ShopNowOne Review: Let’s find out its reality

ShopNowOne complaints. ShopNowOne fake or real? ShopNowOne legit or fraud?

We are really confused to say either is a scam or a legit because when we look at the official website of Shop Now One and the relative price of the items listed on ShopNowOne,
those don’t seem unnatural.


However, we surf the internet to find out more about ShopNowOne (Shopping NowOne) and we found out lots of complaints from the users for not receiving the items even after waiting for a month.
Those users also have complained that the customer support is terrible. Many users have complained that they didn’t get any reply from the support team of ShopNowOne when they contacted them to
ask why didn’t they receive their item even in a month.



So, it is definitely not a good sign. We know the fact that every company has complaints but if the volume of complaints is high than the positive reviews, then definitely that company is not
doing good. In the case of ShopNowOne, we have only found negative ShopNowOne reviews.


However, is a new company. So, although it has lots of complaints from its users for not receiving the items and not getting the reply from ShopNowOne team, still we want to
observe this company further to find out either it will try to overcome its problems in future or not. So, at the moment we don’t want to mark it either as legit or scam and want to give
additional time.


It will be very helpful for us if you can share your experience with ShopNowOne within our forum as below. So, please feel free to leave your own Shop Now One reviews as below. You can also place
the comment below if you have any queries related to online work and business industry. We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.


Good Luck!

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Hello…I ordered a product from this company. Weeks passed without receiving the product so I sent several emails to their contact address asking them to cancel the order and refund my credit card. It took them about a week to reply and their reply simply stated that they would like to offer me a 5% discount. I replied telling them no thank you and to please just cancel and refund. They did not reply. I sent several emails and then received a new email from them with tracking information (which doesn’t pull up any information, btw). I’ve sent several emails since requesting a return label and refund and still haven’t received a reply. I am LIVID.


    Thank you for your comment. This will helps much people, to avoid this scam.

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