How A Company Can Establish An Editorial Calendar With Their Content Marketing Strategy In Mind

The company blog is the first level of content marketing that a company can do. This is the perfect place to showcase knowledge about solving a problem or about the industry in general as well as its trends. The editorial calendar being set up in the right manner can help maximize website traffic as well as complement offsite content that you are going to have published. Content marketing is an extremely versatile tool for companies so there are a variety of ways it is used depending on brand and industry.

Address A Common Problem

The blog is a great place to address common problems that individuals or businesses might encounter. Helping advise people on these problems can become part of a column that you can publish on days of the week but not on weekends. Fridays can be a great time to publish early in the morning as people tend to start reading their favorite blogs after lunch while looking forward to the weekend. Monday mornings can be a good time to publish as well as plenty of people tend to browse through articles avoiding getting started for the day. Addressing common problems can be everything from keeping coworkers from eating your food in the office fridge to personal finance issues that people commonly endure.

Evergreen Resources

Evergreen resources that are updated to be a bit more relevant can be incredible for building backlinks to a company website. These resources should not be salesy but rather should be something that visitors go back to look at. Take the time to be as clear and concise with evergreen content as lengthy resources can often be looked over in favor of a shorter resource that gets straight to the point. Try to produce at least one of these per month and promote it with offsite marketing. Attracting backlinks through simply creating content instead of having to do outreach can save a marketing department on quite a bit of budget.

Catchy Headlines For Social Media

Sitting with the content creation team and coming up with titles for pieces that are going to be written is important. There are just some people that understand what people want to read when it comes to ideation of the titles. Clickbait titles should be avoided as these are usually general with a false promise of the article reinventing the wheel which usually fails miserably. Take a look at the content calendar to see if a specific week or date needs a little more edge or more serious content topics. The content calendar can be modified and should be to maximize the impact that the content is making on the marketing effort.

Incorporate Holiday Themed Content

Holidays are a content marketer’s friend as it allows a new take on an old subject to be written in an interesting and relevant way. For St. Patrick’s Day a great example of a title could be “Times Companies Have Gotten Lucky That Their PR Team Helped Hide An Corporate Disaster”. People might not want to admit it but they do look at holiday themed articles regularly as website traffic can prove. The holiday can also be a good break for the content creation team as they do not really have to come up with new ideas for content. Asking readers what type of holiday content they would want can also be a positive practice. Not only can the company deliver what the website visitors want to read they can also avoid having to come up with topics themselves.

As you can see setting up a content calendar for a blog or social media can be tough as there are a multitude of factors to consider. If running a content calendar, make sure that it incorporates titles that you would want to read as this can be the true test of whether the calendar is organized correctly.



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