In our roundup of last week’s martech news, we highlight:

  • Instagram launches in-app shopping checkout
  • Amazon is testing mobile video ads in search results
  • Facebook Ads tops ranking for mobile app marketing, thanks in part to gamers
  • Pinterest hires Walmart CTO Jeremy King as head of engineering
  • Facebook removes gender, age, and ZIP code for some ad targeting in latest discrimination settlement

Top stories in marketing technology last week:

Instagram launches in-app shopping checkout

What it is

Instagram users will now be able to shop and buy items directly in the app, no longer needing to redirect users to outside websites to make a purchase. Called “Checkout with Instagram,” the feature currently has more than 20 brands on board, including Adidas and Warby Parker. Instagram will charge brands a small selling fee for every transaction, but this fee will not change the purchase price for users.

When a user sees a product on one of the participating brands and taps the post to reveal tags, they’ll see “Checkout with Instagram” rather than the former “View on Website” button. They can then enter in their payment information, which Instagram says will be securely stored for future purchases.

Why it matters

The biggest value for both the consumer and the brand here is minimizing the risk for abandoned shopping cards. User frustration surrounding being forced to leave the app and log in to each separate website to make a purchase is mitigated, at least with the current participating brands. Instagram is working with current brands now in the feature’s beta stage and plans to open it up to more businesses soon.

Amazon is testing mobile video ads in search results

What it is

Amazon is testing a new kind of video ad to be displayed in search results on mobile. This kind of ad will be available through Amazon’s performance marketing platform, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), rather than its Demand Side Platform (DSP).

Advertisers will pay on a cost-per-view basis instead of the standard cost-per-click that most are familiar with. The ad type is expected to perform better for brands with bigger budgets for creating effective videos.

Why it matters

This emphasizes the recent, rapid growth in video ads and points to a new wave of advertising style for Amazon advertisers and beyond.

Facebook Ads tops ranking for mobile app marketing, thanks in part to gamers

What it is

According to a recent performance index by AppsFlyer, a mobile attribution and marketing analytics provider, Facebook Ads remain the top network for mobile ads. Google Ads comes in a close second, but hasn’t edged out Facebook just yet. Apple Search Ads and Snapchat have shown growth, but still lag behind Facebook and Google.

Some of Facebook Ads’ success can be attributed to gamers, who seem to be more receptive to advertising than the typical user. According to Newzoo, 53% of gamers reported that ads helped them get product updates they wanted, compared to 42% of non-gamers. And 43% of gamers say they’re more likely to buy or use brands that run ads that they like, opposed to 32% of non-gamers.

Why it matters

The gaming category and user group is clearly an important one when it comes to ad profits for Facebook. Noting this, advertisers on Facebook and its competitors need not let the vital group go to waste.

Pinterest hires Walmart CTO Jeremy King as head of engineering

What it is

A few days after revealing that its chief technology officer (CTO), Vanja Josifovski, was moving to Airbnb, Pinterest announced its hiring of Walmart CTO Jeremy King as its new head of engineering. After nearly eight years at Walmart, serving as both EVP and CTO and spearheading the company’s ecommerce technology efforts, King brings a wide range of experience and skills to the role.

Why it matters

With the recent announcement of their CTO leaving, one would think that King would take on that role. His transition into head of engineering may hint that Pinterest is merging the roles into a single position.

Facebook removes gender, age, and ZIP code for some ad targeting in latest discrimination settlement

What it is

Resulting from part of a settlement on five discrimination lawsuits filed by the National Fair Housing Alliance, the Communications Workers of America, and other advocacy organizations, Facebook will remove age, gender, and ZIP code targeting from housing, employment, and credit ads. Facebook will also be adding targeting restrictions for these kinds of ads, including geographic targets and criteria in the “Lookalike Audience” tool.

The company will also pay just under $5 million in the settlement.

Why it matters

The settlement and changes reinforces Facebook’s efforts to address recent ad transparency issues on the platform and to regain user and advertiser trust

Before you go

  • New JotForm and HubSpot integration sends form data to CRM, providing sales and marketing teams a reliable way to transfer lead information collected through an online form directly into CRM.
  • Bluedot integrates with Oracle to provide location data.
  • New Salesforce update brings AI and Quip to customer service chat experience.
  • Pinterest files for IPO, setting a placeholder amount of $100 million and planning to list under the symbol “PINS” on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • SaaS-based customer data onboarding and real-time identity resolution provider Signal appoints James Stocki as chief operating officer.
  • Linkedin launches its ‘Marketing Buzzwords Bracket’ ahead of March Madness, pitting the most overused industry buzzwords against each other in a fight for ultimate buzz term supremacy.
  • LinkedIn adds lookalike targeting, Bing tie-in, and B2B templates to ad platform.

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