how do i get a client from fiverr as a beginner

So you’re looking to earn some money online freelancing using Fiverr. The first question you ask yourself, “How do I get a client from Fiverr as a beginner?”

Let’s dive into the platform to show you how.

How Do I Get a Client from Fiverr as a Beginner?

Getting your very first client from Fiverr can be a challenge, but it’s all about creating an effective gig that stands out, is in demand, and offers real value to the customer.

In this article I’ll discuss how to create an effective gig, how to stand out from the competition, how to build your reputation, and then how to go the extra mile to give maximum value and attract repeat customers.

What is Fiverr? Understanding the Fiverr Platform

fiverr logo

Fiverr is a very popular freelancing platform that allows users to search online and find people to complete just about any task or service for relatively cheap.

It gets it’s name from the slang for giving someone $5.

“Hey, you got a fiver on you?”

The services offered are called “gigs”. And it’s true, there are many gigs on Fiverr that start as cheap as $5.

Members of Fiverr offering their services create a profile with a list of gigs they’re willing to do for a set price.

You’ll want your profile to be professional, with a clear, high quality photo of yourself or your logo.

To let your potential customers know what services you offer, you’ll want your profile description to highlight your expertise. Let potential customers know the high quality work they can expect from you.

You can showcase samples of your work on your profile as well, and moving forward, future customers will be able to read reviews from previous satisfied customers.

As a starter member you’re allowed to offer 7 gigs.

Be very clear about what you’ll need from your customer to complete a gig, your pricing, your turnaround time, and how many revisions to your work you’ll allow the customer to request.

Building trust with your clients from the start and having great communication is the absolute key to gaining a great reputation for turning out quality work on the platform.

Creating an Effective Gig

This is your business and you need to sell yourself and your services to attract potential customers, right?

So think of creating an effective gig like creating any type of effective advertisement for a business.

fiverr gigs

You want your gig to stand out from the competition and be something in demand. You’ll want to place relevant keywords in your title and gig description so it will come up in the correct searches potential clients make.

To make your gig stand out in those search results among a sea of similar gigs you’ll want to use effective visuals. Think eye catching and attention grabbing!

Make sure to highlight the benefits and value your gig will bring to your client in the gig description and how it will solve their problem.

There’s a balance you want to achieve here. Straightforward and honest along with eye-catching and can’t-live-without, get it?

How to Stand Out From the Competition

A quick look at Fiverr and you’ll notice just how many freelancers there are for just about ever task or service you could possibly think of.

So how in the world do you stand out? Be a specialist.

You might think that it would be beneficial to try to offer everything to everybody in your list of gigs. But what’s that saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”…

Choose your specific niche based on the services you want to offer that you have a genuine talent and interest in. Create your gigs so they specialize in that niche.

Let’s say you’re great at building very fast and efficient websites. How about you offer gigs to client’s where you can speed up a slow website?

Think about the perception when you take a look at a list of gigs offered and they all specialize in that one area of expertise. It immediately gives the perception that you’re an authority and expert in that niche.

In addition to being a specialist, you can stand out when you’re a professional and give incredible customer service.

Communication is KEY! Never let a question go unanswered. Prompt responses let your future clients know that you’re there when they need you!

Give regular progress reports while working on a project. Don’t be stubborn with your work. If the client offers suggestions that make sense, be willing to accept them.

Building Your Reputation

5 star review

All the work you put into providing quality work and great customer service will be reflected in the positive reviews you receive from satisfied clients.

Positive reviews are easily the quickest way to make a perspective client pick your gig as the one they want.

When I see quality work in the gig description and nothing but positive reviews for a fair price, that’s all I need! I’m sold!

And the opposite is true when I see negative reviews. I don’t care how great the work looks or how promising it could be, if I see negative reviews, I’m on to the next!

Going the Extra Mile

Going the extra mile is huge when it comes to landing satisfied and repeat clients on Fiverr.

  • Does your work meet or EXCEED expectations?
  • Does the quality of your work reflect an attention to detail?
  • Is your work always completed on time?
  • Are you willing to take suggestions and feedback and incorporate those into the final product your client receives?
  • If your client has questions, are you clear and helpful with your answers?

Providing additional services, or finishing your work before the deadline are additional ways to go the extra mile.

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Final Thoughts

Attracting clients on Fiverr is a matter of providing quality services that are in demand that stand out from the competition. Go above and beyond what your client expects, have great communication, and and build a positive reputation to keep your Fiverr business rolling successfully.

What’s your experience with Fiverr been? Have you used Fiverr both as a customer and a freelancer? What kinds of gigs have you had completed? What kinds of gigs would you potentially offer?

Let me know what you have to say in the comments section below! I’m open to any and all questions and I always respond! I look forward to hearing from you!

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