Wealthy Affiliate Review FAQs

In this Wealthy Affiliate review, I’m covering 70 Wealthy Affiliate frequently asked questions that you NEED to know the answer to before you join.

If you have a specific question that you’re looking for, just skim the table of contents below, click on any question, and you can go straight to the answer.

I’ve grouped these questions in a way that covers the basics early on, “What is Wealthy Affiliate?, “Is Wealthy Affiliate legit?”, “Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?”, “How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost?”, etc.

Then I dive into the training covering what Wealthy Affiliate teaches and doesn’t teach.

Finally, I jump into Wealthy Affiliate complaints and even cover some false claims made by other Wealthy Affiliate reviews put together by lazy bloggers who apparently didn’t do enough research.

All in all, we’re covering all the Wealthy Affiliate pros and cons and FAQs so you can determine for yourself if this affiliate marketing training platform is the right fit for you. 

If you decide you want to take Wealthy Affiliate’s training for a spin, you can create your free starter account here and you’ll even get me as your support coach.

1. Why I should I listen to you?

This is a very fair question to be asking right now.

I’ve been in affiliate marketing since January of 2017. As a firefighter and paramedic, I had no background in affiliate marketing. Building websites was not my wheelhouse by any means.

My passion is to travel. In fact, I’m completely addicted to solo travel.

If you follow me on Instagram (@batmantravels), you can see all the doors that affiliate marketing has opened for me.

All those travels are funded by the affiliate marketing business I’ve grown thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, I know what you’re going to say. You’re thinking I’m going to be heavily biased in the way I present this, right?

I can assure you every single answer I give is straightforward, honest, transparent, and even blunt. If you have any issue with any answer I give, by all means, hold me accountable in the comments section below the article.

That’s what it’s there for. Tell me why you agree or disagree. I’m reasonable.

Bottom line, the success I’ve had with Wealthy Affiliate means nothing to you if you’re not able to learn from the training platform. 

And that’s the whole point of this article.

2. What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate Logo

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training platform that shows you how to build niche websites in any niche of your choosing, how to monetize them, and finally how to turn them into consistent monthly revenue.

Whether you’re like me and have never done this before, or whether you have experience and are just trying to find that vehicle to take your business to the next level, Wealthy Affiliate has the training to help you reach your goals.

You’re shown step by step how to choose a profitable niche, how to build your own website, and then how to drive massive, targeted traffic to that website.

And once you get people to your site, you’ll learn how to monetize that traffic in many different ways, including affiliate marketing, social media marketing, ad revenue, etc.

That’s what Wealthy Affiliate teaches you from beginning to end.

3. Is Wealthy Affiliate listed on Trustpilot?
4. What is Wealthy Affiliate’s Trustpilot score?

trustpilot logo

Trustpilot is a third-party service that basically shows the credibility of different online businesses.

Now, just so you understand, Trustpilot doesn’t just blindly accept reviews. They actually do their due diligence to make sure that these reviews are credible and legit.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Trustpilot score with 488 reviews is rated as “excellent” with 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Wealthy Affiliate Trustpilot score

5. What is affiliate marketing and how does it work? 

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is all about connecting people online with the products and services that they’re already searching for.

how affiliate marketing works

It’s a process that many of us have participated in without even realizing it.

Let’s say you’re looking to go on vacation and you want to buy a travel camera. You might make a Google search for “best travel camera” and see what Google pops up in its results.

You click on the top result and find a listing with several different cameras, all with different specs and price points.

You click the “Buy It Now on Amazon” button, and just like that, two days later, it’s at your doorstep.

Well, did you know that an affiliate marketer earned a commission off that sale?

That link that you clicked on that took you from the review to Amazon is an affiliate link. The affiliate marketer who wrote the review gets a commission for every sale made when someone clicks on his affiliate link and makes a purchase.

He or she connected you with the product that you were searching for and because of his or her affiliate partnership with the merchant, in this case, Amazon, he or she earns a commission based on that sale. 

That is affiliate marketing in a nutshell and it’s a process we’ve all participated in countless times.

6. Do you need your own products or services to use Wealthy Affiliate?
7. Can you sell your own products or services using Wealthy Affiliates training?

To be successful in affiliate marketing you don’t need your own products or services.

Just like in the previous example with the travel camera, you’re connecting your target audience with the products they’re searching for, they make their purchase from the merchant, and you earn a commission.

What if you do have you own products? Can you sell your own products or services using the training at Wealthy Affiliate? Absolutely.

online shop

it’s all about driving targeted traffic to your website. That’s really the name of the game.

And once you have that traffic on your website, you can monetize that traffic in any number of ways, including selling your own products or services.

8. Is Wealthy Affiliate legit?
9. Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

As we saw in the Trustpilot question, Wealthy Affiliate is legit.

Wealthy Affiliate is simply a training platform that teaches affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion-dollar industry bringing in $8 billion yearly for the US alone.

What does that tell us? It tells us that affiliate marketing is how so much of all online business is done. We see it every day in social media and we take part in the process countless times ourselves.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.

There are no false promises, no unrealistic revenue guarantees, no shady guru showing off luxury cars and promising a “done for you” system.

It is simply a straightforward, affordable, and thorough affiliate marketing training platform.

10. How long has Wealthy Affiliate been in business?
11. How many members are in the Wealthy Affiliate community?

Wealthy Affiliate has been in business since 2005 and is available in 193 countries.

Wealthy Affiliate years in business, credibility

This isn’t the new kid on the block. Wealthy Affiliate’s community is a global one with over 1.4 million members. They have credibility, they have tenure and out of those 1.4 million, there are about 800k active members.

12. How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

You learn affiliate marketing step by step through Wealthy Affiliate’s course lessons. (More on those later in this post.)

After explaining in detail how the affiliate marketing process works, the course lessons walk you step by step through the process of choosing a profitable niche.

Choosing a niche is an important step, and Wealthy Affiliate makes sure to key in on the fact that you need to choose a niche based on a real passion or genuine interest, not just dollar signs.

Next, they show you how to build a website based on that niche, and, of course, you can go in any direction you want.

This is one of the things that sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from so many other “sell and resell” training platforms. With those platforms, all you’re doing is buying their product then learning how to resell it. That’s not affiliate marketing.

With true affiliate marketing, you have full freedom to go in any direction.

You choose your niche, you’re then taught how to build a website (it’s actually quite easy and straightforward even having never done this before), and most importantly the bulk of the training is on how to drive traffic to that website in many different ways.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to partner with affiliate merchants and turn that traffic into consistent monthly revenue.

13. Who owns Wealthy Affiliate?
14. Where is Wealthy Affiliate based out of? 

Wealthy Affiliate has two co-founders, Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. Wealthy Affiliate is based out of Victoria, Canada.

15. Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM?
16. Is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme?

This is very common question. No Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM. Wealthy Affiliate is not a pyramid scheme.

First of all, what is an MLM? MLM Stands for multi-level marketing or network marketing.

These are the types of businesses you’ve seen many times, especially on social media, like Scentsy, Herbalife, Amway, where you hear about people “joining a team”, and the push is that all you have to do is a little bit and you’ll get paid on the efforts of the team with lots of large bonuses along the way.

In network marketing there’s lots of recruiting. You buy some of the product for yourself, sell some to customers, and then teach others how to do the same by recruiting them to your “downline”.

Wealthy Affiliate is nothing like that. Wealthy Affiliate has no downlines, no recruiting, no earning commissions from your downline.

What about pyramid schemes? How are they different from network marketing business models? A pyramid scheme is an illegal scam where money is exchanged but there’s no actual product or service being rendered.

A lot of times people think network marketing is a pyramid scheme because of its structure; you recruit people to your team who then recruit more, and so on. But network marketing is 100% percent legal because there are actual products involved.

Wealthy Affiliate is neither an MLM nor a pyramid scheme. It is an affiliate marketing training platform with no downlines and no recruiting.

17. Can you use the training at Wealthy Affiliate to grow your network marketing business?

Wealthy Affiliate trains you on how to drive targeted traffic to your content and to your website, no matter the niche. Since you’re in 100% control of what that content is, you could absolutely use your website to grow a legit network marketing business.

18. How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost?
19. Is Wealthy Affiliate free?
20. What are the tiers of membership inside Wealthy Affiliate?
21. Can you downgrade your membership?

For these answers, let’s dive right into the Wealthy Affiliate premium promo page.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Promo page

The Wealthy Affiliate premium promo page is great for comparing the features between the tiers of membership.

Wealthy Affiliate has the two tiers of membership. You might be looking at that page and thinking it looks like there are three tiers. However, the first tier is the free starter account.

I don’t consider the free starter account a “tier of membership” because it isn’t meant for you to stay there forever. The whole point of the free test drive is to see if the training is a good fit by allowing you to access the first 10 lessons.

When test driving any training platform, the question you need to be asking yourself is, “Can I learn from this platform?” That’s the whole point of a training platform, right? For you to learn.

With Wealthy Affiliate, it’s no different. Once you realize it’s a good fit and you’re learning, that’s when you upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate Premium at $49 per month or Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus at $99 per month. (Go through my links and the first month is also HEAVILY discounted too!)

There are also yearly payment options which save you even more.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t one of those platforms where you have to continue to buy training modules to complete it. Both premium and premium plus have 100% of all the core training. 

Premium plus just has some extra tools along the way. (More on that later in the post).

Whether you create your free starter account, no payment information is taken. All you enter is your email, a username and you’re in.

Personally, this was my favorite aspect of this training starting off. Knowing I could try it free of charge and see for myself if this was the right choice for me.

Also, you can downgrade at any time, so if you want to try out Premium Plus for a month you can do that and then downgrade back to Premium if that’s all you needed. Or maybe you jump back up to Plus for a couple months to take advantage of the extra tools and features you like.

You’re in control.

Create your starter account through any of my links and the very first month of premium and premium plus will be heavily discounted. You can actually get your first month of premium plus for the same price you would pay for premium!

Not bad at all.

22. How does the Wealthy Affiliate free starter account work? 

wealthy affiliate zero risk

The Wealthy Affiliate free starter account is a beginner package, $0 per month, totally free.

You don’t enter any payment information, and if you enroll through any of my links you get me as your personal support coach.

Understand, I don’t earn a single commission from a free starter account. So this really is your free shot to fully immerse yourself into the training, see if it’s a good fit, and ask me any questions you have along the way!

As a starter member you’ll have access to the first 10 lessons of both the Online Entrepreneur Certification & the Affiliate Bootcamp (More details on those in a bit). You’ll actually be able to start building your website starting in lesson 4!

You’ll start building your website on a free siterubix domain. This means your domain will end with “.siterubix.com” Whenever you decide you want to move it to a more professional .com domain, you’ll be able to register and purchase your domain right from inside Wealthy Affiliate and move it over with the touch of a button. (Domains are extremely cheap. Usually around $15.99/year.)

You’ll have limited access to some of Wealthy Affiliate’s features, such as access to live chat with the rmembers and posting questions in the forums for 7 days.

The whole point of the free starter account is for you to be able to answer one question: “Am I learning?” The second you can answer that question with a yes, upgrade to premium and unlock 100% of the core training. 

Get Started Now with Wealthy Affiliate Risk Free!

Create your free starter account with Wealthy Affiliate through my link and get me as your support coach! See if it’s a good fit for you and ask me any questions you have along the way. No payment info needed.

23. Are there upsells within Wealthy Affiliate?
24. What extra costs are there?

Technically there is an upsell from Premium to Premium Plus. However, there’s a major difference here between this upsell and the types of upsells you may have seen with other platforms.

Usually, other platforms will charge you for one module of the training and then to continue to charge you for module after module after module, each more expensive than the last, to complete your training.

Thankfully, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t work like this.

Both premium and premium plus have 100% of the core training. You’re not having to continue to shell out money to continue and complete your training.

Premium plus simply has a few extras like access to expert classes along with a couple of extra tools and features. And, of course, you can downgrade at any time. Normally with an upsell, you can’t give it back.

With regards to extra costs, the only extra cost is for domains.

A domain is just simply the address for your website. You can purchase a .com, .net, .org domain and register them right from inside Wealthy Affiliate. The extra cost is very affordable, usually around $15.99 per year.

25. What is Jaaxy?

jaaxy logo

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool fully integrated within Wealthy Affiliate. It shows you all the data related to the word for word searches your target audience is making into the search engines.

Why is this important?

When you understand what your audience is searching for answers to, you can then create content that is the answer to those searches.

Do it right, and when they type their search, your content comes up as the answer from Google. That means FREE TRAFFIC.

26. Is there training on how to use Jaaxy within Wealthy Affiliate?


Every single tool you have access to within Wealthy Affiliate has a massive amount of training behind it, not only in the core training but also member training as well.

Jaaxy is no different, with countless premium classes showing you exactly how to get the most out of it.

27. Is there training on how to do keyword research without a keyword research tool?

Yes, in addition to a great keyword research tool built into Wealthy Affiliate, there’s also some key insight on doing keyword research WITHOUT a tool by truly understanding what it is those tools look for.

I found this particular training extremely insightful and eye opening.

Wealthy Affiliate keyword research

Member training like this is something that really sets Wealthy Affiliate apart in my mind.

When you have a real understanding of what your audience is looking and can find the questions that few authority sites have answered and then create content that not only answers those questions but brings value, you can really start to build traffic and rankings fast and that’s what affiliate marketing is all about.

Traffic equals revenue!

28. Do you have to promote Wealthy Affiliate once you join?

This is an excellent question. No, you do not.

I think that comes as almost a surprise to many. You do not have to promote Wealthy Affiliate as a member of WA.

Wealthy Affiliate trains you on how to get started in affiliate marketing, true affiliate marketing. 

This is not simply a sell and resell. With so many platforms out there, you buy in with with a very expensive buy-in (or a low buy-in with massive upsells), and the entirety of their training is just showing you how to now sell the exact product you just got.

That’s not affiliate marketing. That’s showing you how to be a part of a single affiliate program.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to go into any niche of your choosing and be successful. You could build multiple websites across several different niches, none of which would have anything to do with Wealthy Affiliate. 

29. Does Wealthy Affiliate have an affiliate program?

Yes, it does. (And it’s a lucrative one).

If you decide you’d like to build one of your websites in the “make money online” niche (MMO), and want to target people who could benefit from a training platform like Wealthy Affiliate, the training in WA’s “Affiliate Bootcamp” walks you through that step by step.

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Bootcamp

It’s purely voluntary and earns members recurring monthly commissions when they refer people to join Wealthy Affiliate’s premium tier of membership.

30. Is Wealthy Affiliate a “done for you” program?

No, Wealthy Affiliate is not a “done for you” program.

Programs advertised as “done for you” are RED FLAGS! They sell you on the idea that you only need to do around 10% of the work while the program is so “full proof” that it will do all the work for you. No program can do “all the work for you” and be successful.

Unfortunately, so many of the affiliate marketing training platforms you see out there advertise themselves as “done for you” systems.

We all know better at this point, right? We know that’s not how business is done.

Thankfully, there are a handful of affiliate marketing training platforms that do actually focus on TEACHING rather than taking your money.

With Wealthy Affiliate, the websites you build are not cookie-cutter websites. They’re not already set up with content. Not at all.

You’re actually going to be choosing the direction for your website based on things you’re actually interested in. You’ll be creating the content yourself, and you’re shown step-by-step how to do that.

Even more importantly, you’re taught why strategies work and how to create the content Google is looking for.

You have to put in the work. The benefit is that you have much more sustainability because you are doing this right from the ground up.

Your traffic starts to build organically, the right way. You start monetizing that traffic and getting conversions!

You can do this over and over and over again with different websites because you have a full understanding of what your audience is looking for and how to create content that is the ANSWER to their searches.

That, to me, is true affiliate marketing training. When you see a program advertised as “done for you”, RUN!

31. Do you need experience before starting Wealthy Affiliate?
32. Is Wealthy Affiliate good for beginners?

Wealthy Affiliate is built for all levels, including beginners.

Wealthy Affiliate beginner

I started off with no experience at all in September 2016 and I can attest that the training simply delivers. The straightforwardness of the training and step by step building process is what won me over.

Each lesson has an extensive video tutorial, so for visual learners like me, this was perfect.

You go at your own pace, you can stop and go back to something if you don’t understand, and there’s a whole community there to help you as well.

The free starter account gives you access to the first 10 lessons so you can see if it’s a good fit first. And in those first 10 lessons you’ll be getting your hands dirty.

At lesson 4 you’re actually building your website! It’s legit.

33. Do you need a website to be successful with Wealthy Affiliate / affiliate marketing?

The technical answer to that is no, you do not need a website to be successful with affiliate marketing. As an example, you could do very well with affiliate marketing in YouTube simply using videos.

That being said, the most straightforward way toward affiliate marketing success is with by building website. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s main focus is building a successful affiliate marketing business using a website, but does cover the aspects of affiliate marketing success without a site like social media marketing, YouTube, instagram, etc.

34. How hard is it to build a website for affiliate marketing?

Even if you’ve never done it before, building a website is more straightforward than you think.

Very early on in your free starter account (lesson 4) you’ll have your very own website up and running, live on the web.

It’s just a matter of choosing your domain (you can create your first website using a free siterubix domain name and then upgrade it to a .com later, or choose one you already own), then choosing a theme, and you’re done!

Wealthy Affiliate build a website

Lesson by lesson you’ll be shown how to fill your website with the content your target audience is searching for. This is the content that drives traffic to your website so you can then have that revenue potential. 

35. How hard is it to build traffic for a website?

Traffic is truly the lifeblood of affiliate marketing. To build consistent traffic, you need to create consistent, quality content so Google can build that trust with you and your website.

Google search

Google wants nothing more than to put out the best possible answers to all the searches everyone is making online. If it doesn’t put great answers out there, then we’re going to stop using it.

Now, how does it go about doing that? It builds on trust. There are websites that have tenure and have lots and lots of content with lots of engagement.

These are the ones that Google looks at and says, “Okay, this website consistently delivers the answers.”

Remember, they didn’t start off that way. It simply takes time and consistent quality content.

Now, the great thing is, through keyword research, you’ll be able to find the topics your audience is looking for that have less competition. This means, done right, even as a starter website you’ll be able to rank at the top of Google’s search results.

That means free traffic! It’ll start first as a trickle, then grow into a stream, and through consistent content creation it can grow to a flood!

Don’t try to rush this step! Time is actually on your side. As you’re going through the training, learning how to build great content as you go, your website is developing trust with Google.

This is a good thing. Traffic doesn’t come overnight.

36. Who owns the free website you build in your starter account?

Wealthy Affiliate does not own your website. All the content within your website is yours and yours alone. If for whatever reason you leave, you can take it with you, it is 100% your content.

37. Does Wealthy Affiliate offer hosting?

Yes, hosting is included in your membership costs.

What is hosting? Hosting is simply the service of maintaining and keeping your website up and running, live and secure.

As a starter member, you’ll probably be working on a free domain, but once you go premium and decide to work on your very own .com, for example, the hosting at Wealthy Affiliate really shines.

You can check out some of Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting features and benefits below.

Wealthy Affiliate hosting

38. How many websites can you build / host inside Wealthy Affiliate? 

As a Wealthy Affiliate premium member, you can host and build up to 10 websites. As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus, member, you can host and build up to 50.

39. Can you use Wealthy Affiliate for hosting only?


By moving hosting from paid hosting services like Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc., over to Wealthy Affiliate where you can host up to 50 websites with hosting already included in your membership, that can add up to massive savings. 

40. How much do domains cost inside Wealthy Affiliate?

Registering and purchasing a domain at Wealthy Affiliate is very affordable at around $13.99 to $15.99 per year.

41. Do you have to host your website at Wealthy Affiliate?

No, you don’t. Let’s say you already have a domain that you bought elsewhere. You can keep your existing site right where it’s at. You don’t have to move it over.

42. What happens to your website if you leave?

If you were to leave Wealthy Affiliate, Wealthy Affiliate does not keep your content. You are able to take any purchased domain along with all your content and move it to any other hosting service of your choosing.

43. Who owns your content, you or Wealthy Affiliate?

You are the owner of 100% of your content. 

44. What does Wealthy Affiliate’s training look like?
45. What’s the difference between Wealthy Affiliate’s two training courses?

At Wealthy Affiliate there are two main course curriculums: the Online Entrepreneur Certification course and the Affiliate Bootcamp course.

With your free starter account, you have access to the first 10 lessons of each so you can give the training a test drive and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Let’s take a look first into the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification training

The Online Entrepreneur Certification course training is a five-phase, 50 lesson series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing a business within absolutely any niche you want.

As a free starter, you’ll have access to level one, or the first 10 lessons.

Within these introductory lessons you’re given a walkthrough of the Wealthy Affiliate members area, you’re introduced to the founders, you’re taught how affiliate marketing works, and then you start building!

You’re taught concepts like choosing a profitable niche, creating your website, keyword research, content creation, and much more.

The courses aren’t just text on a screen either. Each course lesson has its own in depth video walkthrough. Depending on the topic, some might be as brief as 5 minutes while others can be 30 minutes plus.

As a visual learner, I thoroughly enjoy the video tutorials.

As you progress through the levels you add and build more and more to fill out your site, tackling more advanced strategies like social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), and more.

The Affiliate Bootcamp is a seven-phase, 70 lesson series of courses, walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate. 

Wealthy Affiliate training courses affiliate bootcamp

Because you have the potential to build more than one website, you could ultimately have several websites across several different niches, some of which promoting Wealthy Affiliate and others across a whole wide array of niches of your choosing.

Just like with the OEC, each lesson has its own video tutorial, and the further you progress in the Affiliate Bootcamp the more advanced strategies you’ll learn.

Watch the YouTube video at the top of this post to get a sneak peek inside the lessons!

46. Is Wealthy Affiliate’s training outdated?

This is one of the common complaints you’ll see listed on Wealthy Affiliate reviews.

I can assure you, the training at Wealthy Affiliate is updated very, very regularly and is not outdated.

So where does the confusion come from? Let’s show an example.

Google+ was a social media platform that is now a sunset, it is no longer around. If you type in Google+ into the smart search inside Wealthy Affiliate you’ll notice it pulls up training on how to use Google+ effectively as a marketing tool, Google+ awesomeness, Google plus or minus.

Google plus Wealthy Affiliate training

This training is not part of Wealthy Affiliate’s core training. 

These are simply expert classes that were made at the time when Google+ was around and they are simply archived here.

Many Wealthy Affiliate reviews will pull up archived training and make the claim that Wealthy Affiliate is still teaching it as part of its core training. These claims are false.

The only examples of anything “outdated” you can possibly find inside Wealthy Affiliate is when a user interface has been changed and some of the video tutorials might reflect the old interface.

47. What key points does Wealthy Affiliate not teach?

There are a few areas of affiliate marketing that Wealthy Affiliate’s training does not focus on.

Single page websites: Wealthy Affiliate does not teach how to build one page websites and use paid ads to drive traffic to them.

Paid ads as primary way to get traffic: Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t teach using paid ads right out the gate as part of its core training. The training teaches members how to drive traffic to their content organically via keyword research, SEO, etc.

Later on in the training, once you know what is converting and what isn’t, pay-per-click (PPC) is introduced if you want to double down on content you know is converting and get it to a wider audience.

Starting out with PPC too early can lead to a massive money pit when you’re paying for click after click without conversions.

Done For You” systems: Wealthy Affiliate does not teach any type of done-for-you system. “Done For You” systems are very popular with many affiliate marketing training platforms, claiming to do 90% of the work for you and that you can basically “set it and forget it.”

Simply put, you cannot be successful in any type of business where you only put in a small percentage of work.

48. What are some false claims made by Wealthy Affiliate reviews?

There are many Wealthy Affiliate reviews out there written by lazy reviewers who don’t take the time to actually research their claims.

If you’d like to see this in greater detail, the video at the top of this post shows this point visually very well, point by point, starting at 42:14.

I want to point out and shine a light on what is currently the top Google result for Wealthy Affiliate review.

Wealthy Affiliate lazy review

Here’s the aspect of that Wealthy Affiliate review that I want to highlight here. This is under the subheading “What key points does Wealthy Affiliate not teach?”

false claims of what Wealthy Affiliate doesn't teach

Here’s the thing. Wealthy Affiliate literally teaches every single one of these points. That’s how bad of a Wealthy Affiliate review this reviewer has put together, and it’s currently ranking at #1 on Google.

This is why due diligence is so important. This particular reviewer tells of how he spent a whole 40 hours researching Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s about a week.
I’ve been at this since January 2017.

Again, the video at the top of this post goes into great detail visually showing how Wealthy Affiliate teaches every single bullet point on his list, point by point.

Here’s 3 quick screenshots on 3 of those points the lazy reviewer claims Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t teach. You can check out the rest in the video.

Of course Wealthy Affiliate teaches about affiliate disclosures.
They even give you an easy to use template set up and ready to go…

Wealthy Affiliate affiliate disclosure

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate has an abundance of training on YouTube SEO…

Wealthy Affiliate YouTube SEO training

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate teaches Instagram…
In fact, I teach MULTIPLE classes on the subject personally…

Wealthy Affiliate instagram training

49. Does Wealthy Affiliate teach social media marketing?
50. Does Wealthy Affiliate teach YouTube SEO?
51. Does Wealthy Affiliate teach landing pages?
52. Does Wealthy Affiliate teach email marketing?
53. Does Wealthy Affiliate teach local SEO?

Yes to all. The best way to answer this question is to see it visually from inside the Wealthy Affiliate members area. For that, check out the video at the top of this post and skip to 49:23.

54. How do Wealthy Affiliate expert classes work? 

One of the really cool aspects of Wealthy Affiliate’s training is the ability to sit in on expert classes.

These are hour long webinar style classes that are streamed live almost every single day. Don’t worry If you miss the live stream, the replay is available within hours.

The topics covered in the expert classes range from beginner to expert and cover just about every aspect of affiliate marketing you can think of. Some expand on topics covered in the core training, while others venture into topics not covered in the core training.

Personally, I think they’re AWESOME! And I’m not just saying that because I teach some of them.

I’ve gained so much insight watching expert discuss topics like this.

As you can see here on the calendar, the vast majority of the expert classes are available for Premium Plus members (that’s what the crown designates). Expert classes that are available to Premium members are done every Friday.

Wealthy Affiliate expert classes calendar

Wealthy Affiliate expert classes are meant to be complimentary to the core training.

In my opinion, the best way to watch is live. When you watch live you have a live chat window where you can not only interact with the other members in the class, but you can also ask questions directly to the instructor.

Wealthy Affiliate expert classes are an EXCELLENT way to imprint some of the more complex affiliate marketing techniques and strategies into your brain in a way that you 100% understand them. It’s one of the major perks of the Premium Plus tier of membership.

55. How good is Wealthy Affiliate support?

Wealthy Affiliate support is, in my opinion, second to none. In fact, even that lazy Wealthy Affiliate review I mentioned earlier states that Wealthy Affiliate’s support is solid.

Wealthy Affiliate site support

Wealthy Affiliate Site Support is there if you have any kind of technical issues with your website.

It’s made up of the engineers that are absolute experts in keeping your website running with no issues. This isn’t a “go-between” person reading off a script. This is the actual engineer that fixes the problem.

They’re superb.

Need to move a domain over from another hosting provider to Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting? Site Support’s got you covered. Install a plugin and now your site is frozen? Site Support will revert your site to a previous save. Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Support is literally second to none.

In addition to support for technical issues, you always have member support via live chat where you can ask any question at all. You can also post your question in a forum to get a multitude of helpful responses.

56. How quickly does Wealthy Affiliate support respond?

Site Support response is usually within 3-5 minutes.

57. Does Wealthy Affiliate work? Does Wealthy Affiliate make you money?
58. How quickly will you make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate works.

Wealthy Affiliate is all about training you on how to be successful affiliate marketing. The step by step process takes you from the foundational beginnings of choosing your niche all the way to advanced concepts.

Even as a complete beginner the training is straightforward and easy to understand.

For me personally, the lesson keyword research basically blew me away. When you learn how to turn Google into a tool for your business instead of a time waster, it’s like in unlocks the internet for you and all your hear is “cha-ching!”

While I can only speak for myself, here are my first 2 years in commissions. As a complete beginner, I think this speaks volumes as to how Wealthy Affiliate’s training delivers.

Wealthy Affiliate commissions

I can’t guarantee, and no platform should ever guarantee or promise revenue.

Now, full transparency here. My very first commission came six weeks in. I was so extremely happy, but I didn’t earn enough in commissions in my first several months to even trigger a commission payout.

The threshold is set at a hundred dollars and Wealthy Affiliate commissions are paid out on the 1st of every month. As you can see, my very first commission payout was May 1st after starting in January.

However, once I did reach that threshold, I never looked back. I had a $4,000 month later that first year and a $7,000 month in my second year.

Everyone’s results will be different. And you know that already. But that list of commissions just goes to prove that if someone who runs into burning buildings can make money affiliate marketing, then anyone can with the right training.  

59. How does Wealthy Affiliate pay you?

Wealthy Affiliate pays you through PayPal. You get paid on the first of the month.

image showing monthly commissions from Wealthy Affiliate totaling $7202.50

Any outside affiliate programs that you partnered with will have their own payout conditions. Most pay via PayPal, but some may go through your bank.

60. Does Wealthy Affiliate take a percentage of your earnings?

No, they do not. Any Wealthy Affiliate commissions you earn are 100% yours.

61. Are there Wealthy Affiliate success stories?

Yes. Active members inside Wealthy Affiliate are at all different levels in their affiliate marketing journey, but there are many active members doing this full time along with countless others that got their start with WA’s training.

I encourage you when you first jump in with your free starter account, go to the smart search from the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard and type in ‘success stories’.

Many members have documented their journey, from their very first commission to earning full time income. Some of the success stories listed are small victories, and some are massive.

Wealthy Affiliate success stories

Understand that the success of others, including myself, means NOTHING to you if you’re not learning from the platform, right?

And that’s the whole point of the free starter account.

You still have to put in the work, but yes there are great people that are making full-time income, traveling the world, and reaching their goals because of the doors opened to them via affiliate marketing.

I’m one of them! I never thought I would be able to travel this world as much I do! If you’re following me on Instagram you can see all these amazing places that I’ve traveled to thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

62. Are there Wealthy Affiliate failures?

Of course!

With any business venture on any type of training platform there are always going to be those who fail and fail miserably.

Yes, there are absolutely Wealthy Affiliate failures who don’t earn a dime. This could be the result of them not putting in the work, not following the training, who knows?

The best thing about failing at Wealthy Affiliate is that it doesn’t cost your entire life savings to join! Wealthy Affiliate is affordable, so it isn’t nearly as painful if you don’t succeed.

63. What are the top Wealthy Affiliate complaints?

The top Wealthy Affiliate complaint I’ve seen on different Wealthy Affiliate reviews is that the training is outdated.

I’ve already shown you in this post (question #46) why I disagree with that statement.

I’ve read Wealthy Affiliate reviews that make claims that Wealthy Affiliate gives bad SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advice.

Wealthy Affiliate’s SEO training is spot on, not only for Google searches but for YouTube as well. My content is consistently ranking on page 1 and that’s the lifeblood of my business.

And WA doesn’t just teach “old school” SEO. There is a lot of great insight inside Wealthy Affiliate on keyword research without using keyword research tools as well that is counter to what you might usually here when it comes to SEO, but it absolutely WORKS.

Wealthy Affiliate page views

Another complaint is that all Wealthy Affiliate teaches is how to write bad reviews for other services. This is 100% completely false. 

When you talk about Wealthy Affiliate versus so many of these other guru-type trainings that are filled with massive upsells and red flags, well, of course, in comparison to that Wealthy Affiliate ends up looking great. But that’s not Wealthy Affiliate teaching to write negative reviews, that’s simply exposing the low-quality training platforms out there. 

64. Does Wealthy Affiliate give you bad advice for choosing a niche?

Wealthy Affiliate what's my niche

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to choose your niche based on things you have passion and genuine interest in. This is the best advice you can give when it comes to choosing a niche.

The key to affiliate marketing is building traffic. The key to building traffic is to write lots of relevant content that your target audience is searching for.

Therefore, you NEED to have a true interest in the niche you’ve chosen or else writing & publishing all that quality content is going to be a CHORE!

Also, by choosing a niche that you have a passion for, you automatically put yourself right in that target audience that you’re trying to connect with. That is huge!

Affiliate marketing guru Neil Patel advises not to go after a niche based purely on commissions and expensive high-ticket products. His advice is to go after something you have an actual interest in because that’s where you’re going to find long-term success.

That’s what Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

65. Does Wealthy Affiliate teach to write bad reviews?

We just covered this two questions ago.
No, Wealthy Affiliate does not teach to write bad reviews.

That’s one of the common complaints that you see and it’s simply unfounded and usually stemming from either competitors or lazy Wealthy Affiliate reviewers who haven’t done their research. 

66. Why are there negative reviews of Wealthy Affiliate?

thumbs down

There are a million reasons for people writing bad Wealthy Affiliate reviews.

The people writing the reviews could be trying to promote a competitor’s product. Or they could people who failed with Wealthy Affiliate’s training.

Maybe they thought Wealthy Affiliate was going to be a “done for you” system where they didn’t have to put in the work; or maybe they were led by lazy Wealthy Affiliate reviews to expect different things from Wealthy Affiliate than what it brought.

Or, much like the top ranked Wealthy Affiliate review currently on Google, it could come from complete laziness and lack of actual research. (This is covered in question #48.) All the complaints listed on that review including its complaints about what Wealthy Affiliate “doesn’t teach” have been completely debunked in the video at the top of this post.

Ultimately, most people are be able to see through a negative review that is not well-founded as compared to one that is very thorough in showing true answers.

67. Can Wealthy Affiliate be overwhelming?

Sure, absolutely.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing you could arrive inside Wealthy Affiliate and feel like there’s just so much to learn. It is extremely thorough training and honestly there is a lot to learn.

They key here, just like any other undertaking, it to take things one step at a time.

The training is laid out in a way that you learn more and more as you’re ready for it. Remember, it’s tailored for beginners, so there’s no need to feel like you’re going to be given more than you can handle.

And remember, anytime you create your free starter account through any of my links, you get me in your corner as your support coach to help answer any questions you have along the way. You’re not alone.

I like to instill in new members to remove any stress or anxiety by focusing solely on learning. Be a student. Don’t worry about commissions, don’t worry about traffic. Focus on learning and everything else falls into place.

Attack the training in a linear fashion. Lesson one, lesson two, lesson three. Have blinders on.

Understand that everyone in the Wealthy Affiliate community is at different phases of their training. So when someone shows off their awesome website and you see them with all that success, understand that while you may not be there yet, you will be.

Just follow the roadmap, and take it one step at a time. Remove the stress and focus on learning.

68. How good is Wealthy Affiliate? Why is Wealthy Affiliate better?

This is a common question, and it’s obviously completely subjective. I don’t know if there’s a black and white way to answer it, but I’ll say this: Wealthy Affiliate delivers, it’s thorough, and it’s affordable.

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have all the red flags that you see with seemingly every other training platform with a low buy-in, but then massive upsells. 

The “guru” led hype machines showing off flashy cars and mansions with unrealistic promises of revenue and done-for-you systems… there’s none of that inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate’s training is straightforward and thorough. It teaches true affiliate marketing. In my opinion, that’s why it’s better.

69. What red flags does Wealthy Affiliate have?

I promised I’d be truthful and fair with this Wealthy Affiliate review, right? So here are a couple points that could be considered “red flags” for Wealthy Affiliate.

The first would be that when you talk to members of the community, they’re all so into it. From the outside looking in, it can seem like a cult.

“Has everyone here drank the kool-aid? Should I drink the kool-aid?

Another red flag could be that it looks too good to be true. Affordable training, no a-la-carte modules you have to continue to buy to finish the training. No flashy guru. Is this for real?

But that’s the whole point of the free starter account.

You’re probably like me and make decisions based on what you see for yourself as opposed to what other people say. Take that to heart.

Get your hands dirty, test drive it for yourself. Have that “Am I learning?” box ready to be checked. Is this delivering for me? Does this make sense? The second you can say yes, that’s when you unlock 100% of the training with premium or premium plus.

Create Your FREE Starter Account and Get Me as Your Support Coach!

Ready to take Wealthy Affiliate for a free test drive? Create your free starter account and see if this training is a good fit. No payment info necessary. Look for my welcome message when you create your profile!

70. Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?

I owe all my success in affiliate marketing to the training I received at Wealthy Affiliate.

But as I’ve said throughout this post, none of the doors that have been opened for me, none of my successes, none of the successes of any of the other Wealthy Affiliate success stories mean anything to you if you are not learning from the platform.

And that’s why you have to get your hands dirty and do that for yourself.

That’s how you grade a training platform. Are you learning? Remove all the arbitrary commission deadlines you may set for yourself and instead replace them with learning goals. How much can I learn today? How much can I learn tomorrow? 

Get your hands dirty, ask any questions, let me know what your goals are. I can only speak for myself, but this training absolutely delivers and if it’s something you want to try for yourself I very much look forward to helping you in every way I can.

Final Thoughts

Wealthy Affiliate is an straightforward and affordable option for those looking to learn affiliate marketing without all the hype and massive upsells. No matter your experience, Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to build a successful niche website, driving targeted traffic to it and monetizing that traffic in a number of ways.

I hope these 70 Wealthy Affiliate frequently asked questions have made sense to you. If you have any issues with any of the questions or any of the answers I’ve given, hold me accountable!

Let me know down below in the comments section. Let me know where you agree and where you disagree. I’m very reasonable and I’m more than happy to give a response and discuss it.

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