Sometimes the content marketing process can seem a bit chaotic.

On any given day, a content marketer might spend time researching content, developing an audience persona, chatting about trends with influencers, or calculating traffic with Google Analytics. There are daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks, and campaign-specific tasks to keep in mind.

So, to help organize the chaos and provide a useful roadmap, we designed an infographic!

  • If you work alone on projects, this process might help you plan enough time for each step and avoid getting bogged down somewhere in the middle.
  • If you work with a large team, it might help you to better understand what your colleagues do.

Remember that the audience segments, content channels and content formats will vary from company to company. These are just examples to get you started. In any case, we hope it makes you more efficient and effective!


If you are ready to start a new project, check out our post about choosing content topics that will resonate with your audience.

Of course, we’d love any thoughts you have about how we could improve our diagram to accurately reflect the content marketing process.

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