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image of the Google multicolored logo on top of a screen showing Google search results. Knowing how to google for business can be very profitable.How to Google for business. Most would agree it seems pretty self explanatory, right? We “Google” things all the time. And nowadays with Siri & Alexa we can even Google for research without having to sit at a keyboard. Google searches happen 3.5 BILLION times each and every day. So it would seem like most people already know how to google, right?

But for those who are entrepreneurial minded, what if you could take Google’s search data, knowing what billions globally were searching for every day across millions of individual profitable niches and capitalize on it? Now we’re on to something.

In this article with VIDEO I’m going to show you how to capitalize on the internet and make lots and lots of money doing it. I’m going to explain how Google gathers data and how to capitalize on this by connecting billions of people worldwide with what they’re already searching for.

Are dollar signs popping up in your head? They should be.

How to Google For Business – Taking the World’s Biggest Search Engine & Capitalizing On It

Watch the following video and I’ll show you how so many are capitalizing on the incredible power of the internet. Learn how to understand Google’s methods for gathering data and then use strategies like the Alphabet Soup technique to find the most popular searches for any given niche. I’ll then dive you even further by showing you the power of keyword research and connecting you with the best keyword research tool you’ll find online along with the best training platform and mentoring community for putting it all together & creating your own successful affiliate marketing business.

Understanding How Google Works

Everyone has googled something before, right?

Type in the question you have for the internet, hit enter, and out comes every answer known to cyberspace. As we type, a feature called Google Instant predicts what we’re searching for based on popular searches.

But you know this already. In fact, you’re probably programmed to type in the first few words in the Google search bar and then sit back and wait. Google will figure the rest out for you.

But these aren’t random suggestions Google is giving you. They are based on what people all over the world are looking for. Google populates your suggestions with the most popular searches people are making globally. Then, these suggestions are refined more and more with every letter you type.

Now turn on your entrepreneurial mind.

image of a large crowd of drawn figures gathered together in all different colorsImagine a storefront where there’s a large crowd of thousands gathered outside waiting to come in. What if you as the owner of the store knew exactly what all those people were wanting to buy before they even arrived at your store? You’d stock your shelves with everything they wanted and needed, right? Your business would make a killing because you knew exactly what your target audience was after.

When you have a way of knowing the popular searches made by billions of consumers online, there are surefire ways to capitalize on that from an online business perspective. But before we jump into how traffic turns into revenue, we must first understand how to build consistent traffic.

How do we get that group of thousands outside our storefront? We must create content that our target audience is actively searching for. A great way to find the popular searches for any given niche is by using the Alphabet Soup technique.

How to Build Consistent Traffic by Finding Popular Searches: The Alphabet Soup Technique

By using the Alphabet Soup Technique you can find the most popular searches made by your target audience and then write content that is the answer to those searches. This is where understanding how the internet works becomes profitable.

image of a Google search using the alphabet soup technique. The search being made is for "best DSLR cameras a" and shows how Google is giving suggestions with words beginning with the letter a. It’s always important when choosing a profitable niche to choose one you have a genuine interest in, so let’s say you have a passion for photography like I do and decided to write content in the niche of DSLR cameras.

Using the Alphabet Soup technique, run a Google search of “Best DSLR Cameras a”. You’ll see an instant list of popular keywords based around “Best DSLR Cameras” and words beginning with the letter “a”. Follow that with “Best DSLR Cameras b” and so on.

What you’re doing is systematically finding all the popular searches made by your target audience that are related to the topic you want to write about.

Using this technique, you can easily have a list of 100 popular, relevant searches within the niche you’re researching. Armed with that list, you now create content around those searches to connect your audience with what they’re looking for.

But what if you want more concrete data for those popular searches? Maybe you want to know which searches are more popular than others? Or maybe you want to see how much traffic a given keyword will bring to your site? Maybe you want to see how many other competing websites are writing content for that same keyword?

This is where keyword research tools come into play.

Introducing Jaaxy: The Best Keyword Research Tool You’ll Find Online

a picture displaying the Jaaxy keyword research tool logo

For any blogger serious about creating an online business that brings in serious traffic and serious money, Jaaxy will be the number 1 tool in your tool belt. And the best part is at the end of this article I’ll show you how to get it FREE.

For the purposes of this article, I’m going to quickly show you how Jaaxy’s keyword research feature can give you a true advantage to bringing traffic to your website. For a full, detailed review of Jaaxy that explains all its features and how to use all of its bells and whistles to maximize your success, check out my full Jaaxy review here.

As I mentioned before, Jaaxy gives you more than just popular searches. Jaaxy backs it up with concrete data.

Where the Alphabet Soup technique is comparable to learning to walk, using Jaaxy is like qualifying for the Olympics. Take a look at this screenshot of the Jaaxy dashboard as we enter “best DSLR cameras” as our potential keyword:

Let’s talk about exactly what this data means for you as a blogger looking to build real traffic.

With this keyword research tool you’ll input your keyword and then see real data based on real searches. You’ll be able to see data for each keyword showing how many average searches per month a specific keyword gets (Avg), much traffic you can expect to receive when you rank on page 1 of Google’s search results (Traffic), how many competing websites are targeting the keyword (QSR), and much more.

For example, let’s take a look at the screenshot above. We can see that the keyword “best DSLR cameras” shows an average of 864 searches per month. You could expect 147 hits per month if your article were to land on Google’s front page. Finally, there are 224 other competing websites focusing on this exact keyword.

this screenshot shows the Jaaxy data results for the keyword "best DSLR cameras"

While those traffic numbers are good, the competition of 224 other sites could be better. Think about it; you’re trying to rank on Google’s first or second page, right? Each search result page lists 10 results meaning you’re trying to come out in the top 20. While 224 other competing sites isn’t necessarily a “bad” number, less competition would be better.

The KQI column (Keyword Quality Indicator) shows this by listing this keyword as “Normal”. So what I do any time I’m doing keyword research is start by looking for all the related keywords listed as “Great”.

Just a few keywords down you can see there is much less competition around the keyword “best dslr camera beginners” showing only 23 competing sites. Those are spectacular competition numbers, but we also need the keyword to make grammatical sense. Let’s correct that and then plug in “best dslr cameras for beginners” into the keyword search again, shall we?

this image shows a close up screenshot of the Jaaxy dashboard after entering "best dslr cameras for beginners" into the search bar

You can see the competition is much better while still keeping great traffic numbers.

A good rule of thumb when using Jaaxy is to use the 100/100 rule. Whenever you find a keyword with traffic above 100 and competition less than 100, you have yourself a quality keyword.

You can continue to refine your keyword using the rest of  Jaaxy’s features to find the very best keywords that have great traffic numbers and little to no competition! This means you’ll be ranking high in Google’s search results and bringing in lots of free traffic! This gives you a HUGE advantage over the competition.

At the end of this article, I’ll connect you with the training platform where you can get Jaaxy free. You can even take it for a test spin and try out some searches for yourself from within the review.

And now that we’re building traffic and have that growing crowd gathered outside our storefront, it’s time to turn that traffic into revenue!

Affiliate Marketing 101: Turning Traffic Into Revenue

image showing the words "digital marketing" along with a jumble of words of different sizes, some horizontal, some vertical, like "traffic", "landing pages", "blogging", "income", etc.

This is where it all comes together. You know what your target audience is looking for, so now you give them what they want. The business of connecting people over the internet to exactly what they’re searching for is called affiliate marketing. This is a $6 billion dollar a year industry that came around soon after the internet took over the world.

This image depicts logos of popular merchants you can partner with through affiliate marketing like amazon, Microsoft, Target, Walmart, and AppleDid you know that there are tens of thousands of merchants all over the world that will pay you commissions for getting their product to the people searching for it?

In a nutshell, online merchants will pay you commissions when a reader clicks through from your site to the merchant’s site to make their purchase. The link the reader clicks on is called an affiliate link and this tracks back to you when they make their purchase.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to have inventory. You don’t have to worry about shipping and returns. You simply connect your audience to the trusted merchant’s site and they take care of the rest. And because you made the sale possible, you receive your handsome commission.

Let’s say you’re in the DSLR cameras niche and through good keyword research you find that a travel friendly, lightweight camera has a new model that is being searched often. This shows you there’s a demand, so you publish an article that reviews this camera in detail. Your affiliate link within the article directs the reader to the site where they can make their purchase. Reader after reader finds your article since it’s ranking high in Google’s search results and commissions begin to come in.

This is affiliate marketing 101. For even more details, read my full article on affiliate marketing here. No matter if you’re looking to work from home or work from anywhere in the world, firing your boss and working for yourself can be a real option when you build your business with the right treating.

Getting Started FREE with the Training Platform that Delivers 

This image shows an entrepreneurial minded individual at his laptop taking notes.

I’m someone who’s completely addicted to travel, so when I started on my journey to build an online business that could travel with me I found lots of “too good to be true” platforms that seemed more interested in taking my money rather than actually training me for success.

Then I found the training platform and mentoring community I recommend above all others for building a successful business in affiliate marketing and I never looked back. Everything in this article is covered along with much, much more. No matter your level of experience, no matter if you’ve never written content before or ever attempted to build a website,  if you’re looking to have real success through straightforward training then I urge you to create your FREE starter account and try it out for yourself.

Get started through my link below and you’ll have me as your personal support coach to help you every step of the way.


Do you have some questions for me? Is there anything about how to google for business that you need some clarification on? Have you tried affiliate marketing before but didn’t know where to start? How successful have you been with your own keyword research? Let me know.

I’ve been very successful in helping people find the vehicle they need to get started building their first online business. I thoroughly enjoy helping others who are entrepreneurially minded to find their own success and I’m very responsive to any questions you have, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

I look forward to hearing from you. As always, if this article has been beneficial to you, please feel free to share across your social media platforms.

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