you to make 30 keyword searches free to see how Jaaxy works. Your searches will return 20 results per search, you can have 2 saved keyword lists, 30 Site Rank scans, and the Alphabet Soup feature will return 5 results per letter. You also have manual QSR (competition). This simply means that when Jaaxy populates your results you’ll have to click on the QSR to see its value. Scroll down & use Jaaxy Free from this very article!

Jaaxy Lite (Best Bang For Your Buck)

Jaaxy Lite is in my opinion the best bang for your buck. Why? Because Jaaxy Lite comes FREE and fully integrated into the training platform that shows you exactly how to maximize your success with it!

I’m currently a member of this training community and I can tell you that I’ve had nothing but positive results from it. It is, in my opinion, the best training and mentoring community you’ll find for building your own successful online business, hands down. I recommend it over all others, and I highly encourage you to create your free starter account and try it for yourself. Go through any of my links and I’ll be your personal 1-on-1 support coach.

By being a member of this training community you’ll also get approx. 50% off the Pro & Enterprise versions of Jaaxy.

With Jaaxy Lite you get unlimited keyword searches with a return of 20 results per search. You can have up to 25 saved keyword lists, perform 100 Site Rank scans, and the Alphabet Soup feature will return 10 results per letter. You have manual QSR, manual domain availability, Affiliate program search, and you can sort your keyword data by clicking at the top of a column.

Jaaxy Pro (Most Popular)

Jaaxy Pro is the most popular Jaaxy package. It costs $49/month alone, or only $19/month if you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

You’ll get unlimited keyword searches with a return of 30 results per search. You can create unlimited saved keyword lists, perform 2,000 Site Rank scans, and the Alphabet Soup feature will return 15 results per letter. You have manual QSR, manual domain availability, Affiliate program search, Brainstorm platform, 3x multi-tabbed keyword search, ability to sort keyword data, and Site Rank tracking.

Jaaxy Enterprise (Most Value)

Jaaxy Enterprise gives the everything I’ve shown you in this review. It’s the best of the best and costs $99/month alone, or only $49/month if you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

You’ll get unlimited keyword searches with a return of 35 results per search. You can create unlimited saved keyword lists, perform 10,000 Site Rank scans, and the Alphabet Soup feature will return 50 results per letter. You have instant QSR (no need to click to show result), instant domain availability, Affiliate program search, Brainstorm platform, 5x multi-tabbed keyword search, ability to sort keyword data, and Site Rank tracking.

Here’s a comparison chart showing all Jaaxy’s features and packages for quick reference.

keyword research analysis tools

keyword research analysis tools

Give Jaaxy Free a Try and Start Finding Great Keywords!

Are you ready to give Jaaxy a spin? Go right ahead and get started below with the Jaaxy Free keyword tool! Nothing beats 30 free searches that will get your website the supercharge it needs to get to that next level, right?

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What do you think? I think it’s pretty clear why Jaaxy tops the list of keyword research analysis tools. What’s the best keyword research tool for SEO in your opinion? Is this keyword research tool worthy of being added to your tool belt? Further, what process do you currently use when trying to find a good keyword to write an article around? Let me know in the comments below! Share your experience and thanks for checking out this Jaaxy review!

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