Online Reputation Management and Cannabis Industry

Dozens of states are passing laws allowing medical marijuana use, and 10 states also allow recreational use of marijuana, This is promising progress to advocates of the industry. However, winning over those diametrically opposed to the industry will take a lot of positive PR.

Despite the fact that many studies now link marijuana to helpful health impacts, there’s still a lot of stigma attached to those who use, manufacture or sell cannabis-related products. For newcomers or those trying to grow their business, managing the company’s online reputation is vitally important for customer relations and legal considerations. Here are some guidelines to keep the conversation positive and avoid backlash on social media.

Marijuana-based Businesses and Digital Reputation

The rise of the internet has brought a lot of things to aid businesses and consumers. However, there are downsides as well. A few bad comments can wreck your reputation in a matter of moments. This is especially true of the budding marijuana industry, which already has decades of legislative bias to overcome. The best way to combat trolls and detractors is providing great content that brings customers back to your site and encourages them to visit your business.

What Can You Do About Negative Comments?

There are businesses that specialize in restoring credibility for those whose businesses have been damaged by online comments. The law doesn’t give you much to work with if you are the victim of slander, and many marijuana-based businesses want to keep a low profile in any case. The bad news is that you can’t really delete bad feedback, but the good news is that not many people will be it below the first page of search results. You can try to reply with the correct information if it seems that will help the situation.

Accentuate the Positives

The best way to avoid or correct bad comments and press online is through positive client testimonials and information on your products and the industry, including the legal status of marijuana products in your states and groups that are canvasing for greater access.

When someone brings up a negative aspect of marijuana or Twitter or Instagram, don’t go immediately on the offensive. Instead, acknowledge facts that are true and follow up with more positive aspects, such as:

  • Marijuana is an effective treatment for chronic pain.
  • Studies suggest cannabis helps relieve muscle spasms.
  • It doesn’t harm lung capacity.
  • It can help treat glaucoma and may be developed into a specialized drug for this purpose.

Whether you sell cannabis-related products such as Kratom, offering positive information to inform and help clients goes a long way in establishing a great online reputation. Here’s a short example of the kinds of beneficial impacts you can highlight.

Main Benefits Of Kratom

Marijuana 101 has tons of great information that consumers can use to learn more about why marijuana should not be stigmatized. It showcases the flexibility of kratom to:

  • Help with pain relief and inflammation
  • Reduces the difficulty of opioid withdrawals
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  • Increases focus for higher productivity
  • Acts as an aphrodisiac

By spreading correct information backed by scientific studies, you can help prospective clients gain trust in your enterprise and elevate the industry as a whole.

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