As widely reported, Elon Musk signed recently a letter calling to halt all development of artificial intelligence technology for six months. But that hasn’t stopped Musk from investing heavily in AI development for Twitter, according to a new report from Insider.

Musk has recently hired AI engineers from Alphabet’s research firm DeepMind, including Igor Babuschkin and Maual Kroiss, according to Insider. And apparently he’s looking for others to help Musk get his own AI software off the ground at Twitter.

Musk’s development of his own AI, known as a large language model, is still in “an early stage,” according to Insider. And that makes sense when you look at Musk’s history with the technology. This billionaire is trying to get back on track after a series of missteps with AI.

OpenAI (which makes ChatGPT) was founded by Musk in 2015. He reportedly had a dispute with Sam Altman, the co-founder. Musk made a move to take over OpenAI in 2018 but the board didn’t like that and Musk left the company. This is likely why Musk has called for a 6-month pause. The Twitter CEO has to realize he’s behind everyone else right now.

In his AI race against Google and OpenAI, Musk reportedly bought a few expensive Nvidia computers. Artificial intelligence can only be achieved with increasingly expensive GPUs, and this can lead to costly mistakes.

Insider speculates a number of applications where Twitter could use AI technology, including improving Twitter’s search function and beefing up Twitter’s ad capabilities. This makes sense considering that Musk is known to have scared off many major advertisers since his October 2022 takeover of the company. Recent reports from Semafor suggest that representatives of companies such as Kroger and Colgate fear appearing alongside Musk, due to his controversial statements and an appearance that is best described as childish.

Musk is expected to be the big attraction at Miami’s Possible Conference. This week, hopefully somebody will reach out to the Twitter CEO and ask him about his latest developments in AI. Because Musk hasn’t been exactly forthcoming about why he signed that letter calling for a six-month pause.

Twitter answered questions on Tuesday by using a “poop” emoji. This was an automated reply Musk set up and of which he is proud. This is why advertisers fear being seen with Musk.

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