Image of a boss at his laptop. If you want to know how to do what you want to do and be your own boss, it's time to pay attention to this checklist

We all want to get paid to do a job that we enjoy, right? But when it comes to knowing how to do what you want to do and make money doing it, are we taking the right steps?

Too many times people think that you have to be rich to be your own boss. NOT TRUE! What it does take is the guts to break apart from the pack.

Are you worth more than what you’re making? Does working 40 and 50+ hour weeks for someone else make sense to you? If you’re going to be putting in all that time working, shouldn’t it be for yourself? Shouldn’t you be working around your passion?

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In this age of the internet we have more opportunity than ever. Online business have more reach than ever. So where do we start? How can we re-train our brain to think like an entrepreneur and turn these dreams of being our own boss into reality?

Let’s dive in to what I’m going to call the Be Your Own Boss Checklist. These are 9 actionable steps anyone can take to reach their goals of being their own boss and being a success online.

How to Do What You Want to Do – The Be Your Own Boss Checklist

image looking down on an open laptop with coffee beside it along with headphones, cell phone, and a camera

1. Ask Yourself, “What’s My Passion?”

You have to start at square one. If you want to earn revenue online doing what you love, then step one is seeing if what you love to do is marketable and profitable. Now, we all love waking up late and playing with our dogs all day, but this isn’t exactly marketable, right?

So ask yourself, “What’s my passion?”

Too many people make the mistake trying to look for that secret hidden niche that is untapped. Guess what? That untapped niche doesn’t exist.

Instead focus on something you’re passionate about. Any niche can be profitable when done right. So choose your niche around your passion and the time you put in building your business won’t feel like a burden at all.

2. Are You Solving a Problem?

image of a chalkboard with the word "problem" scratched out and the word "solution" written below it

People make Google searches every single minute of every single day. And while some use Google to search for cat videos and puppy memes, most are searching Google for answers to their questions.

How do I do this? How do you do that? What’s the best way to do this? What are the top platforms for doing that?

So, understanding how Google works is very important here. Think about how profitable it could be to have very popular searches made by your target audience leading them directly to your content. Solving your target audience’s problems can be very, VERY profitable.

Once you understand how Google works, keyword research becomes that much more powerful of a tool. Keyword research is the process of finding the most popular relevant searches being made by your target audience so that you can create content that is the answer to those searches.

In a nutshell, when you know what your audience wants, you can become very profitable quickly by giving it to them.

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3. Set Your Goals and Write Them Down

image of the word Goal with the "o" being made up of a bullseye with a dart hitting it in the center

Okay. So you’ve identified your passion. Check.

Second, you understand that driving massive traffic to your site means creating content that will be the answer to your audience’s popular searches. Check.

Now it’s time to set your goals.

What would you be happy earning monthly? What would you be ECSTATIC earning monthly? How much time are you willing to devote to this process? Write these goals down.

Being your own boss and getting paid to do what you want to do means you are the person accountable for yourself. You are both boss and worker. Set your mind right, set goals like a boss, then follow through.

4. Find the Right Training

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No matter what career you’re looking to get into, getting the right training is the absolute key. You can’t get dive into surgery without the right training, and you can’t even mow lawns if you don’t know how to run the equipment.

this is the customer purchase lifecycle in affiliate marketing

The Wealthy Affiliate training community teaches all about affiliate marketing. In my opinion, it’s a GREAT first step for anyone looking to make consistent monthly revenue online.

Affiliate marketing, in a nutshell, connects people with what they’re already looking for online. It allows you to build your own online business in any niche you choose.

The training is eye opening, straightforward, and most importantly it delivers. I was able to earn a $4k month in my first year and a $7200 month in my second. That was way beyond anything I thought possible.

Read my full Wealthy Affiliate review and see my personal results here, or see more details by clicking below. The best part is you can try it out free first to see if it’s for you. I’ve had nothing but positives from it and recommend it highly.

5. Be Patient – Success Doesn’t Come Overnight

Have you seen those videos making their rounds on Facebook and social media with claims of “Done For You” systems you can plug into and be making 6 figures in 90 days?

awol academy scam


Not only are those claims not reasonable at all, but the programs usually seem to focus on slowly emptying your bank account instead of creating financial independence. I did a review for one called AWOL Academy that made such claims and ultimately costs $20,000 to complete!

Does that sound like a good deal to you?

When it comes to building your own business, success takes time. Whether you’re building a traditional brick and mortar business or your own business online, it’s a fact you can’t shortcut your way around.

Success depends on a number of factors, including how much time you put in, your competition, your focus, etc. The great thing about online business versus traditional business though is that you can get started at a much, much lower cost when you’re building your own business online.

As an example, the Wealthy Affiliate training platform I mentioned above gives you all the tools, resources, and training you could want for less than $1/day.

The mindset I’ve found that leads to real success when you’re getting started is the one of an apt pupil. Trust your training. Trust the system and the experts that have paved the way ahead of you. Focus on learning first. Commissions and revenue will fall into place when you apply your training.

6. Work! Work! Work!

image of two laptops on a desk with people working at them with notes being written on notepads

Everybody knows about this step, but few put it into the right perspective. We’re all willing to work our butts off when we’re making solid money, right? But to get there you have to understand that you’re going to start off WORKING FOR FREE.

That’s right. I said it.

In the beginning, no one is going to be paying you for your “idea”. You have to make it happen. You have to put in the research and create consistent, quality content. And that means grinding out during the foundational steps of building your business.

This is true 100% of the time. Being your own boss is no different. In fact, if you were to ask 1000 self made millionaires how they got their start, they will be very happy to tell you about how they had to grind it out in the beginning, working jobs no one wanted to work, putting in so many hours they barely had time to sleep.

The great thing with online business is that when you have the right training you’re already on the path that so many of those success stories struggled so hard to find.

7. Focus On Knowledge Over Commissions Early On

But, Eric, the entire point of being your own boss is to make money and have financial freedom, right? Of course. But you have to do your very best to NOT GET IN YOUR OWN WAY early on in the process.

What do I mean by that?

It goes back to that mindset I spoke of just a few paragraphs up where I mentioned working for free in the early stages of your journey. It’s absolutely natural to have your human nature kick in and want results NOW. We all do.

But sometimes this makes us not trust a system that WORKS. We start telling ourself we are wasting time and we move on to the next shiny object when we were actually LEARNING AND GROWING.

Whenever you dive into training for something you want to do, remember the apt pupil mindset. If you were a month into medical school would you bicker about not making money treating your own patients? OF COURSE NOT. Focus on the KNOWLEDGE you are gaining knowing that REVENUE comes later.

8. Invest Into Yourself

image of silhouetted entrepreneurs with a arrow representing growth behind them

The best investments you can possibly make are the investments you make into yourself. Period.

Let’s face it. We spend money ALL THE TIME on things we don’t need. Yet when it comes to things that actually build us up like quality training we tend to kick the tires endlessly.

It’s called paralysis by analysis. We’re all guilty of it from time to time. But the investments we make into ourself will last us a lifetime.

Go out and seek the knowledge that can advance you. Sure, there’s plenty of free information out there online, but sometimes it’s necessary to make an investment into yourself to get the right training that gives you the right processes to put all the free information in a linear sequence you can follow.

9. Start Small, Then Scale Out and Grow

image showing a photographer using a camera

When you’re creating an online business, it’s important to start with a specialized niche. What I mean by that is that you don’t want to choose a broad niche like “travel”.

Think about someone arriving at your travel niche website. With such a broad niche they wouldn’t be sure what they were going to find. Instead of finding the camping supplies they were looking for, they find travel photography.

Now imagine if you had tightened your niche to travel accessories. Now someone arriving at your site knows exactly what they’re going to find. This creates conversions because they’re not arriving at your site looking for anything else than what you provide.

As you grow your business, now you can scale out. From travel accessories you may start including whole new subsections like popular travel cameras as well, and so on. Your traffic grows, your conversions grow, and so does that all important revenue.


There is so much opportunity to be had online. Now more than every people are finding ways to build websites that create new revenue streams and become their own boss. Do you know how to do what you want to do? Are you ready to break from the pack and call the shots as an entrepreneur?

Following the 9 steps in this checklist is step 1. With hard work, patience, focus, and the right training, you can accomplish any goal you set for yourself. Work from home, or work from anywhere!

Why not you?
Why not now?


Do you have a better idea now of how to do what you want to do? What’s your dream job? What hurdles have you come across in the past that have help you back? Share your story in the comments below!

Were there any key steps you feel I should have added to this checklist? Have questions for me? Don’t hesitate to chime in below and let me know. I love hearing from you and I’m always ready to respond.

Image of a boss at his laptop. If you want to know how to do what you want to do and be your own boss, it's time to pay attention to this checklist

How to Do What You Want to Do – The Be Your Own Boss Checklist

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