Which type of income stream sounds
more appealing to you?

Linear Income:
You go to work for someone else, help make them
rich and get paid what your job is worth. At the
end of the week or month, based on how much
time you put in, you get a check.

But…if you don’t go to work, you don’t get paid.
You do this for 30-40 years and then retire, on
40% of what you struggled on for the first 30 or
40 years.

Residual Income:
You are your own boss, work from home and set
your own hours. You pick and choose who you
work with and where you want to work each day
and how much you are worth.

Matter of fact, you have an unlimited income
potential and can even make money while you
sleep or take vacations.

Eventually, this Residual Income leads to early
retirement and plenty of money to enjoy your
Golden Years!

So, would you rather receive a Linear
Income or create a Residual Income that will pay
you and your family for generations?

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