GetRefunds .com doesn’t seem to be a legit website because there is not any contact information on its website. Mostly legit sites will provide the contact information like email address, company address, contact phone number, which are all missing on Getrefunds site.

It says it will help people to get a refund from a scam site, but it sounds too good to be true. How can it help people to get a refund? How can it catch those scammers? Concerned department are trying to track down the scammers from ages, but still lots of scammers slip away. So, it’s very difficult, actually almost impossible task to get refund from the scammers. Only credit card companies or entities like PayPal can help to get a refund, but even they have failed to get a refund multiple times. So, how can it help to get a refund?

In the case when Credit Card company, Bank or PayPal can help to get a refund, we even don’t need to contact this company. And in the case when Credit Card company, Bank or PayPal can’t help for a refund, how it can help? And how can we trust it when it is not giving us its own contact information?

What do you think? Do you agree? If not, then please feel free to post your opinion below.

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