Top 10 Instagram Automation Tools of 2019

If there’s anything that 2018 had proved, it was that Instagram wasn’t just another flash in the pan. It’s here to stay, and it’s only going to get even bigger in the coming year.

Not only is Instagram the fastest growing social network, but it’s become one of the central hubs for commerce on the internet. Businesses and influencers from every imaginable industry are on it, all of them trying to reach a greater audience.

Some achieve success over time. The rest find themselves stuck in the never-ending loop of trying to push a metaphorical boulder uphill. Regardless of the outcome, it’s an strenuous endeavor that is far more exhausting than it needs to be. The solution is automation. There are countless tools out there for Instagram that can lighten the load for you. They accomplish this by accessing your account and connecting with others in your place.

Not sure where to start looking for one before 2019 arrives? Here’s a list of the ten best Instagram automation tools around right now:

1. SocialCaptain

As it stands, you can’t really top SocialCaptain when it comes to Instagram automation. It offers an excellent set of targeting features, live analytics, and an AI-enhanced boosting module.

Another remarkable thing about SocialCaptain is the sheer speed at which it stimulates growth. Its Turbo plan is 10x faster than the average automation service. With it you can get your follower count up and off the ground in a snap.

2. SocialUpgrade

There are some automation services that try to deceive you into thinking that they’re working. A trick that they often use is having bot accounts follow you and pad out your numbers. You can rest assured that’s not the case with SocialUpgrade, though.

SocialUpgrade promises that all of the accounts that it interacts with are real people. The growth that you receive is purely organic, which guarantees that there will be actual engagement with your posts. In turn, this will boost your account’s visibility higher than ever.

3. Gold Nitro

Security is one of the biggest concerns with navigating the internet today. As you may have noticed in the news lately, a disconcerting amount of platforms have failed at protecting their users’ sensitive information. It’s understandably made many nervous about who they trust.

Gold Nitro is an automation tool dedicated to protecting its customers from harm. It utilizes top-level encryption to safeguard any data you share with it. It also has defenses in place to make sure that your Instagram account isn’t stolen and used without your permission.

4. Instant Dash

You’ve probably heard somebody tell you to “try before you buy.” It’s a pretty sound piece of advice all around. With Instant Dash’s generous 14 day free trial, you are given more than enough time to judge whether the service is for you.

While you’re trying it out, feel free to talk to their on-hand account managers. They will happily assist you in understanding the different settings and make sure that you are maximizing the tool to its full potential.

5. Falcon Social

Some services go beyond just automating your activity. Falcon Social, for instance, will provide you with content consulting if you opt to go with their Premium or Pro membership plans. This is an amazing deal considering that it costs the same as most other automation platforms.

Their teams of digital marketing experts study your account and its intended audience, and then help you with formulating more effective strategies. This includes guidance on various areas, from the most optimal post times to which types of captions tend to provoke more responses.

6. Gramflare

With their plans as low as $7 per week and $25 per month, Gramflare is easily one of the most affordable services on this list. Don’t worry about getting a lower quality experience as a result, though. Gramflare should satisfy most users’ needs.

Even with their cheapest plans, you still get full access to all of their features, such as their post scheduler, growth analytics tools, and location targeting settings. This makes them a perfect choice for anybody working on a smaller budget.

7. Instazood

A lot of automation platforms are limited to only liking, following, and unfollowing. A decent chunk of them will also do comments for you. Instazood goes above and beyond by not only covering all of the above, but also handling your DMs and post scheduling as well.

Instazood is ideal for anybody who wants to focus on their content or business concerns without bothering with the social media elements. With such a versatile system, it’s almost like your account is operating itself.

8. EXPLOD Social

XPLOD Social is another service that does consulting as part of its package. In fact, it has just about everything you’d want from an automation tool. You get performance reports, 24/7 support, targeting filters, posting recommendations, and much more.

There’s one additional thing that XPLOD Social certainly has in its favor: big name endorsements. The service is has been used and approved by brands such as Toyota, Audi, and CORE Nutrition. If it meets their standards, then it surely should fulfill most everybody else’s.

9. Upleap

Upleap is fairly unique in its approach to automation. After you sign up, you are immediately partnered with one of their account managers. This person is assigned to oversee your account and assist you with customizing it to your specifications.

Upleap has three tiers of plans, with both monthly and yearly options. Their Lite plan is geared for influencers getting started. Meanwhile, their Standard and Premium plans are more intended for intermediates and businesses looking to kick it up a notch.

10. Droplitt

The core idea behind Droplitt is simplicity. It aims to make using Instagram as uncomplicated as possible. This means that if you wanted, you could automate almost all of your actions: reposts, DMs, follows, comments, likes, and everything else.

The only things you absolutely have to do is upload your content, write a caption, and set a date for its publication. Droplitt will take care of the rest for you, once it has been configured and set.

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