6 Ways Retail Brands are Championing in Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is a game-changer in every retail industry; from the brick-and-mortar shop down the corner to the biggest e-commerce store. Customers who buy products through email spent 138% more compared to counterparts who didn’t get emails.

As such, many brands invested time, money, and human resources to get their email marketing right. They use tools such as email marketing automation software to polish their emails to perfection.

Here are 6 strategies retail brands are using email marketing to boost sales and customer engagement.

  1.       They use irresistible subject lines.

The battle for your client’s attention is tough. The internet is noisy and your client receives hundreds of other emails so you should fight to stand out. Devote attention to your subject line because it will dictate whether your email gets opened, ignored, or deleted.

The subject line below by Grammarly is irresistible because it has a sense of urgency, it identifies the receiver’s pain point (grow your writing skills), and it gives away discount.

  1.       They make purchase smooth and simple, straight from the email that they send.

Now that you’ve gotten your client’s time, you have to sustain their attention and let them purchase within that period. The one who makes it easiest for the client wins the game.

The email from UncommonGoods, an e-commerce store that sells unique items aced in making it smooth and simple for the client to purchase. There is a striking CTA that leads the client to make a purchase.  A sense of urgency is created to compel the client to buy within a short span of time.

  1.       They make clients feel valued.

Clients can easily unsubscribe to brands if they don’t feel important. Giving exclusive member privileges and discounts are some ways to give importance to your customers.

Valuing your clients also mean that you respect their time so you should keep your emails to a minimum. Seventy-eight percent of users have unsubscribed from a brand because they were sending too many emails.

Starbucks nailed this member exclusive promo. Even if they don’t sell online, they still champion in email marketing. They make their members feel special with this group discount.

  1.       They are not scared to think outside the box.

The best performing brands are not afraid to innovate even with their email marketing. Modern marketing requires businesses to think outside the box to catch the interest of clients. One way to do this is through interactive content.

Interactive content provides more value because it engages the client. It educates and entertains clients. Examples of interactive content are calculators, videos, real-time updates, assessments, surveys, mini-games and more. There is no limit on what you can do with your email.


The GIF below by Feel Unique allows users to create a look using the products before they can buy. This solves a pain point for most online buyers. They can imagine how the makeup will turn out so they can make a better choice in buying.

  1.       They combine other platforms into their email.

Champions in email marketing know how to create synergy between email, social media, and other apps. Email marketing can be used to promote your apps and social media, vice versa.

Integration gives your client the chance to choose the most convenient option. It also widens the scope of your marketing with minimal effort.

This email by Dorothy Perkins is one example of effectively promoting your social media platforms. It has a reward and clear CTA’s. The blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages are all promoted in the email.

  1.       They have over-the-top personalization.

Personalization extends way beyond using the person’s name. Personalized emails have six times better transaction rate and profits compared to non-personalized email. You can personalize emails using their input data and browsing behavior.

The Banana Republic nailed personalization with this birthday email. The brand has given a discount and greeting for the client on her birthday.


The best marketing emails by retail brands are all client sensitive and client-centered. Users will engage with your marketing efforts if they provide value. Help the client with their needs and they will love your brand.

Another way your email marketing will improve is to use email marketing automation software. It will power up your email campaigns by improving your efficiency. The software will handle your emails so you can focus on your clients.

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