About scam online stores claiming to sell Ray-Ban and other sunglasses

You can take this post as a review on Ray-Ban scam sites such as Rabnn, Raybxc, Raybbn, Raybw and so on. So, this post is to make you aware of Ray-Ban scam sites like Rabnn, Raybxc, Raybbn, Raybw
and so on which are claiming to sell the Ray-Ban glasses at a heavy discount price but in reality are fraudulent sites. So, you can take this post as Ray-Ban review to make you aware of Ray-Ban


Previously, there were multiple scam sites claiming to sell the Ray-Ban glasses but at the end, they just shut down their site without delivering the purchased items to their clients.


None of those scam sites had any link with Ray-Ban company, neither they were authorized seller to sell the Ray-Ban products. Those sites were intended to scam people from starting.



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The Ray-Ban scam sites like Rabnn, Raybxc, Raybbn, Raybw and so on were exactly similar. Almost all details provided in those scam sites were the same. So, it is clear that multiple Ray-Ban scam
sites were operating by the same cybercriminal.


However, now it looks like this cybercriminal come up with a new plan to scam people since most of the similar-looking Ray-Ban scam sites are now redirecting to the one site known as
BfGlasses.com which is claiming to sell the various kinds of sunglasses not only the Ray-Ban brand. So, you should also avoid BfGlasses online store.


Actually, the BfGlasses website itself looks suspicious. Even if Bf Glasses was not redirected from the previous Ray-Ban scam sites, then also BfGlasses website alone looks like a scam.


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Following are some warning bells to stay away from BfGlasses website:-

  • BFGlasses hasn’t provided any contact details. It hasn’t mentioned anywhere who and from where is operating BfGlasses website. However, legit online stores always provide detailed contact
    information such as detailed company’s address, warehouse’s address,  phone number and so on which all are missing in BfGlasses website.
  • BfGlasses hasn’t provided “Terms of Service” page which is the most essential page for any online store.
  • Like lots of scam sites, BfGlasses also has made its website very roughly. For example; its website theme and design is not so tidy, it hasn’t secured its website properly and so on.
  • Since BfGlasses website is not secured properly, so your personal and financial information might be stolen if you shop at BfGlasses.
  • BfGlasses is claiming to sell the sunglasses at a very low price compared with the product specification that BfGlasses has provided on its product detail pages. Most of the scam sites offer
    such low price and then either don’t deliver any item or deliver a very cheap quality item which quality doesn’t match the specification that they have provided on their websites.

So, from every angle, you should avoid BfGlasses. That’s why we have listed BfGlasses within our Bad and Scams category including all
Ray-Ban scam sites like Rabnn, Raybxc, Raybbn, Raybw which are redirecting to the BfGlasses.

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are claiming to sell Ray-Ban and other branded and non-branded glasses:-

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