Is Cash Money Sites a scam? WOW!! See my discovery! [Review]

Welcome to my Cash Money Sites review!

I recently received an email concerning this product called Cash Money Sites ( and I thought I would look deep into it to discover what this is about.

There are many money-making opportunities out there, but there are more scams than legitimate programs so you need to do your research to make sure you know what you’re in front of.

Cash Money Sites is very similar to other programs and products I’ve reviewed, which don’t work like they tell you in the sales presentation.

Here in this Cash Money Sites review, I will show you what this product is about, how it really works, the truth about this business and more.


Cash Money Sites review

Name: Cash Money Sites

Website URL:

Owners: “Jason Jordan & Mark Adams” or “Jake Jasons & Harold Coleman”

Created in: 2018

Price: $97, $77 or $67 (front-end) + upsells

Overall Rating: 29/100


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What is Cash Money Sites about?

The moment I landed on the Cash Money Sites sales page I thought it was just another low-quality product because of the red flags I noticed.

However, I didn’t want to think it was like the others so I decided to give it a chance. And after watching the sales video and doing some research, I can say that my first impression was not wrong.

According to the spokesperson, Cash Money Sites is “the ultimate key to create constant ongoing passive profits completely hands-free”.

In other words, Cash Money Sites is supposed to be a software that creates done-for-you affiliate websites that make you passive income on autopilot.

This amazing software curates content from other sites to create your affiliate marketing site that can get targeted traffic and turn it into maximum affiliate commissions! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

You will not have to:

  • Spend money on paid traffic because this software creates sites that are said to get organic traffic from search engines.
  • Spend time on creating content because this software curates top quality content for you.
  • Purchase your own domain because the sites are set up on a subdomain.

In short terms, this software does everything for you so you only need to click a few buttons and that’s it, you can finally enjoy your affiliate commissions!

Is Cash Money Sites a scam? Wow! See my discovery! [Review]
“no grunt work needed”

I know the idea of having most stuff done-for-you sounds attractive, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t know how affiliate websites work.

But the truth is, there are things that they do not tell you and you need to know. This Cash Money Sites software doesn’t work like they claim and people who expect to make money easily are going to get disappointed.

Affiliate websites that make good money are not built in seconds and I’m going to explain why in the next section.


Does Cash Money Sites work?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the truth is that Cash Money Sites only works for the people who have created it and the people who are promoting it.

Let’s see how this software is said to work and how it really works so that you’re aware of the lies they tell you.


How Cash Money Sites allegedly works

According to the spokesperson, these are the steps to take to make money:

  • Choose a template.
  • Choose a niche and click “publish”.
  • Add your affiliate links.
  • Enter your address details to start receiving your affiliate commissions from ClickBank, CommissionJunction, JVZoo…

Sounds easy and fast, right? Well, there are some problems with it, which I will go over next.


How Cash Money Sites really works

I’ve been involved in the affiliate marketing world for more than two years already so I know how affiliate websites work and why websites created by Cash Money Sites will not work.

Let’s see the problems with this software:

  • Problem 1 – The sites will not get free organic traffic

The software curates top content from other websites, which means that the content is not unique and this is a problem because search engines like Google do not like sites like this and can penalize it.

Because of this, the sites created by the Cash Money Sites software will not get high rankings, which means that they will not get free organic traffic.

Providing original, high quality content is the key to get your website well-ranked on Google and other search engines. 

Another thing is, search engines do not trust new sites so you can’t expect your site to get good rankings the same day your site is created, giving that you provide quality content from day one.

Therefore, you will have to share your site on social networks to get traffic, but this is not enough to get targeted traffic to your site and make sales.

Is Cash Money Sites a scam? Wow! See my discovery! [Review]
Fake claim
  • Problem 2 – They do not teach how to choose good products to promote

Another problem I see is the fact that they don’t tell you how important is to choose relevant products to make money from. You don’t want to promote scam or low-quality products because they’re not going to help your visitors.

Yes, you might earn some money by telling people what they want to hear, but you know what? This is not good for the long-term because people will not trust your word if they see you don’t want to help them.

That’s why it’s essential that the products you choose to promote are products you believe in that can benefit your visitors.


  • Problem 3 – They do not take keywords into account

Another problem is the fact that they do not mention anything about keywords, which are the words that will help you get targeted traffic to your site. If you use the wrong keywords, people will not find your site so you will not make any money.


  • Problem 4 – You do not have control over the sites

The sites created by the Cash Money Sites software are not owned by you, they are owned by Cash Money Sites or iBuddyHost (Cash Money Sites’ host). This is a problem because your business depends on Cash Money Sites, which means that you will stop making money if Cash Money Sites shuts down.


  • Problem 5 – A website needs to be constantly “fed”

I don’t like the fact that they don’t tell you that building a profitable business takes daily and constant work. In order to make a full-time income for the long-term, you need to keep “feeding” your website even after you start making money

You can’t just press some buttons and stop working. If building a successful business online were that easy, don’t you think most people would have made a fortune already?


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Is Cash Money Sites a scam?

Cash Money Sites doesn’t live up to its promises so is Cash Money Sites a scam? It’s up to you.

I know some people will call it a scam because this product doesn’t help them reach their goal which is to make money online, but others will not call it a scam because they provide some training and you can also get a refund.

I personally will call it a low-quality product similar to others I’ve reviewed like these:

  • eCom Profit Sniper
  • The AZ Code
  • Tube Profit Sniper
  • 60 Minute Profit Plan

With that being said, I’m going to point out some red flags I’ve found because they indicate this product isn’t as good as it seems.

Lack of transparency when it comes to the cost

Don’t you think that this software only costs $67 because this is only the beginning.

After paying $67, $77 or $97, they will bombard you with more upsells and downsells to get the most money out of you.

They will try to convince you that you need these additional products to speed up or increase your profits, but the truth is that they are not necessary.

Below you can observe their sales funnel:

Is Cash Money Sites a scam? Wow! See my discovery! [Review]
Cash Money Sites sales funnel

I personally don’t like the fact that they are not honest about the price because this is something you want to take into consideration to decide whether or not to purchase a product.

I mean, you wouldn’t like to purchase something and then be told that you need to buy another item to make the first item work, would you?


The real owners don’t show up

I don’t believe that Jason Jordan and Mark Adams are the real creators of Cash Money Sites because before this product was launched, they were using the names Jake Jasons and Harold Coleman.

The fact that they lie about their identities is a red flag because it means that they don’t want you to know who you are dealing with.

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t trust programs whose real creators don’t show up.


The fake scarcity

Remember they claim they are only accepting 100 people? 

Well, don’t worry because this is not true. They never limit themselves when it comes to the number of people they are accepting. 

These con artists usually email their products to thousands of email addresses because they want to make as much money as possible.

They will welcome anyone that wants to put money on their pockets.


What about iBuddyHost?

Another fake claim they make is that they have been referring a lot of people to over the years.

Is Cash Money Sites a scam? Wow! See my discovery! [Review]
“over the years”

But want to know what I found out? The domain was created in January 2018 so it’s only been a little more than 5 months since it was created.

Is Cash Money Sites a scam? Wow! See my discovery! [Review] domain information

So it’s clear that they haven’t sent people to over the years, why are they lying?


My discovery: Cash Money Sites is the same as Profit With Alex and Five Minute Profit Sites

Cash Money Sites looked very familiar to me so I thought I had come across another program like this before, and I was not wrong.

I checked out other reviews I’ve written and discovered that Cash Money Sites is almost a copy of Profit With Alex and Five Minute Profit Sites, which are connected between them too.

Both Profit With Alex and Five Minute Profit Sites are softwares that create affiliate websites, but it turns out they do not work and customers haven’t got satisfied.

Below you can see a similarity between Cash Money Sites and Profit With Alex:


Is Cash Money Sites a scam? Wow! See my discovery! [Review]Is Cash Money Sites a scam? Wow! See my discovery! [Review]

And now let’s see another coincidence between Five Minute Profit Sites, Profit With Alex and Cash Money Sites:

Is Cash Money Sites a scam? Wow! See my discovery! [Review]

Is Cash Money Sites a scam? Wow! See my discovery! [Review]

Is Cash Money Sites a scam? Wow! See my discovery! [Review]

Unbelievable, isn’t it? Same colors, same phrase, same design… The 3 products want you to believe that you can get the software for free which is a complete lie because there’s nothing for free here.

Why are they so misleading? It’s not ok to deceive people like that. 

I wouldn’t be surprised that the owners of these 3 products are the same unethical people.


How to build a real affiliate marketing business

After everything I’ve found and explained, I highly do not recommend Cash Money Sites

However, the final decision is up to you so if you want to get it, know that you can ask ClickBank for a refund. 

Because of products like Cash Money Sites, the Internet marketing industry has a bad reputation. Scammers give false expectations to newbies and then they get disappointed when they realize that making money online is not like con artists claim.

The more you search how to make money fast, the more scams or low-quality products you will find because the Internet is full of BS products and programs.

But the good news is that making a living online through affiliate marketing is possible and there are still good programs out there. They are hard to stumble upon but they do exist.

A good program will give you the tools and step-by-step training you need to build your affiliate marketing business the proper way, the way that works for the long-term.

You will learn how to choose a niche, where to find good affiliate programs and products, how to build a website that you own yourself, how to create quality content, how to get your website ranked on search engines… and so much more.

I wouldn’t finish this post if I had to explain it all here so I created a FREE step-by-step affiliate marketing guide that will help you get started the right way:

By clicking the button above now, you will learn how affiliate marketing works, why it works, where you can get easy-to-use tools and step-by-step training…

And I also show you how you can get started for free so you can test it all out with no worries because getting started is risk-free.

To add to it all, you also get the chance to get support and help from a huge community of affiliate marketers and Internet entrepreneurs, myself included!

It’s your time to say bye to the scams and get your affiliate marketing business started!


I hope this honest review has been helpful to you and you will make the best possible decision. Don’t hesitate to share it with whoever you believe that will benefit from it!

If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions concerning Cash Money Sites, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP! ? 

Best wishes =)

Miren Ribera

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