Hey everyone! In today’s video, I’ll update you on my journey to make $1,000 a day in stable passive income. Have I gotten closer to that goal? You’ll find out! I’ve made some changes to how I earn money, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

If you’re new to investing and passive income, don’t worry! I’ll explain how I make money passively. Whether you know a lot about investing or just a little, this video is for you.

Make sure to watch until the end for some helpful tips. Let’s learn and grow together in the world of crypto!

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This is passive plays Pelton bringing an update on my journey to $1,000 a day in stable passive. Again, I just want to go through everything that I’m in that makes passive income and show you, Hey, what’s working, what’s doing better than it was before. what’s doing worse. And you can use that information as you will.

Let’s jump right into it. Please hit the like button and please do it now. You might if you watch the video, decide you don’t like it. You can hit dislike later, but I think you’re going to like it.

But first we have war bots. So I have 11,319 in there. 44 cents. We did only get 3 percent last month. A lot of people were upset about. It’s like, Oh, 3%. That’s not great, but I’m just happy. I didn’t lose all my money. That’s what I’m used to happening in a lot of the trading bots and trading projects and things like that. I’m not getting into other trading bots. I’m probably not getting into other trading projects. War bots is my one and only.

I did the annual, right? I did bump the average monthly down to five. Over the 24 months we’ve been running, I think it’s about, it’s a little under nine. But just over the last months or so, five closer. And if we have a few more months of three, I’ll bump that down again, but 11K in there, 19 bucks a day. I just compound all of it. I’m just going to let it keep trading. My goal is to get about a hundred K in there. And then I’ll start taking some profit.

So next have project 79. I have 88,359 in there. It’s spread out between burl core, GSP and Sahara Star. Averaging about 5 percent return. I hope Burlcore, a lot of it’s in burl core, which has been getting lower returns. They’re about being able to increase those and I hope they’re able to do that. Otherwise I’ll mess this number a little bit too, but on 90K in there making about 147 a day on gold mining.

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