Martech news roundup: Marketo partnerships, new LinkedIn capabilities, WhatsApp Business for iOS

14. April 2019

In our roundup of this past week’s martech news, we highlight:

  • Facebook launching feature to explain algorithms to curious users
  • LinkedIn expanding document upload capabilities
  • Marketo announces new partnerships
  • Facebook announces launch of WhatsApp Business for iOS

Top stories in marketing technology this past week:

Facebook launching feature to explain algorithms to curious users

What it is

After receiving criticism for using algorithms that recommend content to users without explaining how they work, Facebook is responding. Users will now be able to click a “Why am I seeing this post?” button, as well as adding more information to the “Why am I seeing this ad?” button that the company has had since 2004.

Insights such as, “You’ve commented on posts with photos more than other media types,” and “You’re friends with (Facebook user)” will be offered up as explanations.

For ads, users will now be able to see if details in their Facebook profile matched them to an advertiser’s database.

Why it matters

It seems at almost every turn, Facebook releases a new feature that enables better, clearer insights and more transparency for users and advertisers. Add this new roll out (to be completed by May 2) to the list.

LinkedIn expanding document upload capabilities

What it is

In July 2018, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn began to allow users to attached documents into messaging and in November 2018, the company allowed companies to upload PDFs and PowerPoint presentations to their official pages.

Now, all users will be allowed to upload PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and other document formats directly to their feeds and group posts on desktop. The feature is expected to be expanded to the mobile app as well.

Why it matters

Under Microsoft ownership, LinkedIn continues to increase capabilities for its users, hoping to keep the business-oriented social network platform relevant and useful.

Marketo announces new partnerships

What it is

Adobe’s Marketo announced a series of new partnerships, including with ABM platform Demandbase and customer identity platform LiveRamp, at their annual summit in Las Vegas.

The Demandbase partnership will allow users to combine contact data from Marketo to the ABM platform’s intent-level insights, connecting both known and anonymous account data across the platforms and giving a more well-rounded view of the buyer’s journey.

Read also: Demandbase CMO Peter Isaacson on the power of ABM

The LiveRamp partnership will allow users to combine their customer data from Marekto to the company’s digital advertising ecosystem in the hopes of creating more specific, targeted lists for paid media.

Read also: LiveRamp 2019: Using IdentityLink to level the playing field for identity on the open internet

Why it matters

These partnerships point to both Adobe-owned Marketo’s growth and to the company’s efforts to provide more sophisticated data tools for their own customers.

Facebook announces launch of WhatsApp Business for iOS

What it is

After rolling out WhatsApp Business for Android more than a year ago, Facebook is finally inviting iPhone users to join the club. The app currently has over 5 million users worldwide and allows small business to communicate directly with their customers.

To monetize the app, Facebook said last August that they will begin charging businesses a fixed messaging rate on the platform, ranging from .5 cents to 9 cents per message, depending on the country.

Why it matters

The iOS version is being released in Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Indian, Mexico, the UK, and the US. This move points to a more global acceptance of iOS users on the business side, giving more small businesses the opportunity to grow.

As a side note, WhatsApp remains the only Facebook-owned messaging app that’s encrypted. With the company’s increased focus on messaging and private chats, it plans to encrypt more of its messaging services as well.

Before you go

  • IBM has sold its Watson Marketing services to a company called Centerbridge Partners L.P.
  • Scott Brinker has released his updated Marketing Technology Landscape for 2019.
  • Google launches Android Q Beta 2 to give users more multitasking capabilities and more control over access to shared files.
  • Android keyboard app Fleksy is including in-keyboard apps such as Yelp, Skyscanner, Giphy, GifNote, and Emogi to improve user experience.
  • Engineering company Boston Dynamics acquires 3D imaging solutions platform Kinema Systems.
  • Facebook’s new tools to block discriminatory housing, job, and credit ads will only apply in the United States.
  • Buzzfeed announces partnership with Eko to create an exclusive, unique range of new, interactive videos.
  • Centerbridge Partners has acquired IBM’s marketing and ecommerce software platforms to form its own standalone company.
  • Cofounder of AdColony Will Kassoy will join online fundraising platform Omaze as president.

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