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Although Source Wave University by Alex Becker is a legitimate program, we don’t find it as the best program which can help you to start your online business. However, we definitely don’t mean
Source Wave is a scam or Alex Becker is a scammer. Actually, Alex Becker is a renowned person in internet marketing field and through Source Wave he is teaching what works for him to become a
successful internet marketer.


So, then why don’t we recommend it?



If there was not any competitor and Source Wave was the only company of this kind, then definitely we have recommended Source Wave as the best platform to learn about internet business so that
you can make money by creating your own website by following the lessons. However, there is one competitor which stands out and beat Alex Becker’s Source Wave. The name of that competitor is
Wealthy Affiliate.


Now, maybe you are thinking we are just saying Wealthy Affiliate is more good than Source Wave because we want to promote Wealthy Affiliate.


Guess what?


Both Wealthy Affiliate and Source Wave costs the same to join and we can earn the same commission by promoting both companies. So, instead of saying Wealthy Affiliate is more good than
Source-Wave, we can simply say is good and provide here the affiliate link to promote it. In that way, we can earn more money.


Then why aren’t we doing that?


It’s because the motto of our website is to deliver the truth. People trust us and we should provide them the real truth about every company. Yes, we are also here to make money but by providing
the truth.


OK, now let’s find out why we think Wealthy Affiliate is much better than
Source Wave University.



Wealthy Affiliate Vs Source Wave (Source University)

  1. Source Wave University teaches PBN (Private Blog Network is a network of authoritative websites used to build links to your website for the purpose of ranking higher which can give you higher
    ranking quickly but with lots of risks). Google algorithm is updating day by day and your website will be at the risky position when you use PBN method. Wealthy Affiliate is against the PBN method and teaches you only those things from which you can establish the long lasting business.
  2. We don’t recommend beginners to join Source University because it’s method of teaching PBN is a very risky method and if you don’t follow the instruction well, it can hurt you. Actually,
    Google is updating day by day, so we never recommend anyone the PBN strategies. We think sooner or later Google will catch up with all PBNs. That’s why we like Wealthy Affiliate which teaches you
    to make the sustainable business by following all search engine rules, not by applying any tricks or techniques such as PBN.
  3. If you are a complete newbie and have never build a website and don’t know how SEO optimization works, then Source Wave is definitely not for you. Although Source Wave has provided beginners
    course but also those are little complicated to understand for newbies. Whereas, the courses of Wealthy Affiliate is completely easy to understand for newbies. You no need to have any technical
    knowledge before joining Wealthy Affiliate.
  4. The membership price of Source Wave and Wealthy Affiliate is almost same, but Source Wave only provides training materials at that price whereas Wealthy Affiliate provides training, website
    building and hosting platform for 25 websites. So, you will save lots of money by joining Wealthy Affiliate than
    Source Wave to learn the same thing.
  5. Wealthy Affiliate also provides 10 basic lessons and two sub-domain websites free of cost in order to try the system before you paid for the system whereas you have to pay first in order to
    join Source Wave which doesn’t provide any free websites to try out.
  6. If you don’t have your own website, then it’s better you join Wealthy Affiliate because you can find every tool to build
    website inside Wealthy Affiliate which is not available in Source Wave.
  7. Wealthy Affiliate also provides the Keyword
    Research Tool known as Jaaxy which is completely free with
    Wealthy Affiliate membership which is once again not available with Source Wave. But, the training that you take within Source Wave teach you to purchase Keyword Research Tool for which once
    again you need to pay additional money if you join Source Wave instead of Wealthy Affiliate.
  8. Alex Beckers use to operate SEO Zen but he just ditches that product in the favor of a new project. So, how can we guarantee he won’t ditch Source Wave as well? Yes, those who are with
    SourceWave just to take the training, they can take benefit even if this platform shutdown. But, those who are promoting this company to make an affiliate commission, for them it will be
    frustrating if he closes down this company. However, Wealthy Affiliate is online from 2005 and operating by the same owners, Kyle and Carson. So, we can guarantee the owner of Wealthy Affiliate is more serious towards their business.
  9. Wealthy Affiliate provides live chat function within the community which is not available in Source Wave.



What do the different courses of Source Wave University include?

We have explained in brief as below about the things that you can learn from each Source Wave University’s course:-


Beginners:-  The Beginners courses include the following training:-

  • Introduction about SEO
  • Explanation about how money is made with SEO
  • The four cores of SEO rankings
  • The way to choose niches and offers
  • About setting up WordPress and Hosting
  • Setting up the hosting site
  • Building our first link


Intermediate:- The Intermediate courses include the following training:-

  • About advanced on page SEO
  • About advanced competition analysis
  • The way to choose affiliate offers
  • The way to choose affiliate keywords
  • Client rental method
  • Finding out foreign SEO loophole
  • Knowledge about SEO penalties and anchor text


Link Building:- The link building courses include the following training:-

  • Explanation about PBNs
  • Perfect PBN metrics
  • Bidding smart on PBNs
  • The way to set up perfect PBN
  • The simplest PBN strategy
  • Easy link services


Client SEO:- The client SEO courses include the following training:-

  • Getting started with client SEO
  • My business laid out
  • Client getting Vol 1
  • Client getting Vol 2
  • Beginning to rank clients
  • The un-refusable offer client funnel


So, the courses offered by Source Wave University is not bad at all, however, we definitely not recommend PBN strategy because that is very risky and can result in Google penalty in future. But
lots of courses of Source Wave focused on building a link with PBN strategy and other courses are more easy to follow and updated in Wealthy Affiliate than in Source Wave University. So, overall, we recommend Wealthy Affiliate over Source Wave University.





Now you know why we choose Wealthy Affiliate over Source Wave University.
However, both Source Wave and Wealthy Affiliate are legit companies. So, now it is up to you to decide which one you want to join. If you want to join Wealthy Affiliate, then here is the


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