Join me on my journey to build a passive income business selling digital wall art on Etsy! In this 6 month video series, I’ll be documenting my progress trying to reach $1000 per month in sales.

You’ll see me set up my Etsy shop from scratch, find trending wall art niches, create designs with digital software like Canva, optimize my Etsy SEO, promote through social media marketing, and track my month-to-month finances.

Whether you’re looking to earn extra side income or build a full-time passive income stream, this video provides a inside look into my first 6 months launching a digital download Etsy shop. I’ll share tips on how to get started, avoid common mistakes, automate the order fulfillment process with Printify integration, and ultimately hit my $1000/month passive income goal.

Be sure to like, comment and subscribe to follow my Etsy shop journey! Let me know if you have any specific questions about opening your own passive income design business on Etsy. I’m here to help and document the real experience of trying to earn money selling digital wall art online.

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