Keala Kanae scam reviews - is AWOL Academy a scam or legit?

Are you doing your due diligence looking for Keala Kanae scam reviews before jumping in with his VERY high ticket AWOL Academy affiliate marketing training course? If so, you’re in the right place.

In this article I’m going to show you how Keala Kanae has become an affiliate marketing guru. I’ll give you a full AWOL Academy review breaking down all the training you get with his AWOL Academy courses & most importantly whether it’s worth the $10k-20k price tag it carries.

Is Keala Kanae and his training a scam or not? Let’s dive in and see first hand.

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Keala Kanae Scam Reviews – Is AWOL Academy Worth its Lofty $10k-$20k Price Tag?

Let’s get something straight right away. Keala Kanae is NOT a scam artist. Too many people throw the “scam” word around just because they don’t like something or they feel it’s too expensive.

image of a huge pile of red and white "scam" signs

The definition of a scam is when there is an exchange of money without any product or service being delivered. I recently wrote a review on a free watch scam targeting Instagrammers. The people targeted thought they were getting 5 watches free while only needing to pay shipping. Yet after they pay, no watches are ever delivered. That is a scam.

Or maybe you’ve seen copycat website scams like this one that use the name of a trusted service to lure you into buying their lesser product.

I’ve also done reviews on network marketing platforms like World Ventures, Organo Gold, and more. Many people hear the words “downline” or “recruiting” and instantly think scam.

There is a difference, however, between businesses that aren’t a good investment and businesses that are actual illegal scams.

So just because AWOL Academy is very, VERY expensive, that does not make it a scam. The question is if AWOL Academy is worth the $10k-$20k you’ll have to pay to get all the training completed. What will you get for this huge investment?

Let’s take a look at how AWOL Academy started, who Keala Kanae is, and why there’s so much scam talk when it comes to this high-ticket training.

Keala Kanae & AWOL Academy – The Beginning

the founders of AWOL Academy - Kameron George and Keala Kanae

Researching the Keala Kenae biography finds that he founded AWOL Academy along with Kameron George in 2015. The acronym AWOL stands for “Another Way Of Life”. They are also attached to Global Affiliate Zone and Elite Push.

If you check out or, you’ll surely hear his story. From working at a coffee shop for minimum wage not too long ago he now tells his story of helping others find success online while living a life he never could have imagined.

Personally, one of the things that turns me off a little bit when I see a business opportunity online is the mandatory scenes of fancy cars and huge mansions. AWOL Academy is definitely guilty of this.

screen shot of a video with Keala Kanae greeting you inside what he claims is his mansion
screen shot of a video with Kameron George greeting you from the same mansion

In the first video, Keala Kanae describes the mansion as his home. In the other, Kameron George describes it as AWOL Academy Headquarters. There are no pictures on any of the walls, and it doesn’t really look lived in. But, that’s just a personal observation.

AWOL Academy Review – Scam or Legit? A Look Into the High Ticket Training Modules

When you sit in on one of AWOL Academy’s “live” webinars, you see a lot of high energy, young entrepreneurs talking about a great “Done For You” system. “Plug in and this system will do 90% of the work for you.”

In my experience, never buy into a system claiming you only need to do 10% of the work.

By the end of the pre-recorded webinar, there was enough of a grab to make me feel that the $99 ask wasn’t so bad for everything I would get. However, would I have felt that way if I knew $99 was the beginning of a $10k-$20k investment to get the complete system? No.

Let’s go module by module and do a full AWOL Academy review and show you what you get for your dollar. I’ll show you how, in my opinion, the training starts off on the right foot, and then immediately dives into expensive upsells.

$99 Pro Academy

screenshot of the AWOL Academy Pro Academy training module

AWOL’s Pro Academy is about setting up the foundation of your business for those new to affiliate marketing.

The training includes setting up your a sales funnel, generating traffic, leads, and customers for your business.

Keala Kenae walks you step by step through the course lessons within Pro Academy. He’s very thorough through 4 separate modules that include a whopping 25 videos.

This is not a bad investment for $99 considering how much you’re given.

To access this module, you watch a welcome video, set up your profile, and answer questions about yourself specifying your goals. You’ll then watch another video on how Keala & Kameron got started with affiliate marketing.

Next, it’s time to schedule the “coaching call”. Chances are that if you’re here at this article, then you didn’t like the tone of the call and it started raising red flags for you.

Personally, I felt like this was a pressured sales call. There were several mentions of “How bad do you want this?”, and “Could you possibly move some money around to free it up? This is your business we’re talking about”.

There are a few upsells as well within AWOL’s Pro Academy. Landing pages, email auto responders, & split testers each have monthly costs to them to get started.

  • The landing page program costs $48-$79 per month
  • The email auto responder costs $15 per month
  • The split testing program costs $12-$17 per month.

Again, I feel that this module has enough value for the $99 ask. In fact, if you were to purchase this module along with the next, you’d have nothing to feel bad about. The problem is that they are really setting you up for some massive upsells.

$49 Internet Income Explained

screen shot of AWOL Academy's Internet Income Explained training module

This low priced training module teaches you the basics of internet marketing. You’ll learn the basics of online sales processes and how digital marketing works.

Included in this module are 4 video modules that discuss AWOL Academy’s business & “marketing mindmap”. Also included is a fast track formula and ideas for scaling your business.

Up to this point the training has been reasonably priced. This is the point where AWOL Academy ramps the prices WAY UP. Each of the following modules gets exponentially more expensive than the last.

$447 Inbox Academy

Screenshot of AWOL Academy's Inbox Academy Training Module

This is training on how to get your email list growing.

Email lists are used to remarket. You’ve probably seen many popular websites with pop up opt-in forms. These forms will ask for the reader’s email, usually in exchange for a free piece of training or a free gift.

The reader submits their email, receives their free gift, and their email is now in a saved list where they can be reached out to with future offers and promotions.

At $447, I personally feel this training is overpriced. Email autoresponder services like AWeber already have a monthly cost to them. Included in that cost is plenty of training on how to use them to maximize your success.

Further, the affiliate marketing training community where I call home has hours of webinar training on email marketing like this at a fraction of the cost.

$1797 Conversion Academy

Screenshot of AWOL Acsdemy's Conversion Academy

With every online business you need to understand how to turn traffic into conversions. You cannot have any revenue without traffic and, most importantly, conversions.

The almost $2k Conversion Academy claims to hold AWOL Academy’s most coveted conversion secrets.

From the AWOL Academy website: “Discover how to integrate hypnotic language, live presentations, story telling, persuasive copy, and more to create an irresistible desire within your audience that instantly compels them to take action on your products, services, and offers.”

Again, at almost $2k, I feel that this module is overpriced. And if you think that price point is high, they’re just getting started.

$2997 Traffic Academy

Screenshot of AWOL Academy's Traffic Academy training module

There’s some marketing genius going on here if you pay attention. You literally can’t get conversions without traffic. So if you want success with the previous Conversion Academy priced at $1797, then you HAVE to get their Traffic Academy priced at $3k.

This module teaches how to drive massive traffic to your sales funnels. Used in conjunction with Conversion Academy (of course), you should have a flood of happy customers.

There’s a pattern developing here, no? I feel the training in these modules is on point. It’s just heavily overpriced in my opinion.

Do I know of some much lower priced alternatives with great training that delivers on the same subject? Yes I do. The training community I’m a part of has over 300 hours of extensive webinar training covering traffic, conversions, email marketing, and much more. Get started free, try it out, and your first month of premium is only $19.

(Click on the image below for webinar details.)

Screenshot of the Getting Traffic to Your Funnels webinar

$5497 Masters Academy

Screenshot of AWOL Academy's Masters Academy training module

From the AWOL Academy website: “Inside Masters Academy, we’ve brought in some of the world’s greatest minds when it comes to money management, strategic tax planning, investing, and more so that you can continue to build on your business success.”

As you can see this module is for managing your success and beyond. We are a far, far way from the $99 price point of the Pro Academy, aren’t we?

If you’re someone who can afford these high priced training modules, then more power to you. Just understand as someone who started as a complete newbie you don’t have to pay thousands to have great success in internet marketing.

In fact, no matter what your goal is, never let anyone talk you into paying tens of thousands just to find a way to do what you want to do with your life. Being your own boss is one thing, but emptying your bank account to get there makes no sense at all.

$9997 AWOL Elite

Being a part of AWOL Elite means you get weekly 2 hour webinars and personal mentoring & VIP private access to Keala and Kameron via an exclusive FB group. At $10k you can imagine that this is the ultimate high ticket VIP program AWOL Academy has available.

The AWOL Academy website no longer shows this module on their site. Have they changed the name? Taken it down? Or is it now by exclusive invitation only. I’m not sure.

Add up all the modules without AWOL Elite and you’ll have spent well over $10k. Throw in AWOL Elite and you’ve spent over $20k.

AWOL Academy’s Affiliate Program

With training modules that cost this much, any related affiliate program brings a potential for heavy returns. That is, if you know other people willing to pay this much for training.

So how does the AWOL affiliate program work?

  • AWOL Academy Affiliate Program Cost: $39.95/month.
  • Commissions: 30% of what your referrals purchase
  • Access to “Done For You” sales funnels
  • Must purchase Traffic Academy to participate

In other words, being a part of AWOL Academy’s affiliate program means spending $3000 (Traffic Academy) + $39.95/month.

The key question to ask yourself is do you know people willing to pay this much for affiliate marketing training when plenty of affiliate marketing training courses are available for less? If so, 30% commissions on high ticket training modules like these could really add up.


Keala Kanae is an affiliate marketing guru and co-founder of AWOL Academy. From modest beginnings he has turned himself into an internet marketing guru.

While AWOL Academy’s complete training costs anywhere from $10k-$20k, it is not a scam. You get actual training for your money. Keala Kanae is not a scam artist. He doesn’t steal your money away without delivering the product he promises.

The million dollar question (or better put $20k question) is IS AWOL ACADEMY WORTH IT’S EXPENSIVE PRICE TAG? In my opinion, the answer is no.

The $99 Pro Academy and $49 Internet Income Explained training modules are where I would stop if you absolutely want to get this training in your hands. For a much more affordable, complete training platform I highly recommend checking out my review of the training community I’m a part of.


Has this been one of the Keala Kanae scam reviews you agree with? Do you have experience with AWOL Academy? Do you think there is an AWOL Academy scam going on? Are you an AWOL Academy success story? How do you feel about the pricing?

Let me know in the comments section below! I love hearing your experiences and stories and I always reply.

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