Check out this Wealth Aff Scam Review and how it's trying to copy the real Wealthy Affiliate

This one is a bizarre one. Have you seen the Wealth Aff scam going around? It’s basically a copycat platform that’s banking on people joining up who are actually looking for Wealthy Affiliate.

They’ve dropped the ‘y’ and have “Wealth Affiliate” all over their website. They call their program “Wealth Aff” and while it is centered around affiliate marketing, it doesn’t have anywhere near the same tools, training and resources Wealthy Affiliate does.

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In this Wealth Aff scam review I’m going to show you exactly what this copycat ripoff is all about. I’m going to cover the major differences between “Wealth Affiliate” and the real “Wealthy Affiliate” and show you which one is the clear winner.

Wealth Aff Scam Review – A Look at the Wealthy Affiliate Copycat website

Screenshot from the Wealth Aff website


Right away when you get to the Wealth Affiliate copycat website you can see it’s not the real Wealthy Affiliate. There’s an odd, dark motif to the page (which isn’t the most welcoming) and an unfamiliar “W” logo in the corner.

However, if you’ve never visited the Wealthy Affiliate website before, how would you know this wasn’t it? There is talk of affiliate marketing, a free start, and other very similar (but slightly off) details. Let’s dig deeper.

The Huge Differences In What Is Offered with Wealth Aff and Wealthy Affiliate

First of all, the real Wealthy Affiliate is a thorough affiliate marketing training community. The tools, training, and resources there allow members to build an affiliate marketing website from scratch and turn it into a full time revenue business. My personal results are pretty transparent.

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With the Wealth Aff copycat scam platform, instead of thorough course lessons it’s an eBook that’s offered. Here’s where some of the details regarding pricing become a little too coincedental.

screenshot showing the Wealth Aff eBook offer and pricing

The price of the Wealth Aff program happens to be the exact price of Wealthy Affiliate’s yearly membership, $359. Further, it appears that they’re taking that price point and seemingly discounting it to offer their eBook for less.

So, someone who is somewhat familiar with Wealthy Affiliate could easily land here, be fooled by enough familiarity with specific details like pricing, and then think they’re getting Wealthy Affiliate’s thorough training at a discounted price point.

Now, take a look at the screenshot below. Can you spot the broken English in the text?

screen shot showing the Wealth Aff affiliate marketing strategies ebook offer

Never give money to a training program with broken English on their website. The broken English gets even worse adding misspelled words all over the Wealth Aff walkthrough video below.

This is Where the Wealth Aff Scam Begins to Unravel – The Walkthrough Video

This is almost comical. Try to make sense of the “8 Step Buy & Signup Program” by clicking play on the video below. Got your popcorn? Good. Enjoy.

Literally in the first two seconds you’re greeted with “LOOK THIS FIRST”. At the :07 second mark you see “Click Buy Now Bottom”. The word “button” must be a tough one because around the :30 second mark you see “Pay Now Bottom”.

At Step 4 things start to get weird. After telling you to pay through PayPal, the video instructions now assume you’re not a PayPal member. They instruct you to back out of PayPal before signing up and accepting the PayPal terms to return back to the merchant.

Or as they eloquently put it at the :58 second mark “Click Rerurn to Marchant”.

Red flag alert!

Now, obviously, I’m not making fun of anyone whose native language isn’t English. What I’m talking about here is professionalism and attention to detail. Internet scams are almost always RIDDLED with mistakes like these. Be very aware of these obvious RED FLAGS.

The rest of the convoluted steps take you through downloading the eBook and then signing up for the Wealth Aff Affiliate Program. Ladies and gentlemen, as if I need to clarify, THIS IS NOT AT ALL HOW THE REAL WEALTHY AFFILIATE WORKS.

Wealth Aff’s 5 Steps to Affiliate Marketing – Using Misdirection to Push Their Product

Screenshot from the Wealth Aff website

One of the first things the Wealth Aff website goes into detail with are their 5 steps to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. They go into some detail with these. I soon realized this was all misdirection.

After going into such detail with these 5 steps to show credibility, Wealth Aff then directs you to SKIP THEM because they’re “complicated and spend a lot of time to learn and work on”. Their shortcut: their own Wealth Aff Affiliate Marketing Program.

Here are the 5 steps to affiliate marketing that Wealth Aff details and then ultimately asks you to skip. See them for yourself here.

1. Choose Your Plan

Right out of the gates, Wealth Aff starts with confusion. They’re supposed to be explaining how to be successful with affiliate marketing. Yet, they begin by talking about finding affiliate partnerships based on free and premium “plans”.

“When you visit an affiliate company, you’ll be able to choose between a free plan or one that comes with a monthly cost.”

This is completely wrong.

Affiliate programs are completely free to join. There is no such thing as free and premium affiliate programs. The rest of their explanation begins to paint a clearer picture of what’s going on here.

“The premium membership comes with more support, more websites, and a stronger connection to the affiliate marketing community, but if you’re at the point where you’re just dipping your toe in the water to see what it’s like, the free membership option comes with some support for the first week and enough freedom and tools to quickly create a basic website and get going.”

What they are describing here sounds an awful lot like Wealthy Affiliate’s free starter account and premium memberships. Wealthy Affiliate allows you to create a free starter account to see if their training is for you. Premium membership then gives you full access to all their training.

2. Choose Your Interest

3. Build Your Website

As someone who’s very familiar with the program Wealth Aff is trying to copy, Steps 2 and 3 sure do sound like they’re taken from Wealthy Affiliate’s 4 steps to building a successful affiliate marketing business.

Am I right? Or am I right? Here are Wealthy Affiliate’s 4 steps to success in affiliate marketing. Sound familiar?

these are the 4 basic steps to affiliate marketing: choose a niche, build a website, attract visitors, and earn revenue

4. Pick Your Affiliate Program

At this point, Wealth Aff goes into extreme detail breaking down the choice of an affiliate program into subpoints 4.1 through 4.5.The problem with this is, again, they’re going to ask you to SKIP all these steps and go with their product instead.

screenshot pointing out how Wealth Aff asks you to SKIP their 5 steps to success

5. Start Writing Content

At this point Wealth Aff talks about taking the time to write consistent, quality content. I feel like this is the first solid point that I agree with.

“By providing unique and helpful information (content) on your website, you will naturally begin to attract free traffic into your site. This free traffic can be pre-sold by simply being yourself and forming a trust with your sites visitors. At that point, you are perfectly primed to monetize.”

After reading these 5 points it’s as if the creator of Wealth Aff researched what Wealthy Affiliate offers, cherry picked some points he liked, and then created his program as a supposed shortcut.

Wealth Aff’s “Payment Arrangements”

This is where Wealth Aff simply couldn’t be further away from Wealthy Affiliate. Wealth Aff has a bizarre set of “payment arrangements” where they will pay you based on website clicks and sales.

Screenshot showing Wealth Aff's bizarre "payment arrangements"

They claim that they’ll pay you $50 for every THOUSAND website clicks regardless of whether a sale is made or not. THIS IS NOT HOW AFFILIATE MARKETING WORKS.


The Wealth Aff scam takes points of familiarity from a well established affiliate marketing training platform, Wealthy Affiliate, to sell their own product, an eBook. Red flags are everywhere, from broken English to misspelled words, to incorrect explanations of how affiliate marketing works.

Do NOT let the copied name fool you. “Wealth Affiliate” is NOTHING like Wealthy Affiliate. The Wealth Aff program has nothing on the tools, resources, and training that the real Wealthy Affiliate community offers.

Want to see just how different they are? Read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here where I share my personal results. You can create a free starter account to see if it’s for you. Personally, I recommend it over all other affiliate marketing training platforms online.

screenshot showing my personal Wealthy Affiliate results month by month


Has this Wealth Aff Scam Review opened your eyes to how slippery online scams can be? What other online scams have you seen? Are there some you’d like me to research and review? From legal multilevel marketing opportunities to cash gifting scams to complete robbery, I’ll cover them all.

Do you have any questions or comments about the info detailed above? Let me know in the comments below. I always enjoy hearing your points of view and I always reply.

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