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If you’re a brand or business that has already improved your search and discovery but still looking to get a wider but better online audience reach and conversions, Google Discovery Ads got you covered.

Unlike Google Display Network, Discovery Ads targets high-intent audiences. Because Discovery is AI-driven, this ad solves a problem or answers the user’s question automatically before it appears in the search bar rather than relying on the user query.

  • What are Discovery Ads?
  • Where Can You Find Discovery Ads?
  • Why Should You Use Discovery Ads
  • Key Takeaway

What are Discovery Ads?

Discovery Ads are high-quality visual native ad format. It aims to create a visual experience and generates demand at the same time. These ads show to customers what they want before they even know it.

Google’s Discovery contains either a single high-quality image ad or carousel. The carousel enables the user to interact by swiping through its multiple image ads.

While the Display Ads’ goal is to create awareness to customers, the goal of discovery is to drive customers’ interest and lead them to take action. This makes the latter even more beneficial to e-commerce businesses because it generates higher engagement and conversion rates than Display ads. Talk about cost-efficient and effective ad campaigns!

Where Can You Find Discovery Ads?

Discovery is in three major Google properties: YouTube’s mobile home feed, Google Discover feed, and Gmail’s Social and Promotions tab.

Discovery Ads in YouTube mobile Discover feed and Gmail Promotions Tab

Photo grabbed from Google’s Think With Google


YouTube: You can find this ad in YouTube’s mobile home feed. With YouTube as the second largest search engine and its home feed as a highly visible location, it’s a great place to catch your potential customer’s interest.

Google Discover: The Discover feed keeps its users posted with news, topics, and events tailored to their interests. To date, it has 800 million monthly users which makes it an ideal place to make your brand known.

Gmail: You can find Discovery Ads in Gmail’s Social and Promotions tab. Currently, Gmail has 1.5 billion users worldwide, so you can make your brand visible without being intrusive to users’ inboxes.

Why Should You Use Google Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads eliminate a lot of estimation or rough calculations from paid advertising. Aside from that, there are other benefits to using discovery:

Its ads campaign reach is extensive

Now more than ever, its ads work to your advantage as a brand. It can help you reach up to 3 billion mobile users across three Google placements.

In comparison with traditional display ads, these ads are eligible to appear in YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, as well as Gmail’s Social and Promotions tab.

It’s visually enticing

Instagram and Pinterest may have provided inspiration for Discovery. Take a look at both of these social media channels and you will find a showcase of products using either a single high-quality image or a swipeable carousel of multiple images.

This immersive format allows brands to create and tell their stories. E-commerce businesses can use this to engage and nurture their audience with their stories.

It’s more targeted and relevant

Discovery ads are AI-powered. It means you don’t need extensive research about your audience. You can create content tailored to the needs of audiences interested in your product.

It’s automated

Every business owner knows the benefit full automation brings in advertising, and that’s what Google’s been doing over the years. Discovery Ads’ features are fully automated as well.

It’s less time-consuming to monitor campaigns because machine learning and AI optimizes Discovery Ads. As for managing ad budget, Google takes this laborious task out with maximized conversion bidding and target CPA.

Key Takeaway

Google Discovery Ads have been making waves since their launch in 2019, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s changing the way we do traditional ads. AI makes it easy to determine which headlines, messaging, or images convert best.

In addition, it relies heavily on high-quality visuals which easily delights one’s eyes and in turn creates a more compelling experience for the user to scroll through. Discovery Ads are a strong force to be reckoned with.

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