30-second summary:

  • Consumers face a plethora of promotional choices and offers with a need to stand out
  • Marketing and development discord can cause bottlenecks with time to market.
  • In the first ClickZ Tech Talk series, Talon.One CEO and Co-founder, Chris Gerber shares some insights into its API first technology.
  • He highlights how Talon.One is helping leading brands such as Ticketmaster, ZipCar, and Burger King to run flexible promotion marketing campaigns that perform without wasting development time and marketing money.
  • Knowing how you can build a promotional stack that integrates with broader martech is essential.

According to Forrester research, over three-quarters of US adults belong to at least one loyalty scheme. However, they also think that the majority of these schemes are similar.

In an environment where consumer behavior has shifted so rapidly, organizations are shifting their priorities towards understanding the customer and standing out from the crowd.

When it comes to promotions and loyalty programs, consumers face a plethora of choices, and it is up to the marketer to ensure they receive the right offer at the right time with ease and efficiency.

Those who are creative and can tailor their offers and rewards and respond rapidly will win in such competitive times.

In the first ClickZ Tech Talk series, Talon.One CEO and Co-founder, Chris Gerber shares some insights into its API first technology.

Gerber also shares and shows how it is helping leading brands such as Ticketmaster, ZipCar, and Burger King to run flexible promotion marketing campaigns that perform without wasting development time and marketing money.

Launched in 2015 by Chris Gerber, Sebastian Hass, and an experienced team of developers and entrepreneurs, Talon.One is on a mission to be the leading Promotion Engine for businesses across the globe.

Its one-stop solution empowers marketers, alongside business and product teams to maximize their creative ability while reducing the developer time and resources that often hinders the performance of promotion campaigns.

The promotional challenge

Promotions have been part of people’s every life since medieval times and the simple promotion of apples. For businesses that promote customers, methods have changed from the traditional means of word and hand to electronic mail and digitized banners.

Fast forward to today, and you have phone, web, microsites, mobile, and multiple social channels.

However, one thing has not changed. Regardless of your business, industry, or vertical – taking your customer’s promotion to market fast enough to respond to changes in both consumer behavior and in the market.

The Talon.One Solution

According to Gerber, one of the biggest challenges (and reason for starting Talon.One) was that although every company in every type of market need promotions and marketers have lots of ideas, creativity and flexibility were stifled.

Internal capabilities and processes – often between marketing, product, and development teams lead to reduced time to market, ineffective and out of date offers, and lagging ROI.

Talon.One’s uniqueness is its ability to serve clients across multiples industries and verticals. This can range from ecommerce to transport to food delivery to streaming and on-demand delivery.

In many ways, it is a one-stop-shop for promotions that include:

  • Product bundling
  • Loyalty
  • Wallet feature(s)
  • Couponing
  • Discounting
  • Discounting based on geofencing

The Talon.One platform offers an unlimited amount of functionality around promotion. In-fact anything where a user gets an incentive for a specific type of behavior.

Its API first product takes and adjusts data from customers, evaluates through their rule engine in ‘Talon Language’, and gives a solution and effect back.

Talon.One and the tech stack

There is no need to rebuild your promotional stack with Talon.One. Customers can rebuild their data models in talon one, which gives them unlimited flexibility for their customers.

Most importantly, the technology team does not have to worry about promotions anymore, and the marketing team does not have to worry about the tech team delivering on their promotion campaigns.

Talon.One is quick to point out, that it does not tell the right time, when, and where to get a promotion. It relies on other parts of your tech stack or organization to provide those insights as they believe the customer or the customer of the customer has the best handle on this.

Talon.One is a technology first console that allows you to create any type of promotions based on the knowledge you gain.

“If you look at the marketing tech stack, you have a lot of tools that make decisions for you,” says Chris Gerber, Talon.One’s CEO and Co-founder. “Talon.One sits a bit below that, in the infrastructure of the marketing tech stack. We are enabling marketers to work from the decisions and tools in your current stack and create and communicate the offer and afterward, validate the offer.”

Talon.One integrations

Talon.One offers integrations with a wide range of technology stack companies such as Optimizely, Braze, Hubspot, Salesforce, SAP and Adobe.

Customer success

Being able to serve any type of customer for any kind of industry has meant that a growing number of Enterprises are choosing Talon.One to create targeted and personalized promotions with ease and efficiency.

On top of Ticketmaster and Burger King sample customers includes Just Eat, Mercedes Benz, and Casper. With Ticketmaster, Talon.One is powering the user wallet by intuitively serving promotions.Talone.One - Case studyWith WeShare, a car-sharing company in Germany, they helped distinguish the company from its competitors with promotions and boosted redemptions by 420%.

The future

Talon-One is headquartered in Berlin and is looking to expand into the US and is currently looking into locations.

The ability to operate in any market with any type of customer while being able to rebuild your promotional models gives marketers unlimited flexibility with their promotional campaigns.

The technology means that campaigns can be launched in days rather than months, marketing to development lag is eliminated, and marketers can focus on being creative.

As Gerber puts it:

“You are only limited by how much imagination you have.”

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Andy Betts is a Chief marketer and digital hybrid with more than 25 years of experience in search, content marketing, digital, martech and operations working across London, Europe, New York, and San Francisco. He works as an adviser and consultant for technology companies, agencies, and leading Fortune 500 companies.

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