companies have done the unthinkable and changed the taxi industry forever. Once
dominated by private companies, we now see many independent contractors working
for themselves as Uber and Lyft drivers.

It’s a great
way to make full- or part-time income, but it does require commitment.

companies did a lot of little things right to become the success stories
that they are today. One aspect of their marketing has and continues to be
social media marketing. These companies have used social media to their

And there’s
a lot to learn from the strategies that they employ:

Referral Codes Have Promoted Growth and Losses

referral program is huge, and the program has allowed many passengers to
receive a free ride with Uber. The free ride has a cap, but it is still a loss
for the company. Smaller businesses that are not as well-funded have the option
to offer a discount rather than something for free.

personalized referral codes, the company has been able to use their drivers as
a walking advertisement for Uber.

share referral codes and information with their friends
and family. Uber benefits from the new customers, the driver makes money and
the company grows as a result. Drivers can also refer other drivers and earn
extra incentives as a result.

Social Media Influencer Strategy

Want to
jumpstart your social media campaign immediately? Bring celebrities on board.
This is a lot easier than you think, but it does require reaching out to
influencers. Now, influencers exist in every niche. Even if they’re not Michael
Jordan or Shaq, they still have an audience that your company needs to find

Lyft drivers can see this in action with the company’s “Undercover Lyft” series. The company has rides on
YouTube with some of the biggest celebrities in the world, from Demi Lovato to
Chance the Rapper and Odell Beckham Jr.

But this can
also be done by bringing influencers in on your marketing campaign.

can be anyone from models to YouTube personalities or even popular bloggers in
your niche. Reach out to these influencers, and even see if they’ll be on board
for a sponsored post.

Share the Love on Social Media Accounts

Lyft does a
great job with storytelling on their Instagram account. The company’s social
media account has stories from people all over the world. The concept is
perfect because it gives followers a bigger platform to promote on.

If done
properly, this can result in a viral campaign.

Choose the
right person to feature, and they will share the post with friends and family.
The person will also share the post on their social media account because it’s
rather exciting to be promoted on a major social media account like Lyft’s

Time and
effort will lead to success with social media marketing.

All you need
is that one post to pick up traction to become a viral hit. Continue with your
social media strategy and you’re bound to find success.

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