Influencer marketing can be a great way to generate a buzz around your brand, without going down the traditional route. Different brands approach it in different ways; big brands like Pampers nappies work with huge celebrity influencers like Chrissy Teigen to promote their products in a fairly traditional way.

Other brands target micro-influencers, people with thousands rather than hundreds of thousands of followers. A low-cost campaign involving gifting products or paying for sponsored posts can really help to build a buzz around an offering.

We’ve rounded up three of the best influencer marketing campaigns to inspire you:

Lagavulin & Nick Offerman

Whiskey brand Lagavulin teamed up with actor Nick Offerman for this niche marketing campaign that did wonders for the brand’s online presence, positioning it as a younger and funner brand.

So how did they manage it? The company created a spin on a log fire video, which people can put on their TV and pretend it’s a real fireplace. By adding a relevant, young actor into the mix (sitting by the fire, sipping a whiskey), they created the kind of surreal and funny video that taps into a lot of internet humour, and Offerman promoted the video on his channels. It paid off – Lagavulin increased their subscribers on YouTube from 5k to 23k.

Boxed Water

Plastic waste has become a huge issue over the last few years, and disruptors Boxed Water tapped into celebrities’ more socially conscious sides with their influencer campaign.

The company sells water in recyclable boxes rather than environmentally unfriendly boxes, and asked celebrity influencers to share information about their tree-planting campaign and the company. Boxed Water garnered an enormous reach on social media channels including Instagram by promoting an environmental, socially conscious message.

When celebrities linked to their page, people also saw information about the company, helping to boost sales of their eco-friendly product.

Daniel Wellington

Watch brand Daniel Wellington is a mid-range brand; not as huge as the Swatches and Omegas of the world, but a good sized business. They have taken an innovative approach to influencer marketing, targeting celebrities to post about their watches – making them desirable – then sending freebies to micro-influencers with discount codes for their followers. This two-pronged approach has seen the business grow hugely over the last few years.

It’s an interesting approach for marketers to take note of; by utilising influencers at both ends of the spectrum, they have been able to spend less and make more of a splash than some much bigger brands.

Working with celebrities and influencers

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