can i use chatgpt for content writing

ChatGPT is all the rage right now. If you’re a blogger you may be asking yourself, “Can I use ChatGPT for content writing?”

Let’s dive into what ChatGPT is, share some great ways to use this tool for your online business, and make sure you know what to watch out for if you’re going to use AI for your content writing.

Can I Use ChatGPT for Content Writing?

Absolutely! Use Chat GPT as a framework to outline and brainstorm ideas for you. Never copy and paste an article ChatGPT spits out for you. AI content is easily detectable and you’ll lose your search rankings quickly.

What is ChatGPT and How Does it Work for Content Writing?

Chat GPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does it?

Developed by OpenAI, Chat GPT is an AI (artificial intelligence) language model.

Basically, ask it ANYTHING and it’s like you’re talking to the entirety of the internet all at once as if it was human.

“Hey ChatGPT, where do wooden nickels come from?”
“Hey ChatGPT, give me a smart and funny post workout morning tweet.”
“Hey ChatGPT, list 10 profitable niches in the photography niche.”

chatGPT response

ChatGPT understands context, gives your answers in complete and easy to understand human-like sentences, and even has a sense of humor.

But don’t get lost using this tool just for laughs.

ChatGPT can be a spectacular tool for content writing. Use it to brainstorm ideas, create outlines, and even suggest relevant topics to write about.

Responses are lightning fast, and the facts and insight it spits out are perfect for the blogger who’s experiencing some writer’s block or any writer just looking for inspiration.

Don’t like the answers it spits out? Just ask it to try again. ChatGPT learns from massive amounts of data and a wide variety of sources which allows it to create very diverse responses to any question you ask.

If an answer doesn’t quite fit with what you’re looking for, modify your prompt or question. This is the best way to get the full power of ChatGPT.

One thing to be aware of is that the knowledge cutoff of the current version of ChatGPT is 2021. So if you ask it about something very recent it won’t know what you’re talking about.

Additionally, if the topic you’re asking about is a dynamic one where stats and info are always changing you’ll definitely need to double check it’s answers for accuracy.

ChatGPT knowledge cutoff response

ChatGPT is free to use. Try it here. However, if you’re trying to use it during “peak times” you’ll have to wait until the demand has lessened.

If you want full access to ChatGPT during peak times as well, you can do so with a paid membership at $20/month (If you’re a content writer, it’s well worth it).

The Benefits of Using ChatGPT for Content Creation

stick man checkmark

As a content creator there are MANY benefits to using ChatGPT.

  • Saves time. This is by far the biggest one. An article that used to take days to put together can now be brainstormed, written, and published in hours!
  • Boosts creativity. ChatGPT is like having a team of writers and brainstormers throwing ideas at you that you may not have come up with yourself!
  • Improves the quality of your content. Because ChatGPT gathers its information from a number of varied sources, your content will be very informative and engaging for your diverse audience.
  • Makes you more efficient. Saving time on content writing means being able to tackle other tasks on your plate. If your niche is dynamic and changing daily, this means EVERYTHING!
  • Improves SEO. ChatGPT can provide relevant keywords and searches your audience is making based on your niche. Work these into your content and raise your search rankings!

How to Generate High-Quality Content with ChatGPT

Any content creator is looking to create high quality content for their audience. This improves the user experience, lowers your bounce rate, and builds traffic.

Here are some solid tips for creating quality content with ChatGPT that will create the best user experience for your audience:

  • Know what you want to create content about. When you have a clear objective of what kind of content you want to create it makes it that much easier to ask ChatGPT relevant questions and give prompts that will bring you the best suggestions.
  • Use relevant keywords in your prompts. It’s all about relevance. ChatGPT will base its answers on the prompts you input. Feed it relevant keywords and you’ll get better results!
  • Add your human touch. NEVER just copy and paste an article ChatGPT has spit out for you. It is very easy to detect content written by AI and if you do so you’ll quickly lose your rankings!
  • Add your own research. ChatGPT is great at providing you with a wide variety of answers and suggestions, but adding your own research to the topic gives your content a well rounded appeal.
  • Optimize for SEO. Once you’re done using ChatGPT to gather your information and give you suggestions, always make sure you review it and optimize it for SEO placing focus keywords in the correct places to ensure you rank high in the search engines.

Tips for Incorporating ChatGPT into Your Content Writing Workflow

ChatGPT ready to help with content creation

The absolute key to using ChatGPT to create quality content is to use it in the right way.

Use ChatGPT for brainstorming ideas, creating outlines for articles, giving you quality subheadings to write about, but NEVER ask ChatGPT to write an entire article that you simply copy, paste, and publish.

This isn’t even about plagiarism or duplicate content. In fact, ChatGPT is so good that if you task it with writing an article it will create unique content.

ChatGPT gathers its information and puts it together in a unique voice. It’s not copying and pasting its answer from across the internet.

However, there are plenty of free tools that allow you to scan text and determine not only if its duplicate content but if it’s content written by AI!

If we have those tools available to us, you can bet the search engines do too.

Check out this great video from the training platform I owe all my success to that shows these tools in action. (Clicking on image will open video in a new window.)

Wealthy Affiliate AI ChatGPT vlog

Fill your content with AI copied and pasted material and you’ll be losing your rankings fast.

Your audience responds best to your voice. If you’ve chosen your niche correctly then that means your smack dab in the middle of your own target audience.

Writing from your own perspective brings relatability. Use ChatGPT to give you great ideas to write about, and then get after it with your own voice!

Common Concerns and Misconceptions About Using ChatGPT for Content Creation

So what are the concerns when it comes to ChatGPT and content writing? Is AI going to kill off all the bloggers?

Some of the most common concerns have to do with:

  • Accuracy. Because ChatGPT’s knowledge cut off is currently 2021, there are concerns that some of the content it creates may no longer be factual or relevant. ALWAYS double check for accuracy!
  • Plagiarism. As is shown in the video above, ChatGPT creates unique content that will pass a plagiarism check. However, AI written content is easy to detect.
  • Robotic quality. Many content creators are afraid that too much AI influence will make their content sound robotic. For this reason, USE YOUR VOICE! Add the human element your content thrives on!
  • Replacing human content writers. AI isn’t going to replace the human element. Creating content is one thing, but adding the human element is what takes content to the next level. Remember, you’re writing for humans, not robots! Engage, add humor, be yourself!

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Final Thoughts

ChatGPT is a spectacular tool for content writers looking to gather diverse, relevant ideas for content from a wide variety of sources. You can use this tool as a framework for content creation but always remember it has its shortcomings and you should NEVER copy and paste any AI written article!

Have you tried ChatGPT yet? What do you think? Do you agree that it’s the next generation of search engine?

Are you a content creator? Have you used AI in your writing process?

Let me know in the comments below! I look forward to hearing from you and I always respond!

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