How To Find The Best B2B Content With BuzzSumo’s Business Filter

If you have searched for SEO on BuzzSumo, you may have  come across Park Hang Seo, currently the head coach of the Vietnam national football team. Articles about him frequently gather over 100,000 shares. However, if you are not an avid follower of the Vietnam football team and want to understand more about search engine optimisation, then our new B2B content filter is for you.

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A common challenge facing content marketers is finding relevant business content when a word has multiple meanings or an acronym such as SEO is the same as someone’s name. When using BuzzSumo, this challenge is made more complicated because consumer content tends to gain far more shares and likes than business to business content. Hence, this content appears higher in a Most Shared search.

In order to address this challenge, we have introduced a new B2B filter. You can find it in the left hand column of the Most Shared section of BuzzSumo. See image below.


This new filter “Only B2B Publishers” restricts any search to some 6,000 business to business websites. If you are a BuzzSumo user and would like to add any business sites to this list please just contact us and let us know.

Using The B2B Content Filter: Some Tips and Examples

There are some words and terms that have multiple meanings. For example, coaching. If we search for coaching on BuzzSumo, we will often find the most shared content is about sports coaching.

The new B2B filter is a great way to focus in on coaching in a business context. When we apply the filter, we get more relevant results as seen below.


The B2B filter works particularly well for names or words with multiple meanings. Even standard terms such as management and leadership have non-business contexts. While you could use advanced search operators to eliminate words or add words to your search, it is much easier to simply click the “only B2B publishers” filter.

In the introduction we mentioned the Vietnam football coach Park Hang Seo. There are many other examples, where phrases or words mean different things in different languages. Most people use AI to search for business content on artificial intelligence, however it is also a Vietnamese word meaning ‘who’. By applying the B2B filter, BuzzSumo will only return business content about artificial intelligence when you search for AI.

We hope you find this new business content filter helpful and would love your feedback.

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