How to Sell on Amazon and Make Money Online Selling on FBA: Step by Step Start-Up Guide | Entrepreneurship 2018 | REVERSE ENGINEERING AMAZON: Amazon SEO: … ANY Keyword: Sell for 10X (Secrets Exposed)

How to sell on Amazon:
Are you sick of everyone else figuring out all the secrets before you do? I was SICK of wasting hundreds of hours watching BS Youtube videos that only told a small part of the story. I spill every secret and turn the world upside down by sharing the knowledge about how to find the keywords people are already searching for, CREATE the best product based OFF THAT KEYWORD.
You will have THE only resource you need to be a highly successful Seller on Amazon, even if you have zero experience. It is not easy, nor is it some get rich quick scheme, BUT you CAN make six figures if you follow each step in this detailed guide100% of profits from book sales in 2018 to go to Cancer Warriors Foundation in The Philippines. I made the bold decision to travel to 10 countries in 2017, set up 14 different charity events, and write this 250-Page TELL ALL Book. You are going to learn exactly how to find the hottest selling products that have little to no competition and will result in ORGANIC SALES and HUGE PROFITS.

I make a promise to have the sellers back no matter what. I show the “Mistakes” Jess Bezos and Amazon are making, by NOT paying the sellers what they are owed. I made a promise to be an Open Source for current sellers and beginners to get up to date information

This book covers how to make money online from the comfort of your own home and building a six-figure passive income business your children will inherit one day.

I want to give the world ONE GUIDE so that no one misses a secret, or technique, or resource to selling on Amazon. The How to sell on Amazon. I risk my whole business by showing you everything. I spent THOUSANDS OF HOURS doing research, and diving through YouTube Videos, Blogs & eBooks to bring you one all-inclusive step by step Guide for you to come back and reference to forever. I CUT THROUGH ALL THE FAT AND EXPOSE ALL THE SECRETS.

What you will learn?

Amazon SEO: How to create products based on NICHE Keywords that ALREADY have a HUGE MARKET with little competition.

Learn from all of my mistakes

See the number of estimated sales that ANY listing on Amazon is doing per month, as well as how much traffic for each specific keyword.

You will also learn how to get your listings ranked on page 1 of Amazon – which can make the difference between selling $10K to $100K worth of product. Moreover, almost NO ONEis showing the sellers how to do this with their own products as examples

Source products & save thousands by negotiating on Alibaba

Become an Amazon SEO expert

Organically rank on page one
Get 5-star reviews and automate the customer service process

Amazon handles all direct shipping through FBA.

How to sell on Amazon
I believe in running a purpose-driven business and inspiring others to do the same. How about our richest leader solves the worlds water problem instead of focusing on collecting data and trying to colonize Mars?

Can you IMAGINE? Almost 1 Billion People without clean drinking water on our planet and Jeff is in a race with Mr. Musk to get off it.

It is time for the young start-up entrepreneurs to open their hearts and minds and start changing our world for good. 3 Billion People are about to go online for the first time! Don’t you want to hire these people who may or may not even have access to a clean drink of water or access to a working toilet or do you want to compete the new workforce for jobs from the top 1% of the 1%???
Either you will be competing with the world’s largest workforce or you will be hiring them.
Either you will lead our world or the corporations will. 100% of profits to help save lives and pay for a FULL FIVE YEARS OF TREATMENT & Education for just $4,000.
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