30-second summary:

  • Jiggy Puzzles founder and CEO Kaylin Marcotte started the direct-to-consumer company in November 2019 with the goal of reinventing the classic jigsaw puzzle for a modern audience while supporting creative talent.
  • Kaylin was disillusioned with the same old cheesy jigsaw designs and dull product presentation, so she decided to offer unique, striking examples of modern art by emerging female artists instead.
  • Very quickly, customers responded to her unique and socially conscious business model, helped along by a strong focus on storytelling. COVID-19 caused JIGGY to sell out of product and the one-person show had to engage customers during a pandemic without an inventory.
  • JIGGY utilizes Omnisend’s automated workflows, such as welcome series and cart abandonment workflows, to generate 69% of their total email revenue through automation.

“I wanted to spread the joy and relaxation puzzles brought me while reinventing the humble jigsaw puzzle and supporting emerging female artists,” says Kaylin Marcotte, Founder and CEO of Jiggy Puzzles.

Like many young professionals, Kaylin was looking for a way to unwind from day-to-day stress.

Having grown up loving puzzles, she turned back to them to relax and meditate after long days at the office. What she didn’t love, however, was the often-boring stock photography many puzzle brands offered.

As an avid art lover, she wanted a puzzle that was going to look great after it was finished: a puzzle that would be worth framing in her home. Thus, JIGGY was born.

Launched in November 2019, JIGGY is a brand that produces and sells beautiful artwork by emerging female artists in the form of the classic jigsaw puzzle — “art in pieces,” as Kaylin calls it.

The challenge — Maximizing resources to accelerate digital growth

In the very beginning, JIGGY’s growth was organic, and the story of JIGGY began to spread. Just one month after launch, JIGGY was featured on the Today Show, exploding her brand awareness.

With that boom, JIGGY had to find a way to scale their brand storytelling and maximize sales — which, at that time, was a one-woman show.

Kaylin knew that while the product is more or less self-explanatory, the brand storytelling and values of how they work with artists are what’s important. How could she tell this story on a mass scale, increase sales by doing so, and realistically accomplish all of this alone?

The solution — Easy-to-setup automation workflows that build customer relationships

As a new startup with a small team focused on other tasks, JIGGY’s email marketing strategy initially fell on Kaylin’s shoulders.

She needed an email marketing solution and provider that was simple enough to use yet robust enough to easily automate messages that tell the brand story and maximize sales.

Having tried multiple email providers, such as Mailchimp, while working at theSkimm, Kaylin knew she needed a platform that was built for ecommerce and easily integrated with her ecommerce platform, Shopify.

Kaylin chose Omnisend for its ease of use, reporting, features, and price.

Kaylin began implementing a well-written, three-part welcome series, two-part cart abandonment workflow, and an Omnisend email acquisition pop-up. And, despite launching amidst a worldwide pandemic, the results have been nothing short of amazing.

The capture: A simple pop-up with incentive


As a new business, it is essential for JIGGY to continuously grow their email database. By using Omnisend’s built-in pop-up builder, wherein JIGGY offered a first-time discount in a beautifully customized pop-up, JIGGY saw a 4.44% sign up rate.

Not only did this contribute to list growth, but each submission triggered the first email in their three-part welcome series.

Even though the pop-up advertises an initial discount, for JIGGY, the welcome email isn’t just about securing the first purchase, it’s about building that initial relationship with their customers through brand storytelling.  .

The welcome series: Automating revenue with the brand story

For JIGGY, the welcome series is about more than driving a sale — it’s about introducing fresh customers to their brand and the story behind it.

JIGGY illustrates this beautifully with their three-part welcome series that draws the customer into their narrative and illustrates how the brand is giving back and supporting emerging female artists.


As to why they intently focus on storytelling in all three messages, Kaylin says, “We don’t take for granted that people have seen the full storytelling. Customers might take any number of journeys to get to us, so messages two and three are still important for making sure they get that story. Landing in an inbox is such an intimate relationship. Being able to build that relationship directly, it’s too important not to tell the story.”

Recovering lost sales with automated cart abandonment

Like every online retailer, JIGGY knows that not all customers will complete their order after placing an item in their shopping cart.

But with consumers so close to a purchase, Kaylin knew that implementing cart abandonment messages was a perfect way to recapture some of those lost sales — especially after such a success with the welcome series.

JIGGY used the built-in Shopify-Omnisend connector and quickly implemented a friendly, two-message abandoned cart series. Message one sends two-hours post-abandonment and the second sends one-day post-abandonment.


While, based on how often items sell out, it may not appear that many people who put products in carts fail to complete their purchase, the cart abandonment messages do generate considerable engagement and effectively recaptures lost sales.

The results — 69% of total email revenue with only five messages

By implementing an automated welcome series, Kaylin generated 64% of her total email revenue and received a revenue per email (RPE) 318% greater than those of her promotional campaigns.

Added to this success, Kaylin’s two-part automated abandoned cart series experiences open rates greater than 60% compared to standard promotional campaigns, generating an RPE lift of 158% compared to standard promotional messages and accounts for 5% of her total email revenue.

This means that after implementing only two automated message series, Kaylin’s welcome series and cart abandonment workflows combined to generate a whopping 69% of her total email revenue with only five messages.

According to Kaylin, the focus, for now, is keeping up with the high-demand as parts of the world approach a post-pandemic lifestyle. However, once normalcy has its new definition defined, she looks to create more relevant messaging using Omnisend’s segmentation tools.

She also expressed interest in using segmentation to determine which personality types best respond to which kinds of artists, so she can deliver more relevant promotional email campaigns.

In the meantime, Kaylin plans on continuing to let the automated emails do their job. The best part for Kaylin is that since these messages are automated on Omnisend’s platform, she can focus on doing what she enjoys most — telling JIGGY’s story and growing her business.

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