Make Money Online: A Practical Upwork Career Guide for Beginners (Scams to Avoid, Insight Tips to Follow from a Top Rated Freelancer, Freelancing, Online Business, Earn Money Online, Passive Income)

“Make Money Online” serves as a brilliant step-by-step guide for beginners on how to start and cultivate a lucrative freelance career online using platforms like Upwork to succeed.

Grab a Paperback “Make Money Online” Guide Book, and you`ll get a Kindle version for free!

It is incredibly important to note that all the tips and career advice that you find in this book are not merely stolen from Google. These are real-life experiences painstakingly collected over the years by successful freelancers such as Yaroslav Brol, a video editing and animation specialist from Ukraine.

He started freelancing with a simple goal to pay off all of his debt while doing something he loves and does well. This is relatable because we all are dreaming about similar things. Before he began his career path, his pockets were empty, and he didn`t speak English. In spite of this, after a couple of years, he now earns $50/hour and is financially independent enough to travel the world with his wife and son.

This freelancer`s survival guide may be extremely useful both for freelance newbies, and those who have been struggling with making mistake after mistake in the freelance world and wants to know how to correct them. Moreover, it will definitely come in handy whether you want to develop a designer career, try yourself as a data specialist, make money by freelance writing or marketing, or even sell your programming skills.

From this freelance manifesto, you will find out HOW TO:

  • deal with fears and finally step into freelance

  • complete a profile that catches the eye of prospective clients

  • create an amazing proposal that helps you stand out in a crowd

  • deal with clients: how to spot difficult customers and how to find trusted long-term contracts

  • manage your time

  • figure out how much to charge for your time

  • avoid scammers (and there are lots!)

Want to be inspired to achieve greater success? The “Make Money Online” freelance guide will help you take charge of your own life and succeed!

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