A Work at Home Mom's Ultimate Guide to Building a Business, Blog & Brand

26. October 2018


Having trouble finding time to learn the basics, knowing what questions to ask your designer, and how to budget your dream career?

As a mom, your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve written this book! Packed full of resources that mom entrepreneurs use daily including tricks of the trade, questions to ask your designer, how-to save money, and lots of DIY resources to get your started!

This is a resource every MOM should own!

Written by fellow work-at-home mom Lisa Marcia, this book compiles years of experience in the design and blogging industry & provides moms with the information they need to start their business, build their blog, and create a kick-butt brand!

A Glimpse at What’s Covered:

Building your Blog or Website

// Learn the lingo of WordPress (plugins, pages, hosting, domain, posts, and more), harness the power of plugins, and find trusted vendors and quality themes.

Designing for your Business

// Learn how to choose a designer (I even provide a list of quality designers who are moms too!), how to communicate your needs to your designer, and more.

Branding Basics for your business

// Learn what your market is and how to position your brand for success.


// Learn how to be more productive by delegating tasks.

Income opportunities

// Learn about active and passive income opportunities (no get-rich-quick schemes here!)

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