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The age of overreliance on marketing technology and what you should do

30-second summary: For the past twenty years, the potential of marketing technology has captured the attention of marketers. Instead, it has continuously under-delivered and complicated an already competitive environment. Peter Prodromou, President and Founder of Boathouse, provides four ways for marketers to transform their approach to marketing technology. With millions of dollars sunk into technology …

The omnipresent owl: How Duolingo propelled its mascot to the metaverse

Duo, the instantly recognizable mascot for Duolingo, is everywhere. From push notifications to TikTok, the green owl is constantly bugging users to use the app in increasingly creative ways. Now, the owl has flown to the Metaverse. With a brand that lends itself to game-based, community-oriented platforms, the metaverse was the perfect destination for Duolingo’s …