In the first episode of the ClickZ Marketing Masters Podcast, our host Tim Flagg speaks with Christopher Kenna, CEO and Co-Founder of Brand Advance. They discuss what it takes to be a great marketing leader and take a deeper look at how brand engagement with minority communities has shifted. Kenna shares his expert insights on the impact of technology, how the success of such engagement is measured, and the challenges facing the marketing community looking forward.

Kenna builds on vast experience from his role at Brand Advance – who connect brands and agencies with diverse communities through Diversity Media, Technology, and Insights – and significant advisory work for ITV, Outvertising, and more. He discusses how and why spending on minority-owned media and minority representation in media advertising has changed so significantly over the past three years in particular; what has happened to the brands who fail to keep up and why they are now obsolete; and takes a brief look at GlaxoSmithKline as an example of a brand who has been successful in their efforts to increase engagement with minority communities. Kenna and Flagg also discuss what metrics brands are using to measure the success of engagement with minority communities.

Crucially, Kenna provides insights and a call to action on the role that technology is playing in this movement. As brands embrace Web 3.0, take to the Metaverse, and adjust to the death of the third-party cookie, Kenna highlights how vital it is for marketers to learn the lessons of previous failures where technology has reinforced racial stereotypes. As new technology is developed, minority groups must be represented to ensure platforms are built with all communities in mind. Only by doing so can inbuilt biases be avoided He shares a call-to-action that everyone has a role to play in creating a truly diverse landscape where ‘Ethical Marketing’ and ‘Marketing’ are not two different concepts, but one and the same.

Time stamps

00:25 – Introduction

01:31 – What makes a great marketing leader and why

03:45 – How engagement with minority communities has shifted

08:03 – What ‘change’ looks like for brands and agencies

08:56 – What has happened to the brands who have not embraced diversity media

10:04 – Examining GlaxoSmithKline as a best-in-class for inclusive marketing

12:26 – What metrics brands can use to measure success

14:01 – The role technology plays in building an inclusive marketing landscape

17:35 – The challenges facing those looking to improve brand engagement with minority communities and making sure these voices are heard

20:01 – What the future holds and the role marketers must play

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