Episode #455

Want passive income? Well, DON’T invest in rental properties. Buy REITs (real estate investment trusts) instead. Yes, you read that right. Although rental properties are a phenomenal way to build wealth and cash flow and pay fewer taxes on your income, they aren’t the most “passive” type of investment around. Between the 2 AM tenant phone calls, leaky toilets, evictions, and common headaches of owning a house, rental properties might not be worth the extra income for most Americans. But REITs probably are.

REITs are traded on the stock market just like your favorite index fund. The difference between REITs and traditional stocks? REITs let you buy a share in a large landlord company, which passes their income down to you via dividends and often an appreciating share price. And now, as many commercial real estate values are dumping, top REITs could be selling at a HUGE discount. So, how do you start investing in them? We brought Jussi Askola on to help.

Jussi runs Leonberg Capital, where he consults with some of the largest REITs in the world. He also writes the “High Yield Landlord” newsletter for “Seeking Alpha” and is arguably the world’s most up-to-date REIT expert. In today’s episode, Jussi gives you a top-to-bottom breakdown of REIT investing, who should (and shouldn’t) invest in them, how to know whether one is worth buying, and why rentals PALE in comparison to the passive income REITs provide.

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REITs: How to Make Real Estate Money WITHOUT Owning Rentals

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00:00 Intro

01:34 Money Moment

02:11 Investing at 15!

04:15 What is a REIT?

06:57 REITs vs Syndications

08:09 REITs vs. Rental Properties

16:30 Who SHOULD Buy Rentals

24:29 Why Rentals AREN’T Worth It

29:12 Risks of REITs

34:44 REITs to Buy/Avoid in 2023

42:57 Connect with Jussi!

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