How to Turn an Image into a Link in WordPress (with video) 2018

This image shows a cursor about to click on a globe icon. Understanding how to turn an image into a link is a great way to connect your readers to great contentThe internet is nothing without links. It’s how this entire network stays connected and a great way to connect your readers to more relevant content. Most are familiar with creating basic text links, but do you know how to turn an image into a link in WordPress?

Having the right balance of internal, external, and backlinks can help you rank high in Google searches. Similarly, using relevant images can create a better user experience to bring you more traffic, and using the right blog post  structure can lead to higher conversions. It only makes sense, then, to combine these strategies and learn how to turn an image into a link.

In this article (and video), I’m going to walk you step by step through this process of how to turn an image into a link. I’ll cover the different types of links you can create with your images in WordPress, and of course cover the most popular which is creating a custom url image link. With this tutorial you’ll not only master how to turn an image into a link in wordpress, but you’ll fully understand the different options WordPress gives you while doing it.

How to Turn an Image into a Link in WordPress 2018

If you’re like me, you’re a visual learner. Welcome to the wonderful world of video! Watch the following short video tutorial and I’ll show you the options WordPress gives you to choose from when turning your images into links. With a full understanding of how to turn your images into clickable links in your posts, you’ll be able to use whichever option suits you the best.

First, if you want to know how to turn a picture into a link you’ll need to add some images into your content. Use the “Add Image” button in the WordPress post editor to choose one from your media library or upload a new one. Make sure you either manually optimize the image or have a plugin that does this automatically so you keep your site running lightning fast.

Now, once you’ve placed your image into your content in the post editor, click on it to begin the process of turning it into a link. Clicking on the image will pull up some options like whether you’d like the image centered, or left or right justified, along with an option to edit. Click on the pencil icon to edit. This opens the Image Details window where you can add a caption, alt text, & edit the image’s alignment and display size.

As shown in the video, what we’re going to concentrate on is the “Link to” pull down menu. Clicking on this gives us 3 options: Media File, Attachment Page, and Custom URL. Now, let’s cover what each option means so you can choose the best option for yourself as you make an image a clickable link.

Turning an Image into a Link in WordPress: Media File Option

Using the Media File option will give the reader a more detailed look at your image. Let’s say you’d like your reader to be able to click on an image from your post and then see that image full size. This would be a great option to use.

It’s very easy. You simply click on the Media File option in the “Link To” dropdown menu, save, update and you’re done! Now when your image is clicked, the reader will be taken to the image’s media file which will allow them to see the image at full size.

Click on the image below to see an example of what happens when using the Media file option.

this is an image of me taken atop Bellver Castle with the city of Palma de Mallorca in the background.
Example of Media File Option

Attachment Page Option

The Attachment Page option is the least used option of the three. When you select the Attachment Page option, the link will take your reader to a page dedicated to the image. It’s no different than if you created a page on your website and placed only the image on that page.

Custom URL Option – The Most Popular Use of Image Links

Most people want to learn how to turn an image into a link in WordPress so they can direct the reader to another url. The Custom URL option is another creative way to create internal and external links without using common anchor text links. From the edit screen, simply choose the Custom URL option from the “Link To” dropdown menu and enter the url you’d like to direct the reader to. Once you’ve entered it in, save and publish and you’re done.

This image shows the edit image window showing the Link To dropdown menu where you can choose the Custom URL option.

Now, when your reader clicks on the image, they will automatically be taken to the url you typed into the custom url field. As an example, click on the photo below that I’ve turned into a custom url image link. You’ll notice that it will now act as an external link taking you directly to my instagram post of the same picture.

this is an image of me taken atop Bellver Castle with the city of Palma de Mallorca in the background.
Example of Custom URL Option

Also note that with any of these 3 options you can choose to open the link in a new window. Simply open the Advanced Options when choosing between Media File, Attachment Page, or Custom URL. Click the “open link in a new window” box and you’re set. This option is great because it doesn’t take your reader completely away from your content.


Understanding how to turn an image into a link in WordPress is a great way to creatively connect your readers with more relevant content. If you have a travel blog or a blog featuring your photography, you can use the Media Link option to give the user a great detailed look at your photography without having to embed full size images into the post itself. You can also use the popular custom url option to turn images into clickable links and connect your readers to more relevant content.

Building your site right is a process. You need to build on the right platform and understand exactly how to target those popular searches your audience is looking for. There are also proven ways to structure your blog posts for maximum engagement, and strategies like embedding video which will keep eyes on your page longer.

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Has this article helped you to better understand how to turn an image into a link in WordPress? Which of the 3 options are you leaning towards using? Leave any questions and comments you have in the comments below and I’ll be glad to answer them. Helping people build websites and build an online business around their passion is what I enjoy doing. Don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m always happy to offer any insight I can.

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