In our roundup of last week’s martech news, we highlight:

  • Dropbox adds new search functionality to desktop app
  • Google announces AMP for Email project
  • BitTorrent Live relaunching as social media app and accepting applications for beta testers
  • Adobe, Microsoft, and LinkedIn announce partnership to enhance ABX
  • Facebook launches Ad Library, previously Ad Archive, to catalog ads and analytics

Top stories in marketing technology last week:

Dropbox adds new search functionality to desktop app

What it is

Users of the Dropbox desktop app on Windows and Mac will now be able to search for anything in their Dropbox account, whether or not its synced to the desktop app, including documents from Paper. Users who have a Dropbox Professional or Business plan, will also be able to search the actual text in the documents.

The company has also announced a number of updates to their web-based platform, including a new file-type filter feature that will allow users to search based on format.

Why it matters

Since it began in 2007, Dropbox has worked to move away from focusing on consumers to instead focusing on paying business customers. These new releases cater primarily to paying users, bringing more value to those customers.

Google announces AMP for Email project

What it is

Google is officially launching its AMP for Email project for general use, giving companies the ability to create more engaging and dynamic emails. Google first announced the AMP Project in 2015 as an open source framework to optimize mobile web pages and enable quick-loading. Bringing the project to email, Google first released it as a developer preview in February and was used by a number of big online brands, including, Oyo Rooms, and Freshworks.

AMP for Email allows developers to turn what used to be a static email that forced users to another tab or website should they click a link to a dynamic email that allows customers to purchase products, complete questionnaires, book appointments, and more right from the email message.

Why it matters

This move underpins Google’s efforts to encourage users to stay away from third-party sites. For example, Pinterest users will soon be able to peruse and pin directly from their email content. By allowing developers and customers to do everything right in the email, customers have less reason to leave the platform to do the things they need or want to.

BitTorrent Live relaunching as social media app and accepting applications for beta testers

What it is

BitTorrent Live was first introduced as a Sling-like TV service in 2011 and shut down in 2017. The company is reviving and updating the feature as a social media app for Android and iOS users. The app is being compared to Snapchat and TikTok and will allow users to create and share content, as well as connect to users with similar taste. Though the company has confirmed that the TV feature will not be part of the new roll out, the app is built with the same peer-to-peer technology that supports a decentralized network for file sharing.

BitTorrent Live is not yet ready for general use, but is accepting applications for beta testers and will be available to the public by the end of the year.

Why it matters

BitTorrent was acquired last year by blockchain startup Tron and has been looking for ways to expand their products and capabilities ever since.

CEO Justin Sun says he wants Live to be a “boundary-free internet, but also be at the forefront of a new content experience.” Live also comes as Tron expands use cases for its own cryptocurrency network, allowing users to to use BTT token, a native currency launched in January.

Adobe, Microsoft, and LinkedIn announce partnership to enhance ABX

What it is

After acquiring LinkedIn a couple years ago, Microsoft is leveraging its already existent Adobe partnership to monetize the business-oriented social networking site. Adobe, Microsoft, and LinkedIn are partnering to enhance account-based experiences (ABX) with new integrated marketing solutions.

Microsoft and Adobe will source key data points to create profiles in Marketo Engage, Adobe Experience Cloud, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. These profiles will be accessible to B2B platforms, of which LinkedIn is among the first to use.

These integrations and partnerships will allow three main things for LinkedIn marketers:

  1. Power people-based marketing campaigns with more accuracy
  2. Target audiences more effectively
  3. Gain a better, real-time understanding of targeted accounts

Why it matters

Microsoft hopes these efforts will create a more personalized ad experience and allow the company to better monetize the social networking platform.

Facebook launches Ad Library, previously Ad Archive, to catalog all Pages ads

What it is

In October 2018, Facebook launched its political ad archive, allowing both Facebook users and non-users to search through archived political ads and their insights. The company has now announced that it will catalog ads run by all pages, not just political ones.

Ad Library provides a searchable collection of all ads that are currently running or have run on Facebook and Instagram. Users will be able to see how much advertisers spent on the ads, how many impressions each ad had, and more. The ads will be housed in the Ad Library for seven years.

Additionally, Facebook is adding a “Page Transparency” section to every Page to provide viewers with clear and transparent information about how the companies behind each respective Page is advertising.

Why it matters

Facebook is still in the thick of an uphill battle of regaining user and advertiser trust. This release is another step towards better transparency and happier users.

Before you go

  • Twitter rolls out Light-Out, a dark mode option to save battery life.
  • Marketing automation platform Springbot announces Facebook Messenger as part of its platform and user dashboard.
  • Outlook announces new AI-driven features to help users better plan meetings.
  • Demandbase integrating with Marketo Engage to enhance ABM campaigns.
  • CRM provider Really Simple Systems integrating with Microsoft Azure to enhance customer security.
  • Adobe launches Commerce Cloud, a cloud-based version of Magento.
  • Cognitiv launches deep learning search optimization platform, Cognitiv Search.
  • Lattice Engines launches Lattice Audience Activation App for Marketo to help customers better engage buyers.

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