Does Keyword Search Work? Do Keyword Research Free to Rank #1!

Image showing different aspects of Search Engine Optimization. Does keyword search work? This article will show you how to do keyword research free with the best keyword research tool for SEO: Jaaxy!Are you using the best keyword research tool for SEO possible to get the most eyes on your content? Further, are you looking for how to do keyword research free? How does keyword search work to do this?

When I started writing articles online I knew nothing about keyword research and analysis or how to do keyword research. I thought to get your article noticed you had to get lucky and have a post go viral through social sharing. I didn’t realize there is a science to choosing the best keywords that bring the most traffic while having the least competition.

These keywords are called “low hanging fruit” keywords. Choosing them correctly can get your content consistently on page 1 of the Google search results. With the use of what I consider the best free keyword research tool, I’m going to show you how to get massive, free traffic!

In this article, I’ll show you:

  • how keywords work so you understand how powerful they are for building massive, free traffic.
  • the importance of choosing the “low hanging fruit” keywords that bring the most traffic while having the least competition.
  • how to structure your content so that Google ranks you on page 1 of its search results.
  • And finally, I’ll show you how to do keyword research free with Jaaxy!

Does Keyword Search Work? Do Keyword Research Free to Rank #1!

Check out the following video tutorial to fully understand the power of keywords, how to choose them, and how to use the best free keyword research tool online for building massive, free traffic. Does keyword research work? It sure does! Welcome to Jaaxy!

Understanding the Power of Keywords – Does Keyword Search Work? Why Are Keywords So Important to Building Massive, Free Traffic?

a pile of scrabble pieces face down with the 8 tiles that spell "keywords" face up laying on top

What I want to focus on in this article is leveraging the power of keywords to build massive, free traffic to your website or to your business. So let’s take an example of how a simple keyword search leads your target audience directly to your content when done right.

Keywords are simply the words or phrases that people type into search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing when they’re looking for something. A keyword can be a single word or it can be a full phrase.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love traveling. So to show the power of keywords let’s take a keyword search example that anyone who travels might make.

screenshot of a google search for "best travel camera"

The process is one we’re all familiar with. “Best travel camera” is typed into the search bar, and out comes a list of relevant results. You’ll notice that the first few search results may be ads, and then come the organic search results.

***Pro Tip***
Yes, you can definitely use Pay-Per-Click campaigns through Google Adsense to pay to have your content ranking at the top of the results. However, in the early stages of online business you’re going to want to focus on getting FREE massive traffic to your site organically first. When you don’t understand how to build traffic organically, you can actually lose a LOT of money buying ads and buying clicks that ultimately don’t convert. Build your traffic organically first, learn what converts, THEN you can double down with pay-per-click campaigns if you choose to.

image of 3d stick figure laying down looking at his laptopSo, when you’re sitting at the top of Google’s organic search results, this brings hundreds of clicks every day, every week, and every month. Think about all that traffic coming your way and how you didn’t have to pay a DIME for it. Consequently, this traffic brings with it a HUGE potential for revenue.

Once you have a visitor on your site, you can monetize that traffic in almost limitless ways. That person is not only being influenced by your content and the products or services you promote, but through email capture and email lists, through ads running on your site, and countless other ways you can turn that visitor into revenue for you and your business.

This is why traffic is so important. And it all starts with keyword research. So what is the best keyword research tool you can use to land at the top of Google search results free? Let me introduce you to Jaaxy and show you not only how it works, but how to get it free!

Best Keyword Analysis Tool: Jaaxy! How To Use Jaaxy to Land at the Top of Google Search Results!

a picture displaying the Jaaxy keyword research tool logo

Jaaxy is, in my opinion, the best keyword research tool for SEO you’ll find online, bar none.

The key to ranking at the top of Google’s searches is structuring your content around keywords that bring lots of traffic while having low competition. These are called “Low Hanging Fruit” keywords and I’m going to show you exactly how to use Jaaxy to find them. Now, let’s jump into the Jaaxy dashboard so I can show you all it’s features and how to explode your traffic.

screenshot taken from the Jaaxy dashboard

When you start brainstorming for keywords, think of common searches your target audience would make. Using Jaaxy’s main search function in the screenshot above, you can see I’m staying with the travel theme and doing keyword research on the keyword “best compact camera for travel”.

This is a search I can easily see anyone interested in travel making. Now, let’s use this keyword research tool to find the absolute best version of this keyword that will bring the most traffic.

How To Read Jaaxy’s Columns in Jaaxy’s Main Keyword Search Tab

Keyword Column:

The keyword column gives you a long list of relevant, related keywords to the keyword you typed in. At the top of the list is the main entry followed by all kinds of different variations.

Avg, Traffic, & QSR Columns:

In my opinion these 3 columns are the most important metrics to use with this incredible keyword research tool. The Avg column shows the average number of searches a keyword receives per month. The traffic column gives us the number of visits to our website we can expect if we land on the first page of Google. Finally, the QSR column is the competition column. This is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this keyword. Using the Jaaxy Enterprise edition you can click on the top of the column and show the results from highest to lowest or vice versa.

***Pro Tip***
Using these 3 columns you can find your “low hanging fruit” keywords. Look for keywords with an Avg value over 30 and less than 100 for QSR. Personally, I like to go with the 50/50 rule: Avg over 50, competition under 50. Use this consistently, and you’ll be finding the best low competition keywords that bring consistent traffic to your content. Watch the video up top to see this in action.

KQI & SEO Columns:

These are both quick-look indicators based on the overall quality of the keyword. With the KQI column (Keyword Quality Indicator) great keywords will show “Great” in green. “Normal” will be shown in yellow for keywords that are just “ok”. “Poor” will be shown in red for keywords you’d be better of skipping.

The SEO column shows a numerical grade for the keyword score based on traffic and competition. The higher the score and closer to 100 the more likely you are to rank on the first page.

Domains Column:

This column shows you the availability of that keyword as a .com, .net, or .org domain. This is great for anyone looking to build a portfolio of popular domains based on searches online.

***Pro Tip***
When you’re finding your “low hanging fruit” keywords, make sure you only choose keywords that make grammatical sense. A huge part of ranking with Google has to do with structuring your content around your focus keyword. For the keyword research data to be accurate, you’ll need to use the EXACT keyword, meaning not changing the order of the words. If you use a grammatically incorrect keyword, you won’t be able to use the keyword correctly in your content.

Understanding the Rest of Jaaxy’s Features

screenshot of the features available within the Jaaxy keyword research tool

What puts Jaaxy at the top of the list of best keyword analysis tools are all the features that come with it. Let’s cover these features so you can take advantage of all of Jaaxy’s bells and whistles to maximize your success.

Alphabet Soup:

Alphabet Soup let’s you further search for related keywords based on the letters of the alphabet. You’ll be able to instantly find hundreds of different variations of your keyword that you can then plug back into the search to see if they have a better traffic/competition ratio. [Your keyword] + “a” will show you all kinds of variations of your keyword adding relevant words starting with the letter “a”. [Your keyword] + “b” does the same with the letter “b”, and so on.

Need a visual explanation for that? Not to worry. You can see the Alphabet Soup function in action in the video up top at the 13:03 mark.

Saved Lists:

This allows you to save all your keywords and organize them into categories and lists. Never lose a great keyword you can use in a future article!

Search History:

Search history is great because sometimes as you start going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole researching keywords, you can actually forget where you started. This function allows you to backtrack and find your starting point.

You know that feeling when you’re in the scary part of YouTube and you wonder, “How in the world did I get here?” Search History is like the way back out to where you started.

Search Analysis:

screenshot showing the Jaaxy Search Analysis feature

The Search Analysis feature is a big one. This feature allows you to analyze your competitors who are ranking for the keyword you’re researching! Do you realize how big that is? It means you can check out the details of the top rated competition. Details include Word Count, Keyword Density, Back links, and more.

Affiliate Programs:

This feature lets you find different affiliate programs related to the keyword you’re researching.


Brainstorm is a great way to see what’s trending and a great way to get ideas for keywords that are popular right now.

Site Rank:

Using the Site Rank tool allows you to see the fruits of your labor. Enter in a keyword and your domain and Site Rank will show you your exact ranking for that keyword. You can even track your rankings automatically daily, twice a week, weekly, and so on to see how your content is moving up and down the Google charts.

Here’s a sample of how I’ve used this keyword research tool to rank on page1 in Google, position 4. That’s a prime spot in the search results bringing in consistent traffic without paying a single dime.

screenshot showing Jaaxy's Site Rank feature

Take Jaaxy For a Spin & Start Finding Low Hanging Fruit Keywords Now!

Try out Jaaxy free right now! There’s no limit to the traffic you’ll build when you’re using a powerful keyword analysis tool like Jaaxy correctly. Traffic is the key to revenue, and Jaaxy is the best keyword analysis tool for SEO you’ll find online.

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Check out my full review by clicking the link below, and then get started with your free starter account. You’ll get Jaaxy included and I’ll be happy to be your personal support coach and help you have the same success I’ve had.


Has this article helped you understand why Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool for SEO you’ll find online? Are you ready to do keyword research free? What kind of keyword research did you do before? Or were you like me hoping your content would go viral to get massive traffic? Share your experience and your questions below in the comments section. I always enjoy answering your questions and I’m always available to respond. Does keyword search work? I hope this article has helped you find that answer.

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