All those ingredients that you see on the bottle of Gotucream may not be presented in the product. I have a very good reason to suspect this. For example, if you Google the address that you can find at the bottom of the cream, then you’ll see that it is recently added on Google Maps as an address of Herbal Thermals LTD company. The company that produces Gotucream, it is an actual company and active but the owner of that company is the guy was actually pleaded guilty for wire fraud in the US (you can Google about it) He sold different drugs from over 1500 websites for more than 12 million dollars. According to his case, he is using misleading mail forwarding addresses. His websites and drugs are generated in Pakistan and not in countries mentioned on products packages. Moreover, it says that in most cases there is no guarantee that the drug will work because it wasn’t tested. Of course you shouldn’t listen to testimonials from those related websites because they are all fake as well. So that’s pretty heavy reason why I want to warn you about this cream though i haven’t tested it myself.

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