30-second summary:

  • 35% of marketers said their marketing budgets were decreasing, the slump, however, shows signs of recovery in the past week
  • On the contrary, 36% increasing spend on marketing technology while 40% of marketers chose to maintain the same budgets for martech spending
  • ‘Content and experience’ and ‘data’ are the top two technologies marketing leaders are keen on purchasing
  • The least preferred technologies were ‘Social and relationships’ and ‘Management’

We’ve been tracking six core marketing trends since May 1st to identify industry dynamics and project marketing leaders’ thoughts about their budgets, marketing technology spend preferences and more.

There have been some remarkable shifts since the first report was released. Read on to derive some exciting insights.

Marketing budgets overall see a recovering uptick

As the global recession continues to surge, the figures mentioned below reinstate the downward movement trend for marketing budgets. However, if you observe the graph shared below closely, you will see a recovering trend in marketing budgets towards May 20th.

Here’s what marketers had to say about it:

  • 35% of marketers said their marketing budgets were decreasing
  • 20% of marketers said their marketing budgets were increasing
  • 44% of marketers said their marketing budgets were staying the same 

Benchmark survey insights marketing budgets for martech industry

On the contrary: More marketers are increasing spend on marketing technology

As per the seven day rolling average results of our benchmark survey, 37% of marketers were increasing their spends on marketing technology. This showed a 3% rise as compared to our previous data set released earlier this month.

  • 22% decreasing spend on marketing technology
  • 36% increasing spend on marketing technology
  • 40% maintaining the same spend on marketing technology


Key insights spend on martech

Content and experience champions marketers’ interest

The latest sequence of overall rankings shows that ‘content and experience’ and ‘data’ are the top two technologies.  However, commerce and sales climbed one position ranking fourth while technology related to social and relationships slipped one position to rank fifth. Management oriented technology continues to stay at the bottom of the marketing leaders’ stacks.

  1. Content & Experience
  2. Data
  3. Advertising & Promotion
  4. Commerce & Sales
  5. Social & Relationships
  6. Management

Type of tech martech industry

Marketers’ technology purchase preferences: Segmented view

We further dug into each of these segments to derive a seven-day rolling average which is as follows:

  • 21.4% chose Content & Experience
  • 21% chose Data
  • 17.3% chose Commerce & Sales
  • 17% chose Advertising & Promotion
  • 14.8% chose Social & Relationships
  • 8.2% chose Management

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