Growth of Social Media Interconnectivity Doesn’t Stop Rising Youth Loneliness

Why was it, strangely, such a day of ‘relief’?

Why God, oh God, was the very first public social media suicide, for me, such a day of happiness, liberation and relief, when for the rest of the country, it was one of utter despair and chaos altogether? Why? Perhaps it’s because I was a child at the time. And social media was just getting started.

Why, God, oh God, was I a very small child, not older than about 7 or 8, when all this transpired….too innocent to understand what had really been going on, too small and inexperienced to look beyond my ‘free day’ from school —- to see the bigger picture, lives harmed and security measures forever changed? Why?

And why God, did I not have any family members in that tragic incident, or know anyone who did? Why was it so hard to grieve, especially when my classes were closed and no homework was assigned, and I went and had ice cream with my family later that night? Why was I also in one of the safest cities in all the U.S., where online cyber-terrorism would strike last, if ever? Why?

Why could I not have been among the broken, the hurt, the wounded, so that I could at least have felt when it means to be tested — physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and Spiritually? I still ask this. Why?

Why, in a country that has it all, and is truly defined as “spoiled” by a whole host of outsider countries, was I, on that day, spoiled, when so many others suffered? I know you care about me, God, but does that mean you love me more than other people. I would believe not, though perhaps your purpose is different for each of us.

As cruel as it may sound, when I say it loud, I have heard, over and over again, that you allow some to live and others to die — and others to suffer somewhere in the middle. I, for one, only remember this first recorded suicide as a day of liberty — from my school chores. And, I guess, experience and perspective are really our two masters in this life…..

Some also saw it as a day of hope, unbelievably so, in the very fact that a whole school came together like never before, and stood up for its roots. Some saw it as a new day of eternal change for America, and rightfully so. Some saw the light where there appeared to be none.

‘Other’ perspectives

Others, of course, embraced the day with great joy, in leaps of victory. These are our nation’s cyber-bullies, oh Lord, but their day is coming. I pray for it all the more…..

I, however, saw this tragic event through the protective lens of a ‘spoiled child in a good school’. I saw a free day. I saw many people, locally and across my nation, banding together….and in that beautiful masterpiece that came out of the madness, I saw people united, and a nation gradually rebuilt. Thank you, God, for my experience….

But the fight is far from over, especially since new cases arises every single day. And recently, there’s been a major surge like never before. And Generation Z is currently the most affected, having been exposed to social media the longest — especially at such early, crucial stages of the physical, mental and emotional growth process. No other generation has seen as much screen time, so early on, as this one. It’s a fact.

On the plus side, this generation also fosters some of the most brilliant young minds in IT Support, for instance, among other online fields. Past generations cannot compare. Generation Z’s ahead of the digital career game.


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