How to Increase a Conversion Rate with Perfect Blog Post Structure 2018

image of a girl holding a magnifying glass to her eye. Learning how to increase a conversion rate can be accomplished by focusing on helping your audience find what they're looking for.If you’re looking to create a blog and make money, understanding how to increase a conversion rate is key. What is conversion rate? Conversion rate is the percentage of your readers who become engaged with your content, are connected with what they’re looking for, and turn into a buyer. When you can do this consistently by sincerely helping connect your audience with what they’re searching for online, you have yourself a thriving business.

The first goal is to keep the reader’s eyes on your page. Too many times a reader is greeted by a page that instantly makes them lose interest and hit the back button. But did you know there is a perfect blog post structure you can apply to your content to keep your readers engaged and connected? There is, and it’s simple to put into practice. 

In this post (with video), I’m going to show you exactly how to increase a conversion rate by using the perfect blog post structure. I’m going to give you the definition of a good bounce rate for a website and show you how to keep your readers connected and interested with proven tactics to improve conversion rates.

When you focus on creating a great user experience for your audience. you’ll find conversions skyrocketing and this adds dollar signs to your bottom line.

How to Increase a Conversion Rate with Perfect Blog Post Structure 2018

Watch the following video and dig into how to improve your conversion rate and lower your bounce rate. Learning how to write a blog and make money consistently boils down to using the perfect blog post structure that delivers. Follow these simple steps that focus on your reader’s user experience, and you’ll be swimming in traffic and conversions in no time.

What is a Good Bounce Rate for a Website?

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of people who visit your site and then leave (bounce) without visiting any other part of your site. A high bounce rate is not a good thing. So, the key to keeping your audience engaged is to present to them right away the value of the content ahead.

So what is a good bounce rate for a website? An excellent bounce rate is anywhere from 25-40%. This means only 25-40% of your readers leave without visiting another part of your website. An average bounce rate is anywhere from 41-55%. A below average bounce rate is 56-70%, with anything above 70% being considered poor.

You don’t want over half your readers leaving right when they get to your site. This means all that great content you’re writing and great linking you’re making to other content is going completely unnoticed and unappreciated. For this reason, we structure our content for maximum engagement immediately as our readers arrive. 

Keeping Your Audience Engaged: The APP Method for Writing a Blog Post

this image shows a template for the APP method showing that APP stands for agree, promise, and preview

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you: the APP method. This simple approach may very well be the perfect blog post structure for improving your bounce rate and turning your traffic into conversions. It’s simple to learn, it’s straightforward, and in its simplicity, there is genius.

When your audience sticks around longer, you are now at the cusp of traffic transitioning to conversions. Consistent conversions bring consistent revenue, and if you’re blogging for business, then this is equivalent of holding the golden ticket.

The APP method is all about getting to the point and cutting to the chase. On the internet, you only have a few seconds to work with when it comes to grabbing your audience’s attention. So it’s important to take full advantage of this fact and make that content above the fold that much more attention grabbing.

What is Above the Fold Content?

Above the fold content is that content that you see immediately upon arriving at a website without scrolling down. Have you ever gotten to a website and been greeted by a wall of text? No bueno. Your reader will be hitting the back button before your images even load.

First impressions are everything. So taking the extra time to create engaging content that greets your audience above the fold is important. The APP method is like a template for this greeting area. It gives you the perfect blog post structure that grabs attention and welcomes your readers to the rest of your content.

The APP Method, Part 1: Agree

this image shows the word Agree in a box with "Yes" and "Absolutely" speech bubbles coming from it

You need to catch your reader’s attention right out of the gate. When a reader takes a look at a blog post and reads something they agree with they tend to read on. Remember, they’ve found your post through a search. This means you need to address that question and prove that your content is the answer they’re looking for.

If you start off the post with something off topic, or start with a tangeant, the reader could easily bounce before you make your point. For this reason, make your point fast and make your point agreeable. Don’t beat around the bush. Hit them with a solid point they’re going to agree with.

Take this article as an example. The very first sentence reads, “If you’re looking to create a blog and make money, understanding how to increase a conversion rate is key.”

Any reader finding this article is obviously searching for how to increase their conversion rate. This opening statement is direct, to the point, and 100% on topic. The rest of the first paragraph finishes this thought and takes the reader immediately to the second critical part of the APP method, the promise.

The APP Method, Part 2: Promise

this image shows the word "Promise"

With the “promise” portion of the APP method, you are promising on the delivery of the answer your reader is searching for. This is crucial. Your first few sentences grab their attention, and then they read on for confirmation. If it’s not there to their liking (guess what?)… bounce!

So be clear in the delivery of your promise. Again, no beating around the bush. No storytelling just yet. The first seconds when your reader gets to your site are crucial. If you don’t grab they’re attention in the first 15 seconds they’re gone.

Give them clear confirmation that they’ve found their answer in that time frame, and they’re sticking around. In this article I highlight my promise in bold in the second paragraph: “But did you know there is a perfect blog post structure you can apply to your content to keep your readers engaged and connected?”

This is me promising the answer to their question on how to increase their conversion rate. I’ll show the reader how to apply a simple blog post structure that grabs the reader’s attention and keeps them on the page. The sentence that follows let’s them know it’s simple and easy to apply. This finally brings us to the preview portion of the APP method.

The APP Method, Part 3: Preview

this image shows the word "Preview" with a large open eye directly above it

The preview tells the reader exactly what they want to hear and why they need to scroll down for more. You’ve found common ground with them, made statements of fact confirming you have the answer to their question, and now you’re assuring them you’re about to deliver.

You can use your preview to introduce a tease. You’ve gotten past the crucial first seconds, and now, more than likely, they’re staying for a few minutes. To ensure this, tease to what’s coming below the scroll.

In my preview at the beginning of this article, I include a tease to a video to make sure the reader will stay to watch. “In this post (with video), I’m going to show you exactly how to increase a conversion rate by using the perfect blog post structure. I’m going to give you the definition of a good bounce rate for a website and show you how to keep your readers connected and interested.”

Don’t Forget to Include an Image Above the Fold!

An appealing image that greets your reader is a must! Scroll up and check out the APP method template. See that pic in the right corner of the template? It’s there for a reason! No one wants to be greeted by a wall of text. Content is king, but aesthetics are very important to creating a good user experience. Don’t forget to include relevant images in all your posts to greet your audience!

How to Improve Bounce Rate Further? Embed Video in Your Posts!

this image shows a large red rectangle with a white play button symbol inside it, similar to YouTube

Readers. Love. Video. They just can’t resist hitting the play button and sitting back and watching. By its very nature, a well placed, relevant video will improve your bounce rate greatly.

Video causes your reader to stay awhile. When your video is appealing, it subconsciously tells your audience that your content (and links) are worth exploring further. And if you’re creating your own videos, this also allows for your personality to shine through. Instead of just words on a screen, you’re now a voice and even  a coach helping your reader with the topic at hand.

Are you starting to see the correlation between bounce rate, building traffic to your blog, and conversions? Readers who stay translate to readers who return. Just like a good conversationalist listens as well as they speak, a good website creator pays equal attention to the quality of his content and the delivery of that content to make for a great user experience. Building a successful website is all about building with the user in mind.

Get Trained & Turn Consistent Conversions Into a Business

Learning how to increase a conversion rate using the right blog post structure that engages your readers is the foundation to a successful blog. Take a look at your website with the eyes of a new visitor as often as you can. Think of what works for you when you visit a website for the first time, and pay attention to the things that make you click out of one.

Focus your attention on creating the best user experience possible and all the other things fall into place. A great user experience leads to improved bounce rate. A good bounce rate leads to more and more traffic. Traffic building over time builds authority and opens the door of opportunity to a good conversion rate. And consistent conversions lead to consistent monthly revenue.

If you’ve found this site, you’re likely trying to put the pieces together to build an online business of your own. There’s an online community that is the leader in this kind of training. It’s where I got mine and I highly recommend checking it out for yourself. Create your free starter account, and take the training for a test drive. You’ll be very happy you did.

I’ve had nothing but positives from this community. No matter your experience level, building an online business around your passion can be your reality. Also, by clicking through my link above you’ll get me as your personal support coach. I very much look forward to seeing you on the inside and helping you in every way I can to have the same success I’ve had.


Do you feel this blog post structure will be something you begin using immediately? Do you better understand how to increase a conversion rate and keep your audience engaged? What methods are you currently using to keep a reader engaged? Have you began recording your own videos? Tell me in the comments below. Share your insight. Ask any questions you have.

As always, please feel free to share this article to your social media if you know anyone who could benefit from it. I hope this article will lead to the better conversions that you’re looking for and much more!

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