Top 8 video marketing platforms to improve your marketing strategy

30. April 2019

Over the past 5 years, consumer internet video traffic has increased 64% and now accounts for 80% of all consumer global internet traffic.

More numbers around the rise of video marketing:

  • Putting the word “video” into the subject of an email will increase its view-rate by 19%.
  • Approximately 50% of internet searches are for videos related to a product or service of interest.
  • In the next year, 45% of marketers have said they’re considering adding YouTube to their content strategy.

From telling the story of your brand, to explaining how a product works, to showing how your service solves a problem, video is the new medium that combats the hesitancy of your audience to read long blog posts, or site content.

In today’s evolving world of digital marketing, organizations that are looking to keep up with changing trends are opting to share video on their websites and social media platforms and are attracting larger audiences.

As a professional marketer, you already know the basics when it comes to marketing your brand. You’re very familiar with the importance of social media, SEO, branding, etc. But you may not have the technical capabilities to take all that information and turn it into a video marketing platform.

Video recording and production is cheaper than ever with a huge variety of high-quality video marketing platforms. These tools will help take the story of your brand and transform it into engaging video, with easy-to-use editing software, video analytics, social sharing capabilities, and more.

Generate greater engagement and achieve your marketing goals by incorporating any of these video marketing platforms into your future marketing strategy.

Top 8 video marketing platforms to improve your marketing strategy

1. Filmora

With an extensive music library, overlays, filters, and texts, along with a strong suite of stock photo and videos, Filmora’s strength is in its editing capabilities. Its software guides you through the process of basic video editing including rotate, merge, cut, trim, split, and reverse, along with audio edits, including over 300+ special effects like picture-in-picture and split-screen.

This software also offers analytic and integration features to help track video performance.

Differentiator: Advanced editing features like audio mixer, green screen, pan and zoom, and screen recording.

Price: Annual plans range from $39.99 – $99.87 per year or licenses from $59.99 – $139.99.

2. Powtoon

Whether you’re looking for animated or professional grade videos that elaborate on your products, services, presentations or tutorials, Powtoon offers an easy-to-use interface that walks you through the entire process of video creation. And in just a couple of clicks, it exports directly to YouTube.

They offer several ready-made, scripted templates, with a plethora of stock video, characters and backgrounds to create high quality videos. They also claim a 300% increase in engagement for users of their platform.

Differentiator: Ready made templates with a drag-and-drop functionality.

Sample Clients: Starbucks, MasterCard, Google, Apple.

Price: Plans range from $16-$197 a month.

3. WeVideo

This video marketing platform allows even the most novice video creator to create engaging videos with advanced editing features including over one million licensed pro-quality royalty free video clips, music, and images.

Video customizations allow users to be in complete control of the entire end-product including text, transitions, motion effects, green screens, logos, calls-to-action, etc. Utilizing JumpStart technology, WeVideo doesn’t require you to wait for locally shared files to load, making video editing fast and easy.

Differentiator: This platform allows you to collaborate with other members of your team on the creation of videos.

Sample Clients: Disney, Marvel, Adidas, Audi.

Price: Plans range from $4.99-$29.99 a month.

4. Wideo

Whether you’re creating a video from scratch, or looking to use a pre-made template, Wideo allows you to easily create, edit, and share fun and engaging animated videos while allowing custom configurations such as adding your logo, graphics, music, and images.

Utilizing their animation maker software with a simple drag-and-drop functionality, choosing a template and creating a professional video can be done in as little as 5 minutes, with no previous video making or design experience.

Once complete, videos can be shared directly to social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Wideo offers a great opportunity to increase your ROI and vastly improve email open rates with clients claiming a 12X ROI and 2.57X increase in email open rates.

Differentiator: Wideo creates professional animated videos for your product or service.

Sample Clients: Sprint, Staples, University of Toronto.

Price: Plans range from $19-$199 a month.

 5. VideoScribe

If you’re not familiar with video scribing, you’re in for a treat with this unique software that takes visual storytelling to another level with an exciting, multi-sensory experience.

Video scribing is a term to describe someone acting as a scribe to the narration while being videoed, in a mix of videography, sound engineering, animation, and stop motion photography.

Users of this software can create a whiteboard style animated video by selecting from thousands of royalty-free images and music, adding text, selecting a canvas, and adding voice-over if desired. The software takes all the selections and combines them into a unique storyline with extremely engaging animations.

Differentiator: VideoScribe offers a free 7-day trial allowing you to keep the videos you make within their trial period.

Sample Clients: BBC, NYC Department of Education, World Bank Group.

Price: Single user plans range from $8-$35 a month. They also offer team licenses for anywhere from $145 per user for 20+ users to $155 per user for 5+ users.

6. Vidyard

This unique software not only personalizes your already made video but offers hosting and analytics of video performance with precise metrics and data. It includes things such as “attention span of viewer”, click-through behavior, user location, sharing information, and data on how to boost ROI based on a video’s performance.

In addition, Vidyard offers an email gate at the beginning of each video to collect email addresses, add calls-to-action, and incorporate individual viewer data (like name or company) into the video.

Differentiator: Integration with Salesforce.

Sample Clients: Hubspot, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Marketo.

Price: Annual plans go as low as $80 a year with limited capabilities, with the offer of scaled pricing based on what integrations work best for your brand.

7. Viewbix

Viewbix gives you the ability to take your video to new levels with its integrated call-to-action buttons, cross-platform distribution model (automatic configuration for desktop, tablet, and mobile), and actionable analytics (knowing exactly how, when, & where viewers engage with the video).

Simple, intuitive and easy to use interface, with no coding experience required, Viewbix claims a 25% engagement rate on its end product.

Differentiator: Powerful and detailed analytics on user engagement with video that make it easy to optimize campaign performance.

Sample Clients: Sony, CBS, Cuisinart.

Price: Viewbix is free for up to 2 users and 10K impressions per month with monthly subscriptions starting at $10 a month.

8. Wistia

This unique software is specifically designed for business videos with unrivaled capabilities like heatmaps for videos that show user activity such as where viewers stopped, skipped, forwarded or re-watched. It can be an excellent tool to learn what works, and what doesn’t.

Users of this platform can also add CTAs so that leads can be sent directly to customized email lists.

Differentiator: Twitter integration allowing users to watch videos within the twitter feed.

Sample Clients: Zendesk, MOZ, Casper.

Price: Plans start as low as $300 a month for a single user, with the offer of scaled team-based pricing.

See any of your favorite tools that we missed? Leave a comment below!

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