30-second summary:

  • Organizations are working with convoluted content management processes that aren’t scalable.
  • Lack of centralization can take valuable time away from creative teams.
  • In our latest Tech Talk series, Josh Van Dyk, censhare’s Vice President, North American Sales shares some insights into their Universal Content Management platform.
  • Learn how brands like Jaguar Land Rover, McDonald’s, GoPro, Toyota, and Dyson are utilizing the platform to efficiently create and deliver quality, contextualized, and exceptional content.
  • It is vital for organizations to power their brand forward with buyer-centric experiences. This is where censhare delivers excellence.

When it comes to content management, imagine not having to hunt for the most up-to-date assets, frantically looking for assets, or worrying about content rights or user permissions. Josh Van Dyk, Vice President, North American Sales at censhare talks about how organizations can significantly speed up their creative workflow.

About censhare

censhare was founded in 2001 with leading experts who specialized in solving complex client needs. The company quickly expanded into an international organization that now has over 300 employees spread across 9 countries. In 2017, they joined forces with Dumont that is a majority stakeholder and one of Germany’s largest media companies today. A privately held company, censhare has grown by over 20% in the past year and helped more than 300 customers transform their digital assets into powerful marketing content.

What problem is censhare’s platform solving?

Many organizations today have a convoluted content management process. They rely on siloed systems that aren’t scalable; especially when it comes to managing multiple brands, as a creative agency or as a global brand with hundreds or even thousands of employees. This lack of centralization can take valuable time away from their creative team.

Teams work with multiple systems, popular website builders, social channels, and tools to make sure that they have covered it all. With employees spending much of their time on manual tasks rather than powering the brand forward with buyer-centric experiences, the setback is bound to happen.


Source: censhare

The censhare Universal Content Management platform centralizes and automates your content so you can market on any channel and in any language. This leads to teams and employees spending less time on content admin and more on what really matters, like creating engaging content and enabling unique customer experiences.

With censhare’s offering, organizations can store any digital asset (including video, graphics, images, 3D and more) and transform those assets into powerful marketing content. This allows organizations to connect to their audience on any channel, in any language, at any time, locally and globally. With unified digital asset management at its core along with product information management and content management, customers can aim for a seamless brand experience.

censhare’s deliverance of excellence

censhare has been quality-crafted, keeping ‘content’ at its heart. By what the platform offers, customers can enable central management and global sharing, removing the complexity of working with multiple systems. This, in turn, empowers their staff with the freedom to create and transform content to suit the audience. censhare has a strong, well-documented integration which can be connected to any software with an open API.

Such is the excellence delivered by censhare’s platform that clients like Jaguar Land Rover, Dyson, McDonald’s and Bosch now have the freedom to create and deliver quality, contextualized, and exceptional content with efficiency.

censhare recently conducted a study alongside the London research Institute with over 700 brand marketers, business professionals, and agencies. The study found that 70% of the surveyed believe that they could add significantly more value to their business if the amount of content related admin work that they carried out was reduced. And this is exactly what censhare has to offer.

Other parts of the study concluded that nearly three out of five in the study claimed that they wasted a considerable amount of time on content related tasks. On the flip side, organizations with a centralized content hub were 3.5 times more likely to meet or exceed their communication goals.

Some features of the platform

With censhare, you can easily store, organize, and collaborate on all your branded assets and content in one place. Once a customer is onboarded, they and any approved collaborators can find, plan and personalize all digital assets for their target audience(s).

Users can also see the contextualized data of each asset, centralize communication, and track edits within the system. Global brands can easily create and transform their content from any region or language. This way, the brand is always represented appropriately for its intended audience.

  • Stored search lets you find information or digital assets that you’ve created or looked at within the past
  • Transparent view of all assets with detailed information
  • Gallery view shows all the different types of assets
  • Quick search functionality allows you to find content immediately
  • Auto-suggestions provided based on what the user is looking for
  • Preview content with different translations and channel types
  • Content editor allows you to easily publish any article or web update
  • View asset performance metrics such as traffic, likes, and dislikes

How does censhare stand out?

A majority of digital asset management software is still based on an outdated file structure that makes storing assets and searching for them tedious. This issue is magnified when it comes to the high amount of versions a single asset sometimes requires. censhare is uniquely positioned with an advanced technology based on their patent-pending graph database, which is incredibly fast at delivering contextualized, highly personalized content for your users.

censhare uses Artificial Intelligence that mimics the human brain on how it makes connections. censhare is best suited for brand managers, individual marketing contributors, product managers, and creative teams that are tasked with handling a large number of digital assets, with a mid-level and enterprise work environment in mind.

censhare has not only saved its client Jaguar Land Rover a lot of time but approx. £55 million over nine years. Now the brand is using censhare to manage over 100,000 assets between 11,000 employees and they’ve seen car sales double since 2012.

How censhare’s offering is a boon in pandemic times?

Within their operation and with their clientele, censhare continues to thrive in the COVID-19 world. They deliver well on their promise of enabling remote collaboration for teams in an efficient and effective way. By staying open to feedback and suggestions and with what their clients have to say, they’re able to work to create custom solutions.

The platform offers a seamless workflow (with a custom integration with Workfront) and helps produce brand content that is at scale and gives team members the ability to do it all from within the platform itself, which is critical to speeding up content and delivery processes.

Their processes are built on the latest technology and they are constantly innovating their feature set, so many analysts consider it a future-proof platform. censhare’s pricing model is based on the number of full and light users that you have and the number of modules that you need. They have competitive pricing that scales from mid-market to enterprise needs.

Short summary

The censhare platform works best for full-service marketing agencies, retailers, manufacturers, finance, and media and entertainment. Some of their esteemed clients include brands like McDonald’s, GoPro, Toyota, Dyson, and more. censhare clients like to work with the platform based on their unique content management needs.

Catherrine Garcia is an experienced Web Developer at WPCodingDev and a passionate blogger. 

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