Most healthcare organizations and professionals use their websites to market their services and attract patients. However, just because someone has visited your site does not mean that they will convert into a customer. The success of a healthcare site is not determined by the amount of traffic, but by the number of people who convert. 

Here are 6 foolproof strategies for boosting your conversion rate:

1. Use testimonials

According to a recent research, 62% of patients read online reviews when looking for healthcare services. Therefore, patient testimonials are one of the best ways of adding credibility to a site and engaging visitors. To boost conversions, dedicate a section of your site to success stories from former patients. The testimonial should comprise a short narration of the patient’s experience, as well as before and after pictures for proof (if possible). However, be sure to get the consent of the patients before adding their stories to your site.

2. Add strong calls to action

Having eye-catching and clear calls to action (CTAs) is another powerful strategy for increasing your conversion rate. The purpose of a CTA button is to show visitors what to do next. For instance, if you have an article about mental health, you could add a button that says ‘Sign up to our mailing list to learn more’. Use the right size of buttons, color and placement to maximize the effect of your calls to action. However, avoid having too many CTAs on the same page since this will only confuse your visitors. 

3. Offer live chat

Visitors to your site are likely to have questions about your services or organization. If they cannot get answers immediately, they may simply leave and go elsewhere. Having a live chat feature on your website allows potential patients to chat with a customer representative in real time. Responding to customer inquiries quickly will significantly enhance your chances of making conversions. 

4. Keep forms short

Most people don’t have the time or patience to fill in lengthy forms on healthcare websites. If you want your visitors to fill a form, keep it as short as possible. Only include fields that are very important such as name, location, email address and maybe the problem or question. For the question or problem, you could have a drop down list instead of requiring the visitor to type. 

5. Establish expertise

Visitors will want to know if your surgeons or physicians are qualified enough to treat them. Highlighting the expertise of your healthcare professionals is an effective way of building credibility, especially with first-time visitors to your site. Provide information such as institutions of study, degree(s) obtained, number of years in the industry, industry recognitions and awards won. 

6. Analyze your results

Web analytics is a very crucial resource for any healthcare practice that wants to boost its conversion rates. It involves monitoring how potential patients behave on your site, so that you can improve their experience to boost your clicks, conversions and sales. You can use tools such as Finteza to collect and process data such as:

  • Web traffic – The total number of visitors to your site in a specific period 
  • Unique visitors – People that have visited for the first time
  • Views – The number of times a page has been viewed
  • Clicks – The number of times a link has been clicked

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