Work at Home Jobs: The Ultimate Guide

Hidden Job Opportunities: Over 200 Companies that Directly Hire “At Home” Remote Workers

You are one step away from finding your dream job working from home with a real company. UPDATED for 2016. Read it on your Kindle, Kindle for PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or other device.

Tired of being shuffled from phony web site to phony website searching for a real work from home job? We’ve done the research for you – link directly to over 200 real companies and use our sample resume and cover letters to find your dream job today.
Working from home provides a great opportunity to stay connected to your family and community, while still being productive and providing an income. The advantages of working from home include flexibility, huge financial savings and even health benefits.

There is no boss hovering over you in a remote job, no commute, no dress code and no office politics. Studies have also repeatedly shown that remote workers are much more productive than those working from a company office – a total of 47% of people who have the option to telework are “very satisfied” with their jobs, compared to 27% of those who are office-bound.

Parents enjoy working from home because it lets them spend more time with their loved ones and schedule their day around the family instead of the other way around. Financial benefits include money saved on lunches eaten out, transportation, dry-cleaning and the largest one being child care costs. The largest problem you’ll encounter is how to stop wasting time on scam job sites during the hunt. Real remote job positions are not widely advertised and doing a Google search for them is a complete waste of time. We’ve verified every entry in our list of proven companies so you can feel comfortable and save tons of time.

Work at Home Jobs: The Ultimate Guide is the result of hundreds of hours of research and screening. The book lists 14 large categories with direct links to over 200 companies that hire home workers on a regular basis.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Get…

– Our 2nd Edition – Updated for 2016!
– 14 Large Job Categories
– Comprehensive List of Over 200 Pre-Screened, Proven Companies
– Hands-On Information from Veteran At Home Workers
– 198 Pages
– Hundreds of Real Jobs Available– No Scams or Scam Websites
– Link Directly to Each Company
– Dozens of Real Interview Questions and How to Answer Them
– Sample Resume and Cover Letter Tailored for At Home Jobs
– Many Jobs Offer Benefits – 401(k) – Health etc.
– And more…

Download your copy today – find a job tomorrow

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