On Wednesday, Lytics announced a new enhancement to its customer data platform (CDP): the ability to “manage and orchestrate” customer journeys with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Increasingly, marketers want to have a single view that stretches across an entire customer journey. And they want that view to take into account all different types of insights about the customer and his or her behavior.

Added capabilities from this integration include:

  • Exporting audience segments from Lytics to Salesforce
  • Using events captured in Lytics (purchases, email opens, etc) to trigger new experiences (such as an email or text) in Salesforce
  • Switching between Lytics and Salesforce within the same customer journey in order to deliver optimal experience

This adds to Lytics’ list of integrations with Facebook, SendGrid, and a number of other martech tools.

Lytics customers include brands such as Nestle, The Economist, Atlassian, Heineken, and Yamaha, among others.

In a blog post on the update, Lytics Product Marketing Manager Angel Jones wrote:

“You can start the orchestration of a customer journey in Lytics, hand it off to a downstream tool to start an ad or email campaign, and bring new insights back into Lytics to determine who’s ready for the next piece of content.”

And commenting on the announcement, Lytics CEO James McDermott said:

“The best customer journeys are an open road. And for us, that means giving marketers the freedom to choose multiple paths by integrating with their existing marketing technology stack. Our customers love how simple it is to build, view the actionable insights, and manage campaigns in our Journey Canvas. It’s about helping marketers deliver the best customer experience using a best-of-breed approach.”

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